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THE STATE OF TEXAS vs. CAMERON TODD ¥ILLINGHAM ARPREARANCES Mr. John H. Jackson Navarro County, Texas Corsicana, Texas 75110 Mr. David H. Martin Attorney at Law Waxahachie, Texas 75165 Ede 3 TRIAL ON THE MERITS 300 W. Third Avenue, 2nd Floor DAWSON, SODD, MOE & MARTIN 800 Ferris Avenue, Suite 200 STATEMENT OF FACTS vous xtz of JG voiunes (SECOND DAY OF TESTIMONY) First Assistant District attorney For the State of Texas; and For the Defendant. on the 19th day of August, 1992, the above and entitled cause came on to be heard for trial in the said Court, Honorable Kenneth A. "Buck" Douglas, Judge Presiding, and the following proceedings were had, to wit: Swain, Official Court Reporter, 13th District © 7/SY¢ IN THE 13TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT 4467-CR oF NAVARRO COUNTY, TEXAS ORIGINAL Mr. Alan J. Bristol Assistant District: Attorney Navarro County, Texas 300 W. Third Ave., 2nd Flr. Corsicana, Texas 75110 Mr. Robert C. Dunn Attorney at Law 115 W. Collin Street Corsicana, Texas 75110 FILED IN COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS NOV 23 1992 Thomas Lowe, Clerk REPRODUCED FROM THE HOLDINGS OF THE TEXAS STATE ARCHIVES: CAPTION PAGE: STATE'S EVIDENCE CONTINUED IN GUILT~INNOCENCE PHASE: wrmess DIRECT CROSS RE-DIRECT RE-CROSS FUR R Manuel 2 43 54 Vasquez (Resumed) 46 (More F) (Resumed) 50 VOIR DIRE EXAMINATION OF MANUSL VASQUEZ BY MR. MARTIN- Juan Luis 76 84 87 89 Zamora (More F) (sMeRD) 97 VOIR DIRE EXAMINATION OF JUAN ZAMORA BY MR. JACKSON WITNESS DIRECT CROSS RE-DIRECT RE- Charles Odom 98 Grady Carlton 109 Shaw ROSS STATE RESTS IN GUILT-INNOCENCE STAGE OF TRIAL~~~: IN DEFENSE'S EVIDENCE IN GUTL” CE_PHASE WITNESS DIRECT CROSS RE: Amy O'Shea 121 Janes McNally DEFENSE'S BILL OF EXCEPTIONS: Examination by Mr. Martin, of James McNally: ARGUMENTS REGARDING DEFENSE'S BILL~ COURT SUSTAINED OBJECTION TO HEARSAY (James McNally) CONCLUSION OF DISCUSSION OF DEFENSE'S BILL OF BXCEPTT: DEFENDANT'S MOTION TO CLEAR COURTROOM (denied) ~ DEFENSE'S VOIR DIRE EXAMINATION OF CLT! WITNESS DIRECT CROSS RE-DIRECT RI SS Cameron 137 (Dunn) Toda 139(Martin) Willingham VOIR DIRE EXAMINATION RESUMED OF MR. VASQUEZ BY MARTIN-