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Gems of Wisdom from Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal

I am not here
to give you words.
I am here
to take you beyond words.
- Swami Nithyananda

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About the Master
Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamigal i s a t ruly revolutionary spiritual master of our century.
Swamiji embarked upon his spiritual journey at a very young age. He traversed the length and breadth of India on
foot, studying with great masters in India and Nepal and practising intense tapasya with extraordinary vigour.
He experienced with the final flowering of consciousness on 1st January, 2000 - the sacred day of his Enlightenment.
With a pragmatic yet compassionate approach to life and spirituality, and an enlightened insight into the core of human
nature, Swamiji has reached out to touch millions of hearts across the world.
Swamiji’s mission is simple - to awaken the divinity that lies latent in man. To this end, he inaugurated the worldwide
movement for meditation - Dhyana Peetam - on 1st January, 2003. With its spiritual nervecentre in Bidadi
(near Bangalore in India) and over 100 centres around the world, Dhyana Peetam works towards the transformation
of humanity through the inner transformation of the individual. Swamiji’s divine healing powers and simple,
practical meditation techniques help you blossom in every sphere of life - be it physical, emotional, intellectual
or spiritual.
The story behind ‘THE GOSSIP...”!

W h e n w e s t a rt e d w o r k o n t h i s c o l l e c t i o n o f S w a m i j i ’s m o s t m e m o r a b l e q u o t e s ,
Swamiji decided to title it himself.
“It will be called THE GOSSIP OF NITHYANANDA”, he announced.
We were astonished.
“You mean, The Gospel...”, someone ventured.
“No, I mean GOSSIP.”
“Errr... Swamiji... but why GOSSIP?”
That just about put an end to the conversation!
And then Swamiji explained, with a characteristic twinkle in the eye...

 GOSPEL is an intellectual communication, from head to head 
 GOSSIP is an intimate communion between hearts 
 GOSPEL is the teachings of a dead master 
 GOSSIP is the living words of a live master 
 GOSPEL creates creates dead temples in brick and mortar

 GOSSIP creates a live temple in the heart

 GOSPEL is always for the masses 
 GOSSIP is always for individuals 
 GOSPEL is serious, dry and moralistic

 GOSSIP is juicy and fun 
 GOSPEL remains unchanged through the centuries

 GOSSIP changes with the need of the hour

 GOSPEL is always preached, never practised 
 GOSSIP is never preached, but always practised! 
I am not here to give you words.
I am here to take you beyond words.

I can’t teach you spirituality.

But you can learn.

Arise! Awake!
Stop, the goal is reached!

I am not here to follow a path.

I am here to lead you
on the pathless path.

Miracles cannot be performed.
They simply happen.

The greatest miracle of all

is not to walk on water,
or to fly in the air.
It is to walk the earth.

There is no antidote to Truth.

Bring a lamp of awareness

into your being.
The ego will flee on its own.

To say NO is very easy,
it is ego-fulfilling.
To say YES is very difficult.
Every YES weakens the ego,
every YES is a step towards surrender.

Handle your task with sincerity,

not with seriousness.

I don’t want you
to spread my word.
I want you to follow it!

Be aware.
Any moment
you may collide with God!

All this time you have been living
others’ lives - the life dictated by your family,
by your friends, by society.
Isn’t it time to start living your life?

Put out your little lamp

and open the door.
Only then can the moonlight
flood your room!

In your life, you’ve tried everything.
But how much has been truly worthwhile?
If this is your life, isn’t it time to drop it?
It is time to experiment,
to explore, to expand.

Learn to enjoy the utter insecurity of Life.

There is security only in Death.
Death is the only certainty of our lives!

Respect Confusion. It means you are in the
process of changing, deep inside. What you
experience as confusion is only the natural
conflict between the old and the new. Give it
time to settle and watch the transformation!

Greed and fear are the two greatest

driving forces in our lives.
To be free of both
is to be Awakened.

The whole of Existence
is a gift to you from the Divine.
Accept it with love,
grace and humility.

It is perfectly natural to have desires.

What you need is the energy
to transform your dreams into reality.

Whatever you do,
do it with totality.
Attitude speaks more
than mere action.

With prayer,
you start becoming religious.
With gratitude,
you start becoming spiritual.

In the wilderness that is Spirituality,
always carry a small torch of doubt.
Doubt is the journey,
the path and the light.

Your path is neither indulgence nor repression.

It is the unflinching awareness of both.

Against whom are you putting up defences?
You are already one with all that is,
already one with Existence!

Whenever an action is left unfinished, there

is a force that compels you to bring it to its
rightful conclusion. You enter a new life
simply to bring these actions to fulfilment.
That force is what I call Karma.

Death is not the end of Life, it is the
culmination of Life! Who is afraid of Death
in you? You are Life; how can Life be afraid
of its own culmination?

Power without intelligence is like a knife in the

hands of a child. Existence never makes the
mistake of bestowing one without the other!
That’s why, with Enlightenment, power,
intelligence and compassion all flower together.

Pain is neither good nor bad.
It is neutral, like a flash of lightning on your
path. Whether you let it terrify you,
or simply use it to find your way ahead,
depends entirely on you!

Respect pain;
it can be a powerful catalyst to growth.
The seed must rupture
before the plant can grow and blossom.

Suffering is not a state of life,
it is a state of mind.
It is your reaction to a situation.
Nobody or nothing can make you suffer
without your silent permission.

Bliss is not the opposite of Pain.

Bliss is that which floods you when
you have gone beyond both Pleasure and Pain,
when both Pleasure and Pain
have ceased to disturb you.
The only way to love is to risk everything,
give everything and ask for nothing.

If a relationship is not going right,

don’t drop your partner, drop your ego.
Don’t squander your energies in conflict,
channel them into joy instead!

How long will you Quantify Love?
Make it a Quality of your Being!

Love is the ultimate blossoming

of consciousness.
It is the ultimate possibility
available to us.

‘You belong to me’ is the voice of Ego.
‘I belong to you’ is the voice of Love.

If there is possessiveness, there can be no Love.

To try to possess is to treat the other as one’s
property. Bringing down an individual to the
level of gross matter shows deep disrespect of the
other’s free being. How can it be called Love?
When I say, surrender in love,
I don’t mean, surrender to your partner.
I mean, may both of you surrender
to the supreme experience that is Love!

True love has no opposite.

It cannot turn into hatred,
no matter what.
It trusts and gives
even when it is exploited.

Give your respect to your parents,
your love to your friends
and your life to your master.

A mirror can only

reflect your personality.
It takes a master
to reflect your individuality.

Without a master, everything is ritual.
With a master, anything is meditation,
every word becomes a powerful mantra.
Being with the master
is the ultimate meditation technique.

I am not just a Master;

I am a Master Key.
In my presence, any technique you use
can open the door to Enlightenment.

The dead masters are dead.
But the live master is DEATH!

The work of the master is murder.

Murder of what you are NOT.

In society, whatever you do creates
‘pravritti karma’, a further chain of
karma and bondage. With the master,
whatever you do is ‘nivritti karma’,
actions which free you of all karmas.

To be with a master
is to undergo surgery every moment
- without the anaesthesia!

Surrender is so simple!
Just allow me, and my sword will enter you
and come out in no time.
But you are so stiff! The more you resist,
the more you get hurt in the process.

What is surrender?
When that question is no more,
Surrender has happened.

To dissolve from words into wordlessness,
from time into the timeless,
from matter into energy:
this is to experience the Divine.

Meditation is a conscious decision

to not do anything for a while,
not even thinking. You simply are.
In that experience,
you will find that the ego is no more.

Only when you dissolve into the whole
can you discover that you ARE the whole.

You are Enlightened.

Just express it.


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“Learn to enjoy the utter insecurity of Life.
There is security only in Death. Death is the only certainty of our lives!”
Swami Nithyananda

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