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Bandhavgarh is a small district in the depths of the lush green forests of Madhya Pradesh, amidst
the pristine environment and reflecting a flamboyant kaleidoscope of diversified species, a
conflation of tribes.

The forests of bandhavgarh are home to a number of barbarian tribes and artiste, showcasing an
immense plethora of handicraft and dramatic skills, that have gained their cult status amongst the
art forms all throughout the world, and a number of exchequers for the same.

Art, for most of these tribes, is the only means of getting the pelf to buy bread for their families.
Most of the tribes here lead lives as destitute and hacked up people, with futures in a limbo,
awaiting the development, in a hope of government aides and leverage policies.

These people, some of the most backward of all the ethnic groups that exist, since ages, have
been awaiting the various government bills and ordinances of affirmative actions for the tribes
and the various facilitative covenants made in the political manifestoes. The absence of it has
lead to several of them commuting to the urban areas, to the drab ridden cultures, the areas with
more opportunities and more ways to earn the bread.

Still, a small flicker of success, a good crop season, a marriage, good rain, a festival, is more than
enough for them to devour on. Such is the blasphemy of humanity, a paradox of verity, such is
the irony of nature.

Nearby, in a small town of Bidnapur, constituting mainly of the Anaga tribe, lives Mangat Singh,
the head of Village Panchayat, the Sarpanch. Like a duck to the water, dirty water, a man of
many faces, political and non-political, an abettor to several heinous crimes and responsible for
creating havoc in and around the village and following the condonations of smaller crimes, he
had now grown as a brutal force. Like an endemic disease his roots explored the deep roots of
the world of crime. Lackadaisical of the needs and rights of villagers, all his actions reflected his
greed for money and power.

A major share of the sum earmarked for the development of village went as homage to his
treasury, into his misdeeds, into his ostentations and to realize his grandiloquence.

The major cause of his worries these days was Abhay Singh, a competitor to his chair, a man of
dogmas, praised amongst the tribes for his empathetic nature and the bastion of trust that he
carried along, the trust of people to such a level, that they would give their lives to his words.
With raised morals, he sat on the altar of love and praises of his followers whose numbers
avalanched with every public contact he made.

In Abhay’s words “The chronic disease of mis-using the power and the anachronistic shall now
bite the dust”, lied the corrigendum of the past actions of the men in power, the word of
democracy was now out of the affidavits of the legals, the common man now had a
representative. People let off the steam, all of it, in Abhay Singh’s support.

All those who had kept mum over the misdeeds, had now to be brought to the altar of law. The
road to justice was not far now. All the glitches had to be corrected, all the besmirches, all the
odds and ends had to be left behind. This marked the beginning of a new era, of trust, of
understanding, of growth and of contentment.

Days went by, support grew for Abhay Singh, and the whole process was grafted into precision,
and finally, the big day arrives, the day of elections. The community centre had been the polling
booth for the process and was the hotbed of the activities today. Due to threatened attacks on the
center, a strong security had been provided for the cause. The elections went off in peace and
soon the expected results were out, a new era had begun, a new start, a new beginning. The past
had to be trodden upon.

In absentia of the his besmirched predecessor, Abhay Singh took the oath, the oath to
development, the oath to work for the destitute, to raise the forgotten. The unfinished tasks will
now be finished, the old methods mended.
With these words, people of Bidnapur had the last laugh over the past.


11. Ax^2+Bxy+Cy^2+Dx+Ey+F=0

12. 1/2*(n^-n+2)

13. 4:1

14. 2100

15. 16

16. -119.33

17. 0

18. GM= 3^(1/2)

19. M=25

20. 108/125

21. {32* (2^(1/2))} / (2^(1/2)-1)

22. 72/73

23. 13:14

24. 75%

25. high grade-150 & low grade-0

Aditya Sharma


Vocab 3 Assignment
Group 7:-

Aditi Dixit(BPC0AF02)

Disha Dutta

Swati Jain

Aditya Sharma (BPC0AH06)

1 . Weather forecasters are playing Cassandra these days by predicting late

monsoons in our


2 . By explaining this easy quant problem to the CAT topper, you are carrying coals
to new


3 . Madhuri Gupta, the quisling who gave away defence secrets to Pakistan’s ISI

should be severely punished.

4 . With two AIMCATs in a week along with my exams, I’m left with the Hobson’s

to work harder and push myself to the limit.

5 . With more people living a hedonistic lifestyle these days, sale of aphrodisiacs in

metros has increased in the recent years .

6 . I must work hard on MATLAB programming, otherwise it would turn into my



7 . Due to the soaring high prices of vegetables in the market, the lady was raising
Cain in

the market.

8 . Whatever the teacher taught today was Double Dutch to me.

9 . Its rare to see people living a platonic lifestyle in these hedonistic times.

1 0 .Why don’t you colour your hair in burgundy? It would suit you.
1 1 .We must all work extremely hard to score well on the day of the CAT exam, our


1 2 . The state of the Indian Judiciary appears Kafkaesque to me.

1 3 .If you don’t work hard for CAT, taking admission in the IIMs would remain a

for you.

1 4 .It was surprising to hear the news of the city’s biggest Casanova getting

1 5 .Masochism can prove to be very dangerous if a person starts hurting himself


Sentences 16 to 30:-


I have cancelled the deal with them, as I have heard of their Machiavellian image in

the market.

17. Sometimes candidates are made to write limericks in interviews in order to


their language skills.

18. Madhuri dixit’s dance performance mesmerized the audience.

19. The calculations that seem herculean to man could be solved by computer in


20. Rahul is so skinflint, that he was called the Scrooge of our class.

21. There are many beautiful mausoleums in India built by the emperors during the

17th century.

22. It was pavlovian comment from him on my attire, given his conservative


23. Amitabh bacchan is one of the titans of India.

24. The Panglossian attitude of the team leader led the team win against the odds.

25. Most of the successful people become narcissist, and do not even realize it.
26. I was so tired that day that I did not even realize that I had made a Freudian slip

while answering her.

27. Many animals are killed in the labs during experiments involving vivisection.

28. The politician’s speech made headlines because of his spoonerism.

29. Women in most of the Indian families are the lynch pin of the family even today.

30. I dislike people who like to hector.

31. My family was entirely dependent on Kamala, our Man Friday for all the

household chores.

32. The ultimate achievement for the Gladiators of Rome in a dual was guillotining


33. Demolishing the old stone temple seems to be a draconian task for the masons.

34. The silhouette of the main protagonist of the play got hazy as he went away
from stage.


35. CHAUVINISM: The extremist chauvinism from the likes of Bhagat Singh and

Chandrashekhar Azad would have gained India independence well before 1947 had

non co-operation movement not been withdrawn.

36. MARTINET: In words of Capt. Veer Pratap, on being awarded with the Param

Chakra, the highest gallantry award of the nation, “The martinet like nature of our

Major Suraj Singh and our trainers are the reasons for the toughness of this sort”.

37. BABEL: “I don’t know what to do. Whether to go for an MBA or M.Tech or just

focusing on BE. All of this is creating a Babel inside of my mind” said the student to

38. GARGANTUAN: The gargantuan and extremely intricate structure of the Birds

Stadium left the massive crowd mesmerized and it appeared as if they had

about the ongoing events in awe of the arena’s beauty.

39. MIDAS: Shahrukh Khan is believed to have the Midas touch as all his ventures,
be it

production of films or the IPL team, are pouring in gold and silver for him.

40. MALAPROPISM: The Prime Minister of the neighboring nation while asking for

support said, “We have common interests and as ours in a contagious country…”

of “…contiguous country…”, and the audience burst into laughter at this


41. PHILIPPIC: To save his own neck, IPL Chairman Mr. Lalit Modi has been giving

philippic speeches aimed at the members of the BCCI.

42. SODOMY: The sodomitic Nithari killing brought to light the extent of filth in
minds of

the accused and their debaunched values.

43. SPHINX: The Russian spies recently uncovered in New York were leading the

life for years without being caught. This shows that even the secured places are not

now, from the negative minds.

44. MERCURIAL: The mercurial behavior of Felipe Melo on the field got him a red

and thus the hopes of Brazil’s recovery in the FIFA world cup quarter finals diffused

thin air.

45. BOWDLERIZE: The Chinese Govt, in the name of checking on the terror attack

bowdlerizes all the site and mails sent in and out of the country and had recently
Google all through the nation for putting uf uncensored data on the list.

46. TANTALIZING: The Portuguese side tried to equalize with the opponents but it
was all a

tantalizing act. The opponent goal post remained out of their reach all through the

47. SPARTAN: The Spartan lifestyle of the army personnel is the reason for their
fitness and

people being impressed by their personalities.

48. SATURNINE: The Bhopal Gas Tragedy left the city in the clutches of
Saturnineness, but

the wounds healed with time. What hurts more is the fact that the people
responsible for

it are still roaming unpunished.

49. Sadism: The gladiator combats in ancient Rome reflect the sadist part of the

society and the people who enjoyed the killing and condemnation of innocent men


Answers TW and TSD sheet

1. 36 minutes

2. 2430

3. 11 minutes

4. 51 days

5. 4/5

6. 20%

7. 40 % of total

8. 10/3

9. 40 Km

11. 132 Km.

12. 3hrs

13. 100 minutes

14. 16:1


16. 5 km

17. Tom catches Jerry in 120 paces.

Jerry must increase his speed by 20%

18. 25.5 degrees

36 degrees

19. 54 units and 10 units / hr (approx.)


Group Assignment from The Hindu, 5 and 6 julyth th

Aditya Sharma (BPC0AH06)

Swati Jain
Disha Dutta
Aditi Dixit

1. Rafael Nadal acclaimed the Wimbledon men's singles title on Sunday, putting up a classy performance by
beating Tomas Berdych 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 at the final.
2. Given the staggered number of pending cases on courts (estimated to over 30 million), any attempts to
reduce the backlogs deserves to be applaused.
3. In the country where infrastructure projects takes inordinately long to complete, it is rare, if not unheard
for, for the politician who lay the foundation stone to preside on its completion.
4. “We must be ready to ensure the security of our country in the Asia-Pacific region by the face of
challenges existing over the region,” said Mr. Medvedev, ___ as Commander by Chief of the Armed Forces
sailed on the Sea of Japan aboard at heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great.
5. It might be a coincidental and is certainly not very obvious but the new base rate mechanism have one of
its objectives to better transmission in monetary policy signals.
6. Casillas dived on his left to stop Oscar Cardozo's 59th-minute’s attempt, and teammate David Villa scored
by seven minutes remaining at Ellis Park at Saturday night for sending Spain through Wednesday's match
against Germany.
7. Normally it was a troubling symptom when the manager turns into the star but only pure churlishness
could deny Joachim Loew proclaim for Germany's exploits. His opposite number was left looked outdated.
8. The decade that follows the high points of the International Year for the Woman of 1976 saw the UN
spearhead some path-breaking developments, such as the 1979 Convention for the Elimination of All
Forms of Discriminating against Women.
9. That propositions are void. The Union Carbide facilitates to produce a lethal gas was installed by India
without due safety test or experimental checks. It was a U.S. corporation and a multinational that were
involved, and they could walk through in India as if the country were a mere dollar colony.
10. Bharti Airtel on Monday says it will offer the full mobile website of popular social networking service
Facebook free charge to its subscribers across the country. Valid in two-months (till August 31), Airtel
mobile customers will be able to access on Facebook's full mobile site faster and for no data cost via

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1. Rafael Nadal reclaimed the Wimbledon men's singles title on Sunday, putting in a classy performance to
beat Tomas Berdych 6-3, 7-5, 6-4 in the final.
2. Given the staggering number of pending cases in courts (estimated at over 30 million), any attempt to
reduce the backlog deserves to be applauded.
3. In a country where infrastructure projects take inordinately long to complete, it is rare, if not unheard of,
for the politician who lays the foundation stone to preside over its completion.
4. “We must be ready to ensure the security of our country in the Asia-Pacific region in the face of challenges
existing in the region,” said Mr. Medvedev, who as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces sailed in the
Sea of Japan aboard the heavy nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great.
5. It might be a coincidence and is certainly not very obvious but the new base rate mechanism has one of
its objectives a better transmission of monetary policy signals.
6. Casillas dived to his left to stop Oscar Cardozo's 59th-minute attempt, and teammate David Villa scored
with seven minutes remaining at Ellis Park on Saturday night to send Spain through to Wednesday's
match against Germany.
7. Normally it is a troubling symptom when the manager turns into a star but only pure churlishness would
deny Joachim Loew acclaim for Germany's exploits. His opposite number was left looking outdated.
8. The decade that followed the high point of the International Year of the Woman in 1976 saw the UN
spearheading some path-breaking developments, such as the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All
Forms of Discrimination against Women.
9. That proposition is void. The Union Carbide facility to produce a lethal gas was installed in India without
due safety tests or experimental checks. It was a U.S. corporation and a multinational that was involved,
and it could walk through to India as if the country was a mere dollar colony.
10. Bharti Airtel on Monday said it would offer the full mobile website of popular social networking service
Facebook free of charge to its subscribers across the country. Valid for two-months (till August 31), Airtel
mobile customers will be able to access the Facebook's full mobile site faster and at no data cost via
ADITYA SHARMA (BPC0AH06) for list of

phrasal verbs for the meanings

plus Wren and Martin for reference

1.ask out invite on a date

ask around ask many people the same question

ask after enquire abt smone’s health

ask for to provoke negative reaction

ask for request to be given

ask in to invite smbdy in your house

ask over invite

ask round invite someone

act on to take action because of sm info

act out perform with actions

act up behave badly

add up Equal

add on Include in a calculation

add up to Have a certain result

back up Reverse
back up Support

back away Repeat or go backwards

back down Retract or withdraw from a position

back into Enter a parking in reverse gear

back off Retreat

back out Fail to keep a promise

back out of Fail to perform

Be after Try to get

Be along
Be elsewhere
Be away
Be suitable
Be cut out for
Be upset
Be cut up
Be depressed
Be down
Have negative feelings for someone
Be down on
Be ill
Be down with
Be bored
Be fed up
Be at home
Be in
Be involved in
Be in on
Be unacceptable
Be not on
Be bad
Be off
Be functioning
Be on
Be on about
Be onto
Be absent from a place
Be out Have no more left

Be out of Attempt

Be out to Have too much work

Be snowed under Be shocked

Be taken aback Like sth

Be taken with Be out of bed

Be up Be enthusiastic abt an upcoming event

Be up for Be good enough

Be up to
blow up Explode
blow up add air
break down stop functioning
break down get upset
break down divide into smaller parts
break in force entry to a building
break into enter forcibly
break in wear sth a few times so that it doesn't look/feel new
break in interrupt
break up end a relationship
break up start laughing
break out escape
break out develop a condition
bring down make unhappy
bring up smone raise a child
bring sth up start talking about a subject
bring sth up Vomit

Bring about Make sth happen

Bring along Bring smone/sth to a place

Bring around Persuade or convince

Bring back Cause someone to remember

Bring forth Produce sth

Bring forward Make sth happen earlier than planned originally

Bring in Earn

Bring on Cause sth to happen

Bring out Release or publish

Bring out in Cause a health problem

Bring round Make smone to wake from unconsciousness

Bring up Mention

Bring up To make a government fall

call around phone many different places
call back return a phone call
call off cancel
call on ask for an answer or opinion
call on visit
call up phone
calm down relax after being angry
not care for not like (formal)
catch up get to the same point as else
check in arrive and register at a hotel or airport
check out leave a hotel
Check smone out look at carefully, investigate
check out look at (informal)
cheer up become happier
cheer smone up make happier
chip in help
clean up tidy, clean
come across find unexpectedly
come apart separate
come down with become sick
come forward volunteer for a task or to give evidence
come from originate in

Come about happen

Come across find by accident

Come along accompany

Come apart break into pieces

Come around recover consciousness

Come around to agree with sth you have disliked

Come before appear in court for aome crime

Come by visit

Come down rain

Come down on criticize heavily

Come down with fall ill

Come forth appear

Come forth with provide information

Come from country or town where you were born

Come in arrive for flight

Come in for receive criticism or praise

Come into be important or relevant

Come into use start being used

Come off when sth breaks off

Come off it I don’t believe what u are saying

Come on Encouragement
Come out A secret is revealed

Come out in Have a crash

Come out of Recover consciousness

Come out with Make sth available

Come over Feel strange

Come round Become conscious

Come through Arrive

Come through Provide sth needed


Come to Become conscious

Come up Appear

Come up against Encounter problems or difficulties

Come up with Think of a solution, excuse

Come upon Find by chance

count on rely on
Cross sth out draw a line through
cut back on sth consume less
cut sth down make sth fall to the ground
cut in interrupt
cut in pull in too closely in front of another vehicle
cut in start operating (of an engine or electrical device)
cut sth off remove with sth sharp
cut sth off stop providing
cut smone off take out of a will
cut sth out remove part of sth
Do sth over beat up, ransack
do sth over do again
do away with sth Discard
do sth up fasten, close
dress up wear nice clothing
drop back move back in a position/group
drop in/by/over come without an appointment
Drop off take sth somewhere and leave them/it there
drop out quit a class, school etc
eat out eat at a restaurant
end up eventually reach/do/decide
fall apart break into pieces
fall down fall to the ground
fall out separate from an interior
fall out become loose and unattached
figure sth out understand, find the answer
fill in to write information in blanks
fill out to write information in blanks
fill up fill to the top
find out Discover
find out Discover
get across/over communicate, make understandable
get along/on like each other
get around have mobility
get away go on a vacation
get away with sth do without being noticed or punished
get back Return
get smone back receive sth you had before
get back at retaliate, take revenge
get back into become interested in sth again
get on step onto a vehicle
get over recover from an illness, loss, difficulty
get over overcome a problem
get round to finally find time to do
get together meet
get up get out of bed
get up stand
give away reveal hidden information about
give away take the bride to the altar
give sth away ruin a secret
give sth away give sth to for free
give sth back return a borrowed item
give in reluctantly stop fighting or arguing
give out give to many people
give sth up quit a habit
give up stop trying
go after follow
go after sth try to achieve sth
go against compete, oppose
go ahead start, proceed
go back return to a place
go out leave home to go on a social event
go out with Date
go over sth Review
go over visit nearby
go without sth suffer lack or deprivation
grow apart stop being friends over time
grow back regrow
grow up become an adult
grow out ofsth get too big for
grow into sth grow big enough to fit
hand sth down give sth used to else
hand sth in Submit
hand sth out to distribute to a group of people
hand sth over give
hang in stay positive
hang on wait a short time
hang out spend time relaxing
hang up end a phone call
Hold /sth back prevent from doing/going
hold sth back hide an emotion
hold on wait a short time
hold onto /sth hold firmly using your hands or arms
Hold /sth up rob
keep on doing sth continue doing
keep sth from not tell
Keep /sth out stop from entering
keep sth up continue at the same rate
let down fail to support or help, disappoint
let in allow to enter
look after /sth take care of
look down on think less of, consider inferior
look for /sth try to find
look forward to be excited about the future
look into sth investigate
look out be careful, vigilant, and take notice
look out for /sth be especially vigilant for
look sth over check, examine
look sth up search and find information in a database
look up to have a lot of respect for
make sth up invent, lie about sth
make up forgive each other
make up apply cosmetics to
mix sth up confuse two or more things
pass away die
pass out faint
pass sth out give the same thing to many people
pass sth up decline (usually sth good)
pay back return owed money
pay for sth be punished for doing sth bad
pick sth out choose
Point /sth out indicate with your finger
put sth down put sth on a surface
put down insult, make feel stupid
put sth off postpone
put sth out extinguish
put sth together assemble
put up with /sth tolerate
put sth on put clothings on your body
run into /sth meet unexpectedly
run over /sth drive a vehicle over a person or thing
run over sth rehearse, review
run away leave unexpectedly, escape
run out have none left
send sth back return
set sth up arrange, organize
set up trick, trap
shop around compare prices
show off act extra special boastfully
sleep over stay somewhere for the night
sort sth out organize, resolve a problem
stick to sth continue doing sth
switch sth off stop the energy flow, turn off
switch sth on start the energy flow, turn on
take after resemble a family member
take sth apart purposely break into pieces
take sth back return an item
take off start to fly
take sth off remove sth
take sth out remove from a place or thing
take out pay for to go somewhere with you
tear sth up rip into pieces
think back remember
think sth over consider
throw sth away dispose of
turn sth down decrease the volume or strength
turn sth down refuse
turn sth off stop the energy flow, switch off
turn sth on start the energy, switch on
turn sth up increase the volume or strength
turn up appear suddenly
try sth on sample clothing
try sth out test
use sth up finish the supply
wake up stop sleeping
Warm up increase the temperature
warm up prepare body for exercise
wear off fade away
work out exercise
work out be successful
work sth out make a calculation

meanings from and the

oxford dictionary

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