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Student-Teacher: Maitha Ali


Course: EPC-3403

Grade Level: KG2, children age 4-5 years old.

Subject: English, vowel (a).
Strand: My favorite food.
Learning Outcome (ADEC code and words):

ADC: (Recognize the sequence of letters in words)

By the end of this lesson :

-Students will be able to identify the vowel a.
-Students will be able to form the letters and make one word correctly.

Resources (what materials/equipment Preparation (what do you need to make or

will you and the students use? Be check before class?)
1- Attend early.
Teacher materials: 2- Prepare the materials on the tables.
1- White bored. 3- Make sure that everything is in the
2- Marker. right place and the centers are
3- Flashcards.
4- Clips.
5- Play dough. Key vocabulary:
6- I pads. 1- Bat.
7- Stickers (to reinforce the good 2- Rat.
behavior). 3- Mat.
8- Magnetic letters. 4- Cat.
5- Jam.
6- Clips.
7- Aubergin.
8- Cucumber.

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small

Time: 15 minWhole

group activities)

1- Warm up by stand up and set down game.

2-Ask them about days of the week (what’s the day today? Today is
Wednesday tomorrow is? )
3-Remind them with the rules.
4- Ask them
Guided about their
Experience favorite
(group workingfood.
with(Teacher Martha’s favorite food is
the teacher)

Materials of Activity 1:

1- 5 Flash cards with pictures and words include all the vowels such as
( u,a,e,I,o) .
2- Play dough.

-Children will form the words by the play dough.

Independent Experience (small group activity 2)
Solving puzzle:
Pictures of: beans, chicken, fish ,salad, rice, cucumber, abergines,banana
Mango, strawberry.
Ask them what’s the name of each picture.

Independent Experience(small group activity 3)

Materials of Activity 3:
20 min

1- 5 Flash cards of: bat, rat, mat, cat, jam, dog, web, run ,wit, tap, fun,
dip , van, pan, hat, red.
2- Colored clips.
*Each flash card will include 3 different words with vowels.

-The flash card with picture will include different words with vowels and the
children will identify the right one by putting the colored clip on the right
word with vowel that represent the picture.

Independent Experience(small group activity 4)

- ipads.
Children will hear the words on the application and read them then identify
the vowel ‘a’ in the words.


-Make the children tidy up.

-Ask them what did we learned today in general?
For example: Who knows what’s the vowel in Bat word?
-Form few words with vowel( a) on the bored with the magnetic letters.

1- Check list.
2- Observation.
3- Taking photos to document their learning.