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Awards Ceremony Script

Olivia:​ Good evening! Welcome to the School of Communication Studies’ Awards Ceremony,
Summit of Success! My name is Olivia Gentilcore ​and I’m Lexi Kozlowski​ and we will be your
hosts for the evening. For those of you who were able to attend, we hope you enjoyed the
Meet-and-Greet event and we are excited to continue the celebration. If you haven’t already,
feel free to help yourself to dessert throughout the ceremony and enter to win one of our
numerous door prizes on the table in against the wall *​point​*.

Lexi:​ As seniors, we have reached the summit of our JMU experience, and have achieved many
successes along the way. Tonight, we not only want to recognize those successes but also
celebrate all that is to come in our future endeavors.

Olivia:​ We would like to extend a big thank you to Victoria Nuckols and Karyn Horridge for all of
their help throughout the semester. We would also like to thank our adviser, Dr. Toni Whitfield,
for all of her support and guidance. This event would truly not be possible without her.

*pause for applause*

Lexi: ​As many of you know, the Communication Studies Department offers concentrations as
well as minors, allowing students to develop skills and excel in their desired area of study. The
faculty members of each concentration have identified a student to be recognized as the
outstanding student of the 2017-2018 school year. The students of the year were chosen based
on various criteria including GPA, commitment to their concentration, internships and
involvement. The awards will be presented by faculty members, beginning with the Advocacy
Studies award.

*Olivia hands certificates*

Advocacy Studies Dr. Alison Bodkin

Rachel Mangan

Cultural Communication Dr. Kathryn Hobson

(Major) Mayah Bell
(Minor) ​Marina Shafik

Interpersonal Communication Dr. Jennifer Rosier

Sarah Koth & Lauren Blitz

Health Communication
Sarah Cattano Dr. Sharlene Thompson
Organizational Communication Dr. Toni Whitfield
O​livia Gentilcore

Political Communications
Josh Roesch Dan Schill
Rachel Moss Matt Brigham

Public Relations Dr. Corey Hickerson

Brooke Withers

Sports Communication Minor Mr. Curt Dudley

Bennett Conlin

Lexi:​ Congratulations to all the outstanding students of the year!

Olivia:​ You’ll notice that there is information in your program about this year’s undergraduate,
graduate and faculty research. Let’s have a round of applause for all the hard work put in by our
SCOM students and faculty!

*pause for applause*

Student Organization Awards:

Lexi: ​There are many student organizations within departments on campus and the School of
Communication Studies is no different. Tonight we will honor students who are outstanding
members and leaders in the School of Communication Studies related organizations. We will
begin with the Communication Center.

* ​Lexi hands certificates ​*

Communication Resource Center Peer Educato​r Paul Mabrey

​Sydney Thier

Bluestone Communications Employee of the Year Yeonsoo Kim

Kevin Leaven

Public Relations Student Society of America Dr. Isaac Woo

Britney Leuth

Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honors Society ​ Dr. ​Lindsey Harvell-Bowman

Brooke Withers
Debate Lindsey Shook
C​ecilia Cerja

Friend of Debate Award Christi Saindon

Christi Saindon

Olivia​: Congratulations to all our outstanding students in SCOM affiliated organizations!

*pause for applause*

Departmental Awards
Lexi: ​The final undergraduate awards recognize outstanding individuals within the School of
Communication Studies. These students were chosen by faculty members for their exceptional
academic achievement and accomplishments. Starting with the Academic Achievement award.

Academic Achievement ​Dr. Kathryn Hobson

Alicia Gordon

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award Dr. Jennie Rosier

Lauren Blitz

Lexi:​ We have focused mainly on our undergraduate program but we cannot forget about our
graduate program and the students and faculty that have made it so amazing. We will begin
with recognizing the outstanding graduate student of the year.

Outstanding Graduate Student Alison Bodkin

Samantha Shepherd

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant ​Tim Ball

Breonna Riddick

Graduate Professor of the Year Chase Dunn

Michael Broderick

Olivia:​ To present our faculty awards, we’d like to welcome Alex Conis and Julia Smith of
Lambda Pi Eta to the stage.

Lecturer of the Year Unknown

Professor of the Year Unknown

Olivia:​ For our final award of the night, we’d like to welcome Dr. Lori Britt in honoring the
distinguished alumni of the year.

Distinguished Alumni

Kristie Cunningham Dr. Lori Britt

Lexi:​ Congratulations to all of the award winners for their diligence and contribution to the
School of Communication Studies. We have a brief presentation to highlight some of the great
times in SCOM this past year!

*Dr. T comes to stage*

*play Powerpoint*

Olivia: ​Before we let you go, we’d like to announce the winners of the door prizes. We will call
your name and if you can just hang around after the event, we will get you your gift card.

Lexi:​ To conclude this ceremony, we would like to propose a toast to all of the students, faculty,
and staff that helped to make this school year one of outstanding success.


Olivia: ​Please continue to enjoy the desserts; if you don’t eat them we will! The event
photographer, Katie, will be walking around taking pictures if you’d like one. Thank you again for