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April 18, 2018

To whom it may concern,

It has been an honor to have Bretten Allen student teach in my 4th grade
classroom. She instantly formed a unique, personal connection with the students
and earned their trust. She was firm, yet gentle, and they wanted to work hard to
please her. The students felt comfortable approaching her with questions or
concerns, as well as teasing with her when the time was appropriate.
Bretten is a bright young teacher with many talents and skills that will set
her apart in her endeavors. She was organized in her approach of curriculum and
precise as she planned and carried out each lesson with the standards in mind, as
well as the needs of each learner. She used summative assessments and quick
checks to gather knowledge of their learning and then planned her next lessons
according to the students’ progress.
Bretten had a natural talent for engaging the students in fun, hands-on
learning. She had them make plaster fossils to show animal/leaf imprints and a
cast and mold reproduction, measure items in the classroom using centimeters
and inches, find and explore the characteristics of a pet rock, and compete in a
metric Olympics.
I highly recommend Bretten as a teacher that will make a positive impact
on all the children in her care.


Heidi Hansen
4th grade teacher – Heritage Elementary