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TPACK Lesson Plan

Name and Grade Level: McKenzie Warren

Title: Identifying and Describing Shapes
Lesson Length: 15-20 minutes
Common Core/ Essential Standard- Content:
 Shapes have a specific name that correlates with the way it looks.
 Use different things from the real world to talk about shapes.
Assessment Plan: Check off which apply/notes on how
____: Informal ___x__: Formal
__x__: Formative ___x__: Summative
Students must know their shapes and what they look like. Shapes are in everyday life and it is
crucial for students to know these. You will always need shapes.

Technology for Learners being used:

After the lesson learners will be using iPads, phones, computers, or Chromebook to play games
using the App, “MathShapesfun”
Technology for Teacher Being Used:
Prezi PowerPoint: I will make a fun Prezi that will have videos of shapes, what shapes look like, and
describe them.
What 21st Century Skills are Students Using?
Critical Thinking:
Students will play games to learn more about shapes and how to identify them.
Students could think of creative ways to where shapes are found, in games or in the classroom.
Kids can communicate with the teacher if they have any questions on the activities.
These are fun games that will give student a grade but will surely help them know their basic
Essential Vocabulary:
Square, Triangle, Circle, Rectangle, Cylinder, Cube, Sphere, etc.
Smart Board/Projector
iPads, Phones, Computers, or Chrome Books
I would introduce the class with pictures of shapes or foam shapes to ask if they already know what
they are. I would make it interactive in the beginning to get them interested.

Lesson: (Teacher Input, Guided, Independent Activities, etc.)

After my introduction of shapes, I would bring the class together on the floor (carpet) to show them
the Prezi. While I am going through the Prezi, I will ask questions about each shape as I go through
them, like “where can I find this shape?”, etc. After going over the Prezi the students will split into
centers (Stations) and in the math station will play shape game from the shape app.
Students may have difficulty learning the shapes so, I might have to come up with a different app or
different way to explain it.
Students will learn shapes, because it is crucial for everyone to know their shapes, especially at a
young age.