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Bloom’s Taxonomy Activity

1. Targeted grade level: 1st Grade

2. Subject area: Reading

3. Specific content to be taught: Story elements, main ideas, and making inferences.

4. Questions: (using Bloom’s Taxonomy sheet)

a. Remembering
1. Can you name three major characters in the story?
2. Why did the little fish say he did not want to be friends with the rainbow fish?
3. Who did rainbow fish visit for advice?
b. Understanding
1. Can you compare the outcome of rainbow fish sharing his scales with the
outcome of him not sharing his scales?
2. Can you explain how rainbow fish reacted the first time someone wanted a scale?
3. Can you summarize the story in your own words?
c. Applying
1. Can you choose three events that you think were important in the story?
2. Can you identify the main character?
3. Could any story elements or ideas be applied to your own life?
d. Analyzing
1. Can you list three events that happened in the story in order?
2. Can you draw a conclusion (inference) about why the other fish did not want to be
friends with rainbow fish when he did not share?
3. What are some of the themes in the story?
e. Evaluating
1. In your opinion, what is the message of the story?
2. Can you tell me if sharing is an important concept; why or why not?
3. When might the concept of sharing be something you would do, and when might it
f. Creating
1. Can you draw (create) a picture to describe the setting?
2. Will you discuss the story in your own words?
3. Can you guess (predict) what might happen next? Use your imagination.
Name: Jesyka Barbieri
Title of Lesson: Rainbow Fish
Grade: 1st Grade
Date: April 13, 2018

Materials Needed:
Book, pencil, fish print off, colored “scales” for fish picture, glue, glitter

The students will use both critical and imaginative thinking to draw conclusions about the story.
The students will demonstrate an understanding of the key details.

The students will recall important details in the story regarding the major events and characters,
and they will make an inference about the central message or lesson.

Instructional Procedures:
I will begin class by talking to the students about a trip to the aquarium, and ask them about their
favorite aquatic animals. I will read them a book titled “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister, as ask
the students questions about the story as I read to assure that they are comprehending and staying
focused. After reading the book, the students will work together to do a project, which will
involve them making a picture of the rainbow fish using a paper cut-out, colorful scales, and
glitter. They will share the materials with one another, and I will help to facilitate the project.
After the project is complete, the students will take a short multiple-choice quiz identifying the
story’s key details.

Who are the main characters in the story? Where does the story take place? What are some of the
important events in the story? How did the other fish react when rainbow fish did not share?
Who did Rainbow Fish visit for advice and why? What did you learn from the story? What do
you think the main idea of the story is?

After completion of the lesson, I will conclude by distributing goldish snacks to the class, and we
will watch a short video of “Rainbow Fish” together.

Adaptations to meet Individual Needs:

If there are students with developmental delays, I will have classmates assist with the project. If
there are students who need things read to them, I will read the quiz questions to them.

0 1 2 Score
Participation Would not Participated Participated
participate in lesson in the class
and failed to somewhat, discussion ____ / 2
attempt to but did not and the
complete put in effort project as
the work. without instructed.
Attitude/ Bad Decent Great
Cooperation attitude, attitude, but attitude,
would not had to be cooperated ____ / 2
share class reminded of with peers
materials, how to work and teacher
did not want with others. instruction,
to cooperate worked well
with others. with others,
Listening Did not Listened to Listened to
Skills listen to the reading, the reading ____ / 2
“Rainbow but was of “Rainbow
Fish” as disruptive Fish”
instructed. and without
distracting disruption.
to others.
Questions None At least 3 All correct. ____ / 2
(5) correct. correct.
Project Project is 1 or two All
not pieces of instructed ____ / 2
completed “fish” in the materials
to the best wrong place used, and
of the or missing, project is
student’s but put forth completed
ability, no effort for the to the best
effort made most part. of the
to attempt student’s
to finish. ability.
Total Score
____ / 10

9-10 = Excellent
7-8 = Good
5-6 = Satisfactory
3-4 = Needs Improvement
0-2 = Unsatisfactory