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SAP S/4HANA Central Finance (CFIN) – Concept of Technical Clearing

Today in this blog I will walk you through the Technical Clearing functionality in SAP Central Finance.
Usage of this functionality depends on the customer or business process requirement. Let's start
with the topic:

What is Technical Clearing?

In SAP Central Finance documents are replicated - Initial Load and online replication from source
system to Central System. As part of the FI initial load posting open items from the source system
(may be AR, AP and GL) are transferred to the central as technical cleared. This means that the
clearing document is set as “ALE-extern” and it is not possible to run any open item reports in SAP
Central system.
SAP offer three options to handle clearing:

1. Replicate Open items & automatically/Technically clear in Central Finance

2. Replicate Open Item & Clearing status in Central Finance

3. Replicate open items & automatically/technically cleared in source system.

To start with this implementation customer needs to implement SAP note # 2292042 and this is in
pilot mode.

When you run the initial load it will load all open items AR, AP and GL (from 1610) and set the
clearing document as “ALE-extern”. This means any open item reports will not work on the central
system, for example FBL1N, FBL5N, FBL3N when selecting the “Open item at key date” option.

The date for determining when open items are transferred by is the “Start – Documents” and
“Period – Documents” values in the view VCFIN_SOURCE_SET on source system.

Re-Open Technical Clearings

After the initial load posting is completed, to re-open all open items you run transaction
FINS_MIG_CJ3 on the central system. It reads the data posted in table ACDOCA and check the open
items on source system/s and will re-open the corresponding documents in Central Finance. Now
the open item transactions will reflect the right clearing status in FBL1N, FBL3N and FBL5N etc.


Transaction FINS_MIG_MONITOR_CJ3 – Re-Open Technical Clearings can be used in the Central

Finance system to monitor the re-open process. This provides an overview of the number of
documents to be opened and their present status.

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This blog focusses on the SAP S/4HANA 1709 Central Finance – Technical Clearing functionality