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318 Phillips Ave. W.

, Ladysmith, WI 54848

Cassandra Sutten
Administrative Assistant


2011-2016 School District of Ladysmith Ladysmith, WI

Superintendent & Special Education Administrative Assistant
● Student Insurance
● Prepare and submit state reports
● Secretary to Board of Education
● Notary
● Assist with District Audit as needed
● District Registrar
● Maintain District website & facebook page
● Open Enrollment Coordinator
● Prepare and submit reports for Medicaid billing/SPED busing
● Maintain special education files, reports, spreadsheets, IEP’s
● See attached list for more detailed job duties

2011-2012 Owens Corning Ladysmith, WI

Office Assistant-Temp
● Daily Invoicing, prepare daily orders for plant
● Record daily shipments, labor & material rework, safety observations, freight claims
● Monthly commission to reps, journal entries, record credits

2006- 2012 Ladysmith-Bruce Mini Storage Ladysmith, WI

● Maintain customers for storage rental units
● Maintain financial records for units
● Pay storage unit bills

2005-2010 Coldwell Banker Northern Escape Ladysmith, WI

Office Manager
● Prepare payroll, tax reports & monthly expense reports
● Pay company bills
● Designed company website & managed it
● Designed & created company magazine
● Uploaded information to MLS (Real Estate program)
● Proficient with all Microsoft Office programs, Quicken, Quickbooks
● Record, document & distribute paper work & checks after real estate closing
● Notary of the public
● Assist customers on the phone & in the office with their Real Estate needs
● Maintain rental customers for Ladysmith Mini Storage

2007-2009 Country Kitchen of Ladysmith Ladysmith, WI

Financial Manager
● Prepare daily deposits & process credit card receipts daily
● Prepare employee payroll, tax reports & monthly expense reports
● Balance checking account & pay company bills
● Process vendor orders, accompany day to day operations


WITC-Ladysmith/Rice Lake Ladysmith, WI

● I am currently a student at WITC pursuing the administrative Professional Program. My classes are all
online based.

Photography, digital design, spending time with my children


Jennifer Gilbeck
Speech & Language Pathologist
School District of Ladysmith

Kelli Vetterkind
Director of Special Education/School Psychologist
School District of Ladysmith

Al Brown
Retired Superintendent for the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser School District
(Interim for School District of Ladysmith 2014-15 school year)
Job Duties and Responsibilities for Cassie Sutten, Superintendent & Special Education Assistant

● Dispose of SPED records 7 years after graduation date

● Maintains strict and appropriate level of confidentiality related to special education and school district information
● Sped files
o Maintain all sped files, IEP (right), eval/initial (left)
o Process sheet should be in file for every meeting, IEP/Initial/Eval
o Transfer sheet in file for all student transfers, Kelli fills out
● SPED Spreadsheets
o Transfer students
▪ Add to esped, organize file, Kelli checks file, enter dates into esped, enter code in skyward, send IEP
& eval to case manager
o Re-evaluations
▪ Send out appropriate paper work, track dates for (60 day) time line, update dates in esped
o Initial evaluation
▪ Create file, send out appropriate paper work, track dates for (60 day) time line, consent, qualifies
o IEP & Letters
▪ Update/correct forms when needed, double check all forms (spelling, punctuation, last eyes to see
before it goes out to parent/teachers)
● Annual IEP (I-3, I-4, I-5, I-6, I-7, I-9, P-2, PTP, EE-1)
o Send to parent, case manager, teacher(s) on current schedule, additional
services (OT, PT, V, SL, Birth to 3, other outside agency)
● Referral (R-1, IE-1, IE-2, IE-3, EW-1, I-3, I-4, I-5, I-6, I-7, I-9, P-1, Eligibility form, ER-1,
ER-2, ER-4, EE-1)
o Send to parent, case manager, teacher(s) on current schedule, additional
services (OT, PT, V, SL, Birth to 3, other outside agency)
● Evaluation (RE-1, RE-2, RE-3, RE-4, RE-5, EW-1, I-3, I-4, I-5, I-6, I-7, I-9, P-2, PTP, ER-1,
ER-2, ER-4, EE-1)
o Send to parent, case manager, teacher(s) on current schedule, additional
services (OT, PT, V, SL, Birth to 3, other outside agency)
● IEP Meeting Invite (I-1)
o Send to parent, student, all meeting participants
o Summary
▪ Update case manager, student/parent information, dates, codes
o Administrative Reports
▪ Print case manager list, send to case managers
▪ Annual review dates
● Email case managers monthly of upcoming dates for the month
▪ 3 year evaluation dates
● Email case managers monthly of upcoming dates for 2 months out
o Add/Delete
▪ As students enter/withdraw from district
o Export
▪ Create spreadsheets with IEP/Summary info (accommodations/testing info)
● Sped testing
o Verify & print spreadsheets for Kelli & counselors for testing accommodations
● Maintain supplies related to special education forms and other professional needs
● Attendant Care
o Verify students receiving attendant care
o Collect forms from paraprofessionals monthly
o Forward to MJ Care monthly
● Sped Busing
o Record daily bus trips for Medicare eligible students
o Forward busing records to MJ Care monthly
o Tally year end trips for cost reporting (Transportation trip ratio)
o Contact bus driver with new trips (google forms)
o Contact bus driver with new students or students no longer in need of busing (google forms)
o Verify student eligibility for Medicaid reimbursement
o Enter new students
o Track SL, OT, PT, Counselors adding/submitting for reimbursement
o Update staff lists
o Notify staff of late moments
o Update staff list
o Quarterly calendar
● Open Enrollment Coordinator (OPAL)
o Track applications
o Contact other districts for records/sped status/expulsion status
o Confirm student information is correct in Skyward
o Create spreadsheet for BOE to approve/deny
o Update addresses/phone numbers/Sped status/dates
o Prepare letters for parents of notice of approval/denial
o Contact parents if address change
▪ Tuition waiver must be filled out & sent to other district within a certain timeline or alternative app
will need to be filled out
● HOMER Contact (homeschool data)
o District Contact
o Maintenance
o Lockdown
o District Contact
o Lockdown
● District Website
o Update District, SPED & School Board information when needed.
● Facebook Page
o Add information from fellow staff when asked
● Skyward
o Enter new students including K4 & LISP
o Withdraw students
o Special education status/environmental code
o Open enrollment status
o Maintain family demographic changes
▪ phone
▪ address
▪ email
● Audits
o District yearly
▪ Update inventory list
▪ Print copies of invoices for items of value over $1000
o Membership (pupil count)
● Notary
● Substitute scheduling
o Arrange substitutes for teachers and paraprofessionals when needed/morning calling
o Enter substitute in Skyward under employee
● Secretary to the Board of Education
o Record minutes at monthly Board of Education meeting
o Contact board members for meeting dates such as expulsion/special meeting
o Add/delete board members to WASB
o Publish meeting notices/Annual meetings must be in newspaper
o School board election
▪ Prepare & publish election notices to newspaper
▪ Notify current members if term is up
▪ Distribute non candidacy/candidacy papers
▪ Complete certificate of nomination
▪ Order ballots
▪ Notice to paper w/ ballot copy for spring election
▪ Election materials to county clerk/townships
▪ Canvass/record results
▪ Order plaque for board members not returning
● Staff Directory
o Prepare and distribute each fall to employees
● Maintain staff years of service & order awards
● Maintain District raffle license
● Licensure
o Notify staff members in October of licenses expiration at the end of the current school
● District Registration
o Take payments for fees, sports, lunch
o Create district wide spreadsheet of fees & distribute to appropriate staff members
o Enter high school fees into Skyward
● State Reports
o District pupil count Sept/January
o Child count
o SPED Private school report
o School calendar
● Student Insurance
o Log student accidents
o Fax reports to First Agency
o Copy report for district/principal/nurse
o Send copy to parents
● Legal notices
o Publish in newspaper being of school year
● BoardDocs
o Update agenda
o Add docs/items as needed
o Record minutes/attach to following meeting
o Update access/passwords for members
● Answer phones
● File papers
● Fax
● Scan
● Assist with mail when needed
● Maintain employee personnel files
● Schedule and confirm appointments as needed
● Assist District Administrator & Director of Special Education/School Psychologist with other duties as assigned