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Discover the potential in you, get
involved for an entrepreneurial

The steps for a

successful business:
 Idea of business
 Project team
 Production and marketing
 Business plan
 Targeted market
 Financials
 Success factors analysis
 Risk analysis

Adrian BURLAN Cernea Teodora, Geanovu Medeea, Smarandoiu Diana, Patru
Executive Sponsor Andrei, Munteanu Ioana, Lita Sabina, Curment Valentia,
Murarus Letitia Simeanu Octavian
Project Sponsor

Georgiana POENARU
Project Sponsor
Why handmade jewelry?

1. Due to the animal jewelry trend, fashion tendencies towards animal jewelry increased,
considering the huge number of animal-loving people and the relationship between man
and animal;

2. Developing pupils' creativity and native skills;

3. The creators of the jewelry are among the students with the inclinations for the plastic
Detailed business description

• Demand / Necessity: From the market survey conducted on a number /

sample of 200 females lovers, 90% wanted to buy such a gem;

• The jewelry can be made for fashion partnerships, selling in specialized

stores, or on the on-line market and through catalogs created by our school;

• The prices are set according to complexity, accessories and auxiliary

materials used, such as uniqueness or limited series;

• Staff: school students with a work program outside of class, 2h / day and
during school holidays;

• Production: Unique or small series at the school's workshop;

The quality of the objects is due to the rigor of the staff

selection, the accuracy, the creativity, the skill and the training
regarding the school's standards, the quality of the materials
Targeted market

• Women who love animals

• Age: 15-55

• Urban environment
Business plan financials (per year)

Forecasted Revenues Forecasted Costs

1. Limited series:

Materials: 150 euros / year

2. Unique creations:

10 pieces/month*12months*50 Advertising: 50 euros / year


Staff: 30 volunteers

Total Revenues Year 1:600 Total Costs Year 1:200 Benefits Year 1 (euros / %):400

Total Revenues Year 2+:1200 Total Costs Year 2+:400 Benefits Year 2+ (euros / %):800
Success factors • Continuous market prospecting
• Developing new concepts
• Fashion Trends Research
• Flexibility in terms of delivery (after work
• Designs made of natural materials
What will we do to succeed
-We work in team;
- Teammates have a high level of professionalism and emotions;
- “Work with what you like to do”;
- We concentrate on selling 24 of 24 hours!
- It matters the people you work with!
Risk analysis / Main Risks / How do we secure
our business?
Risk 1: There is a risk that the business volume being below
• We focus on selling through multi distribution channels
• We provide products for which we already know that many customers are
interested in
• We provide goods in small series or even unique

Risk 2: There is a risk that the quality of products being below

the standard
• We set quality expectations very clearly in advance and market them
• We put in place quality peer reviews between students

Risk 3: There is a risk that our production capacity not being

sufficient to serve the demand
• We have already secured enough motivated school students for this project
• We already have a waiting list of students ready to join
• We can build partnerships with other local schools to extend the capacity
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