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United Nations DR 1.


United Nations Human Rights Council

Topic: The Exigency in Finding the Right Solution for the Stateless Rohingya
Sponsors : Indonesia, USA, India, Qatar, Latvia, South Africa
Signatories : PRC, Germany, UAE, Mongolia, Qatar, Bangladesh, Albania, Philippines, Saudi
Arabia, Brazil, Hungary, Kyrgyz Republic
United Nations Human Rights Council,
Fully aware the continuity of Human Right violation toward Rohingya group by
Government of Myanmar and Burmese Extremist,
Guided by the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant human rights
instruments, and recalling its previous resolutions on the situation of human rights in Myanmar,
the most recent of which is resolution 67/233 of 24 December 2012, those of the Commission on
Human Rights, and those of the Human Rights Council, the most recent of which is resolution
22/14 of 21 March 2013, the most recent of which is 68/L.55 of 12 November 2013
Acknowledging that the principle of Responsibility to Protect is global political
commitment which was endorsed by all member states of the United Nations at the 2005 World
Summit to prevent genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity,
Realizing the importance of collaboration includes all states, levels of government,
society, and various actors’ engagement, in accordance with respective national legislations of
Parties, in addressing Humanitarian Crisis,
Taking into accounts of further impact Rohingya crisis upon the emergence of a new
organized violent resistance, Human trafficking, drugs and other non-traditional securities form
which threaten countries’ sovereignty
Affirming the importance of children protection as the future generation and continuity of
Rohingya ethnics and culture,

Reaffirming the mechanism of financial support toward Rohingya refugees humanitarian

aids through Bangkok Agreement
United Nations DR 1.1


Bear in mind that in addressing the humanitarian crises upon Rohingya people, it needs
the cooperation by the host countries and international actors. Under the name of United
Nations, we propose these solutions as follows:

Short term Resolution

Encourages that these short term resolutions are needed to be taken immediately, in which, we
Suggests all states to engage an active role in helping Rohingya refugees by:

1. Strongly recommends an active diplomatic negotiations that will assist Myanmar

Government and the particular actors to have legal framework on Rohingya resettlement
and ensuring no forecasting human right abuse under the supervision of United Nations
and ASEAN, including by:

a. Encouraging the Myanmar Government to empower independent media to accelerate

the process of peace building, enhance the capacity building and increase awareness
of society related to Rohingya crises related;
b. Encouraging the Myanmar Government to end the Casulties of Rohingya crises by
amending the discriminatory provisions of the 1982 Citizenship Law.

2. Designates the engagement and the active role of Host States Government, that includes
the objectives, aims to strengthen the domestic and people centred in addressing the
humanitarian issues within its territory, which in line with the standards of care for
asylum, including by:

a. Extend an independent investigation as known as special rapporteur in regard to

systemic human rights violations in Rakhine State includes the actor and the victims
of serious violations not limited to extrajudicial killings, Child Soldier, rape
b. Allowing and simplify the access of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance
to all affected population;
United Nations DR 1.1


c. Recommend the Security Council to authorized the official investigation in Myanmar

regarding the human right abuse.
d. Increasing the hospitality by having and affirm each state’s legal framework on the
refugees and cooperation among stakeholders not limited to NGO, Private Sector or
any other related humanitarian foundation.

3. Encourages all states to have burden sharing commitments by having political will and
cooperation on giving humanitarian aids and moral supports, including by:
a. Take in accounts to have fully political will to implement the 1951 refugees
convention on the countries that assigned and responsible to take the permanent
resettlement to accommodate Refugees and the Bangkok agreement in which will
address the funding upon the immediate humanitarian needs and to assist the
economic development.
b. Encouraging each state in taking an active role to the refugees’ human resources
program, thus they are able to have certain skill and knowledge to survive in the host
c. Taking part in empowering refugees that aim to ease the access to health care,
education and work rights to make them less vulnerable

4. Further Invites the active role and engagement of International actors in addressing the
human rights crisis of Rohingya People by these following solutions:
a. Encouraging the establishment office of High Commissioner for Human Rights in
Myanmar to supervise the condition of peace building
b. Facilitating voluntary return with adequate protection under supervision of UNHCR
and simplify the access for refugee to legalize their presence in host countries;
c. Emphasizing on the role of bilateral negotiations of OIC and ASEAN but not to
limited to other regional organizations that will influence the enhancement of the
Myanmar human rights crisis.
United Nations DR 1.1


5. Promotes the engagements of all states along with the international organization and non-
governmental organization to tackle down the issues of human right casualties upon
Rohingya Refugees by:
a. Invite all states to have commitment upon assisting the Rohingya Refugees with
humanitarian aids that will work accordance with each state stance, condition and
legal framework on refugees to settle them that underlining the concept of
International Standard of care for asylum
b. Suggest the states which cannot assist the refugees to settle in that particular country
to engage in the humanitarian aids and funds

6. Recommends the establishment of temporary Identity for Rohingya Refugees that assisted
by the government of Myanmar or ASEAN in order to prevent Rohingya Refugees to
become illegal in the host countries and to give Rohingya Refugees the access to the
humanitarian needs, by this circumstances:
a. Giving the Rohingya Refugees the chance to work and contribute to the Myanmar
economic in regards to enhance its engagement to the Myanmar Government, in
particular times that agreed by the home country and the capability of refugees until
they are able to assist their needs.

Long term Resolution

Promotes the long term resolutions to prevent any forecasting humanitarian crises and addressing
the legal framework of the status on refugees as follows:

1. Encourage The settlement of Peace Keeping Organization in the area that is vulnerable to
conflict, ensuring people’s safety and to prevent forecasting conflict caused by ethnicity
tension in the affected area;
2. Recommends the soft power such economic power bilateral relations between Myanmar
and particular countries in regard of economic, social and political cooperation;
United Nations DR 1.1


3. Further engage the UNHRC and UNSC in order to protect refugees human right and to
aiming the particular sanctions for countries that violate human right convention.
4. Promotes the establishment of the economic engagement to Myanmar as a whole, not to
limit to Rohingya Refugees, to assist the humanitarian crises in Myanmar, by:
a. Having the clear circulation of the humanitarian aids that given to the government of
Myanmar and to the Rohingya Refugees.
5. Encouraging the establishment of Human Right Council in Myanmar to assist and to
guide the government but not to limit to the citizen to build a Humanitarian
understanding, and to prevent the forecasting human right injustice in Myanmar.