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26 ROTATING CONTAINERS In this sztion we considsr the situation ofa liquid contained in a rotating eon- tainer, such as that shown in Fig. 210. After a rolativoly short time the liquid reaches static aquirium with respect to the container antl the rotating rz-rofor- ‘ence frame. The horizontal rotation will not alter the pressure distribution in the KEYCONCEPT Henin. vertical direction. There will be no variation of pressure with respect to the @ —tafreratian it atatar he ‘coordinate. Applying Newton's second Law (EF, = ma.) in the r-irection tothe] Breau dtibution into ‘element shown, using sin da? = d@2, yields ‘vertical dracon. = "Ear nto ss ~ pends ~ parts "2 anfaves +2 Bards + pried: = ~priedrdzn? (281 70 Chapter 2 Fe sates Pe)ernoe ig 219 Rossing consin: (gud ee sccion (8) up vow ef cnet were the acabratin ra? toward the eater of rotation Simplify and dvi bythe volume 8d dete F i-m-mta—a) (254) 1 the Wo poins ar ona constunt-pesae surface sacha te foe sure, Toating poat Ton the raisso at R= © there resus “t SP-ne-a (265) wich isthe eqution of pantol. Hence the ee surface sa paraboloid of ¥- Solve problems of mares. Seo. 28/1 Example 2.12 “The opener here in Fig, E212 rotted abo ie conterine. Calcot the ration speed that is necemary forthe water to just touch the origin ©. Also find the pressures at Ann sanution Since ne water spills from the container, the air volume remains constant, that ix x1 x 2= bak x ID ‘where we have used the fact thal the volume of a paraboloid of revolution is one-half that of a circular cylinder with Uhe same bight and radius This gives the value R=S77cm ‘Using Fig. 2.65 with re = we have SS ONT oa x 012 26.6 rads eee reer ae ere cee erage a ce ee —— 1000 kein? «26.67 rls? 8 a a-eee O using ky = Nem. The pressure at B can be found by applying Eq. 264 to points ‘A and B. This equation simplifies ta Fa Pa S640Pa or 3.54kPa = ~pelte — Za) 1000 kya? OI mis" O12 m= 23602 or 236k