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Sl No Major Work Sft Rate Rs.

CIVIL A Ground Floor 2925 1000 2925000

CIVIL B 1st Floor General Bed 3045 1000 3045000
CIVIL C 2nd Floor General Bed & Cabin 4nos 3045 1000 3045000
CIVIL D 3rd floor OT & allied 3045 1000 3045000
CIVIL E 4th Floor ICU 3045 600 1827000
CIVIL F 5th Floor Kitchen 2000 600 1200000
CIVIL G Elevator/Lift 12'*5' 2 Nos 2 1435000 2870000
CIVIL H Staircase(250sft x 6 flrs=1500sft 1500 600 900000
CIVIL I Temporary Shade on Open space 400 500 200000
CIVIL J Outside paint LS 1500000
CIVIL K Lift Certification,structural design etc LS 80000
INTR A Interior works 2000000
total 22637000

Electrical, ACP, Iron staircase outside, not included


1. Floor leveling with rubbish and silver sand
2. Demolition work
3. Ramification of Soil for compaction
4. Poured Earth Casting
5. 50mm thick cement casting on floor
6. Rubbish cleaning
7. Curing of casting and walls
8. Watering ,dressing of soil
9. Brick work with Lintel casting ( without
considering the Xray, CT Scan wall)
10. Plastering of both side wall
11. Flooring 16"x16" tiles(Nitco or similar)Rooms
12. Flooring 24"x24" tiles( Nitco or similar) Hall
13. Aluminium Window & Ms Grill with 4mm
14. PoP on walls
15. Paints on all walls and Ceiling
16. Toilet with fittings Complete
17. Basins, Plumbing work for 4 OPD Rooms


18. Floor leveling
19. Demolition work on floor and plastering
20. 50mm thick cement casting on floor
21. Rubbish cleaning
22. Curing of casting and walls
23. Brick work with Lintel casting for cabin
24. Plastering of both side wall for new areas and
existing walls
25. Wall tiles upto 4” on all walls
26. Flooring 16"x16" tiles(Nitco or similar)Rooms
27. Flooring 24"x24" tiles( Nitco or similar) Hall
28. Aluminium Window & Ms Grill with 4mm
29. PoP on walls
30. Paints on all walls and Ceiling
31. Toilet with fittings Complete for cabin and
general toilet

SCOPE OF WORK CIVIL D ( Civil and structural work

for the Lift for vertical movement of the Lift car
broadly involves the following activities for the Lift
well 11’x5’
1. Excavation : all the excavation shall be done
manually and disposed upto 30M
2. RCC for foundation and lift vertical structure
up to full height with required cut-out for
door openings at various levels as per
Drawings, including fixing of MS insert plates
inside an outside for supporting structure,
the work to be executed with plywood
shuttering only and will remain exposed.
3. Required construction chemical of
FOSROC/PIDILITE/Dr.Fixit or equivalent is to
be used for better workability of concrete.
4. Shuttering and reinforcement for full height
including required scaffolding.
5. Scaffolding for the Lift for execution of
various activities involved in lift construction.
6. Brick work ,Inside outside plaster for full
height of lift structure
7. Work for the machine room at about
required height and Lift pit (for depth up to
2.0 meter below NGL) to accommodate lifting
machinery and Car Buffers respectively.
8. Connection of lift openings and various floors
as per the drawing and as per actual site
9. During the construction of lift well, required
staging, scaffolding, working platform, etc.
shall be provided by contractor with no extra
cost like manpower and material and idle
charge for manpower, material and
equipments shall be paid extra.
10. Foundation work for lift well
11. Floor Casting on 4th & 5 th Floor 220sft appox
12. Plastering works
13. POP and Paint Finish
1. Marble flooring on landing
2. Riser and tread marble/kota stone finish
3. Pop and Paints on walls
4. Wall tiles up to 4”
5. SS Handrail fixing


1. Patient Bed 6’x2.5’ =4 nos (OPD)
2. Doctors Table 4’x2.5’ =4 nos (OPD)
3. Chairs for OPD =16 nos
4. Visitor waiting Lounge SS perforated
Chairs = 24 seaters
5. Reception Unit 10’
6. Counselling Room Table furniture
7. Blood Collection Room Table & Seat
8. USG Room Table & Bed
9. Emergency Room Table
10. Main Entrance wooden panel door 7’x5’
11. Cash Counter
12. Gypsum plain & decorative false ceiling
Ground floor only
13. Pharmacy Shop
14. Optical shop
15. Mandir