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Android-Controlled Autonomous Robot for Rice Field Planting


Rice field planting is one of the major agricultural industry in the country. Many Filipinos, especially in
Luzon area, are dedicated in planting rice crops as their primary source of living because of the wide
range of fertile lands that are highly suitable in planting. However, due to the continuous growth in
modern technology, an expected decrease in the number of farmers was observed and the probable
cause was technological advancement and difficulty of work. So we came up to an idea that will both
maximize the use of modern technology and reduce the effort of the farmers, which can greatly
contribute in rice planting industry. The android-controlled robot will serve as the automatic planting
machine that can be programmed based on the size of the field, depth of planting area and other factors
necessary in planting rice. We will use a knee-high steel frame about the size of the planting area that
will serve as the pathway for the machine to move in a forward-alternating way. The rice that will be
planted must be newly grown of at least 5 to 6 inches tall. If this project would be successful, not only
the local farmers can gain through it but also the other farmers with the same concept of planting.