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Option basics, ITM, OTM, ATM, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, Volatility, Case Studies

6. Option Strategies
13 chapters
Bull Call Spread, Ratio Spread, Bear Call Spread, Synthetics, Arbitrage, Max Pain,
PCR, Straddle, Strangle
7. Markets and Taxation
7 chapters
Classifying Market Activities, ITR forms, Tax Audits, Turn over calculation,
Balance Sheet, and P&L.
8. Currency & Commodity Futures
17 chapters
USD INR, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Silver, Aluminium, Cardamom, Mentha Oil,
Natural Gas
9. Trading Psychology and Risk Management
14 chapters
Risk, Variance, Covariance, Portfolio Optimization, Equity Curve, Value at Risk,
Postion Sizing

Chart Types, Candlesticks, Support, Resistance, Volumes, Moving Average, RSI, MACD,
3. Fundamental Analysis

1) *Sree Rayalaseema High Strength Poly*

Cmp - 200

-Into water purification, hydrogen gas and now getting into carbon business.
Excellent Fundamentals. Should be a safe portfolio bet.

2) *Plastiblends India*

Cmp - 230

-Largest manufacturer and exporter of Colour & Additive Master Batches and
Thermoplastic Compounds for the Plastic Processing Industry, with wide applications
in Agriculture, Telecom, Auto, Electricals, Textiles, Cables, Pharma. Has been
recommended by many advisory companies.

3) *Permanent Magnets*

Cmp - 68

-High quality management (Taparia's of Supreme Ind) operates this company that
supplies to defence, EVs, Power, Telecom, automobile and many core sectors. A
potential 5x multibagger.

4) *Swastika Investmart*

Cmp - 197

Falling interest rates and rising stock markets have ensured that investments in
the financial space, particularly in stocks and shares, are on the rise in India.

The company is into Stock Broking

Commodity Broking

Merchant Banking (company has managed 5 IPOs already)

Insurance (not yet gained traction)


Financial Training Institute (yet to fly)

Online Discount Brokerage Trading - Trading Bells(Like Zerodha/SAMCO).

5) *20 Microns*

Cmp - 42

-Company is into the business of white nano industrial materials and specialilty
chemicals. It has products for sectors like coating & constructions, paper plastic
and rubber, construction chemicals(adhesives) and has recently entered pharma( own
herbal brands ).

6) *Kamat Hotels India Limited*

Cmp - 122

-Spotted it back in September at 80. This stock has potential to double from here.

KHIL is into many hospitality ventures other then hotels and restaurant such as
time share, clubs resorts, Heritage hotels and much more across India KHIL is also
into Hotel Consultancy, setups and other such related activities.

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