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accidental injuries Hercules C 130 in Padang Bulan area of Medan North Sumatra, makes the

world of Indonesia flight back mourned. Hundreds of bodies were identified Police DVI team
both civilian and military. But still left a dozen more victims who until now have not been
identified because his body is not intact.

fall disasters Hercules C 130 in Medan, North Sumatra Adding to the long list of incidents
accident TNI military aircraft. Hercules fall incidents recorded the fifth time since Indonesia has
this aircraft in the era of President Sukarno.

hercules aircraft C130 is one mode of air transportation is very popular in the world as a means
of transportation, not only for military need, not commercial. Military aircraft belonging to the
air force also has repeatedly perform air missions for affairs the logistics and the exchange of
personnel from one base to another base in the archipelago.

unlucky, while undergoing the last route to Tanjung Pinang only a few minutes after taking off
from the air base Soewondo planes crashed and hit two traditional spa shop in dense settlements
Jamin Ginting street in Medan, North Sumatra that killed more than a hundred people including
the entire crew.

According to Lt. Sutrisno, the aircraft already in the position airworthy and ready for flight. Even
if there is an accident, it was out of control. The aircraft that will be flown always be checked

Knowing presence Hercules Plane Crash in Central Padang Bulan, Medan, North Sumatra, the
air force chief Air Marshal TNI Agus Supriatna go directly to the crime scene to see the events

The Hercules aircraft that crashes in Medan carrying a logistic weapon long-barreled and pistols
along with tens of Thousands of rounds of ammunition. based on the information Tandam I
Bukit Barisan, plane carrying 14 long-barreled rifles, eight pistols and twenty and two of
thousands of ammunition.14 long-barreled weapons have been found, while four pistols still in
the search and twenty and two of thousands rounds of ammunition, new officers discovered 60%.

In the view of Military Observers University of Padjadjaran in Bandung, actually disaster

experienced by Hercules aircraft already estimated before, remember the aircraft are aged more
than 50 years old or has passed their ideal time usage for 20 years.

President Joko Widodo made the tragedy of Hercules C130 as momentum accelerates as well as
fix the defense equipment owned by the TNI. Jokowi also ordered the defense minister and
commander of the military to overhaul the system of management and defense procurement to be
more modern aside from to remain asking investigate the crash of Hercules.