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AOTA Professional Development Tool (PDT)


Learning Plan
Structure your learning plan to indicate how you will achieve your identified learning goals. The completed plan should be included in
your portfolio. Type information directly into the spaces provided.

Related Standard What are the best ways What do I need to help How will I know I When do I plan to
to achieve this goal? me achieve this? achieved it? achieve it?
1. To initiate and 1. Attend AOTA and at 1. Locate symposiums/ Increased May 2020
collaborate with least one additional workshops. Find communication with
other healthcare symposium related funding for event if PTs, Social Workers,
professionals and to interprofessional needed. SLPs, and other
improve my learning. 2. Locate educational professionals. Complete
understanding of the 2. Participate in opportunities/ research poster
role of OT in the Interprofessional simulation. presentation regarding
healthcare setting. learning 3. Schedule final assistive technology
opportunities/ research within healthcare
simulations through specialization settings.
OT program. course.
3. Complete research 4. Discuss final
specialization and research topic and
present findings stance with relevant
related to faculty. Potential
occupational therapy funding for poster
and assistive presentation.

2. To comprehend and 1. Review occupational 1. Create a Google Increased application of May 2020
apply clinical therapy theories and Drive with folders occupational therapy
reasoning and formal approaches from related to theories and approaches
theories of previous semesters. occupational therapy within interventions and
occupation and 2. Review occupational theories and other treatments with the
participation during therapy case studies relevant materials ability to support my
interactions and and published reasoning with reference

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AOTA Professional Development Tool (PDT)
treatments of clients research in order to (ie. PowerPoints, to relevant published.
during Fieldwork determine clinical lecture notes) literature
experiences. decision reasoning 2. In-class case studies
and to begin with clinical
reviewing literature reasoning decisions
on best supported and provided
practices. rationale.
3. Apply occupational 3. Opportunity to
therapy theories and implement protocols
approaches during or interventions
my Level I Mental during out of class
Health Fieldwork groups in order to
and other out of class gain real-life
opportunities. experience with
theory application.

Copyright AOTA, Inc. 2003. All Rights Reserved.