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College and Career Lesson Plan - 10th 

1. Increase college/career and higher education goals among E-Business students. 
2. Increase college and career preparation among E-Bus students. 
3. Create academic long term goals and plans (make a career plan google slides powerpoint/magazine)
Lesson 1: ​Monday 4/16 - ​How High School Connects to College and Careers 
○ Learn that graduating high school is important for college and careers 
○ Learn how high school relates to college and careers 
○ Learn what HS requirements lead to graduation and how they compare to college requirements 
Activity 1:​ Sign up for the google classroom 
1. class code: ​trbzau6
Activity 2: ​Take pre-test on google classroom 
Activity 3: 
1. Have a debate about why HS is important or not using Flipgrid 
a. Show students how to use flipgrid 
i. Students go to​ ​ 
ii. Students enter F ​ lipcode - 39b429    
b. Use flipgrid 
· Flipcode: 39b429 
· Flipgrid topic link:​ h​ ttps:// 
c. Break students up into 2 groups - HS important and HS not important 
d. Students break up into pairs/groups of 3 within the 2 giant groups and record a 1:30 
min video of their opinion and why 
e. Students have 5 minutes to record their video 
f. After recording their own video, students should watch others flipgrids and can change 
sides if they want 
1. As a whole class what is important in high school for college and careers 
a. SAY:​ Graduating high school is important to further careers and college and there are many 
opportunities to engage with peers community and learn academic skills 
i. Have students watch this video on google classroom:​ ​ 
b. SAY:​ H ​ igh school is important because HS classes prepare you for college, HS teaches you life 
skills, you learn social skills, you are more likely to get more $ in a job than without a HS degree. 
But what are the pros and cons of college?  
i. Have students watch the pros and cons video on google classroom -​ ​- pros and cons of college 
c. SAY:​ However although you are more likely to get more money with some sort of college degree, 
you can also make a lot of money with trade school, even realty. So it really depends on the field 
you pick like engineering 
d. SAY:​ Some general BA degrees require more school to get more money such as psych, bio, 
physics, etc. So you really need to think about how much school you are willing to put in. Some 
degrees like nursing, athletic training, engineering get higher pay in 4 years. Some need more, 
so it depends on what you want to do. 
i. Have students watch what HS students think about college “Student Voices”-​ -​ what HS students think about 
ii. Have students watch who can succeed in college video -​ ​- who can succeed in college? 
Activity 4:  
1. Talk about Powerpoint Presentation requirement 
1. Career plan powerpoint requirements 
a. Students will make a powerpoint about their career plan and will post on the google drive so all 
classmates can see 
b. Students will present powerpoint at the end of the unit 
**Career plan powerpoint requirements on google classroom** 
Lesson 2:​ Tuesday 4/17 - C
​ reating an Academic Plan 
○ Create an academic plan for 11th and 12th grade 
○ Learn what HS requirements lead to graduation and how they compare to college requirements 
Activity 1: Increasing College and Career Readiness 
1. Have students go to google classroom and open “​5 Ways to Increase College and Career Readiness​” 
1. Quickly go over all 5 of the opportunities students have 
2. Watch this video about GPA - h ​ ttps://  
Opportunities students have to increase college and career readiness 
a. G​ rades​ help you get $$ 
· Higher than a 3.0 (B average) = more money from the government 
· A-G courses 
● Courses that are required to get into college, Cs or better = college ready 
· Be on track with credits - need 220 
b. Dual enrollment classes 
· Completing college courses while in HS 
1. ​Go to a college and take classes 
2. G​ et college credit while in HS 
c. Concurrent enrollment – 
· Get college credit and HS credit at the same time 
1. T​ake college classes at CHS and get high school and college credit​…E
​ x: Art 
100, psychology/sociology 
d. AP (Advanced Placement) 
· Classes that are college prep and are weighted in grades 
e. Clubs/extracurriculars 
· Helps show you focus on other things besides school, able to work with people, 
and you give back to the community 
Activity 2: Extracurriculars at CHS 
1. Now students must look on CHS website to find AP classes and clubs/extracurriculars they can take -  
Activity 3: CSU general ed classes v.s. HS classes 
1. Look at general education requirements for CSU and see how that connects to HS requirements 
2. Have students compare CSU transfer requirements and CHS 4 year plan classes by circling or 
highlighting similar classes 
2. General CSU requirements- 
3. CHS 4 year plan -
Activity 4: Creating a personal academic plan 
1. Have students circle classes they plan on taking the rest of HS on the CHS 4 year plan worksheet 
2. CHS 4 year plan worksheet -
3. Have students fill out the your academic planner worksheet on google classroom 

Lesson 3:​ Wednesday 4/18 - C

​ hoosing My Lifestyle 
● Understand cost of your future lifestyle 
● Understand how to make money choices 
Activity 1: Choosing My Lifestyle Handout 
1. Have students open the Choosing my Lifestyle Handout and follow the directions 
a. In the handout, they will sign up for CA Career Zone - ​ 
b. Then they will create an account 
c. Then they will follow the 5 Steps and fill out the worksheets in the document 
i. Step 1...​Make Money Choices Quiz 
ii. Step 2...Fill out the “Track your Choices” online 
Activity 2: PAYBACK Game 
1. Play PAYBACK 
1. In groups or partners what their lifestyle choices are and their results of the game (Think pair share?) (I 
like to show people the two extreme lifestyles, they tend to react well to those examples. 1 extreme is 
super rich, mansion, helicopter, yacht. The other is what I call “broke as a joke” aka Mr Lafi in college. 
We just live with the basic necessities.  
Lesson 4: T
​ hursday 4/19 - ​Career Exploration 
● Understand career options available 
● Understand job options available 
● Create career plan 
Activity 1: Career Pathway Options 
1. Have students look at “Career Clusters” Handout and explore all 16 pathways 
a. Discuss: Go over quickly the different pathways  
Activity 2A: Assess Yourself 
2. Go to CA career zone - ​ 
a. Take the ​SHORT​ assess yourself test 
b. And explore results of what careers you get 
Activity 2B: Career Choices 
1. Students can also explore career choices with education planner - 
a. Take the survey 
b. Explore the options 
d. Start making your slide/picking your careers you like 
Activity 3: Career Videos 
1. Go to Career One Stop - 
a. Look at career videos that interest you 
Activity 4A: Fastest growing careers 
1. Have students look at fastest growing careers - 
Activity 4B: Occupational Outlook Website 
2. Have students explore careers based on growth and pay - ​ 
Activity 5: Powerpoint 
1. Work on your google slides powerpoint 
Lesson 5:​ Friday 4/20 - ​Postsecondary Options 
● Know all postsecondary options 
● Understand college options 
● Create a college/postsecondary plan 
Activity 1: Exploring 
1. Difference between postsecondary options 
a. Talk to students about ALL postsecondary options  
b. Watch “postsecondary college education options video” on google classroom - What is college -  
c. Have students look at “Postsecondary Options Handout” on google docs 
d. Have students look at “What To Do After HS Worksheet” on google docs 
Activity 2: Making your postsecondary/college plan 
1. Exploring colleges 
a. Explore colleges that match to your career on My Future - h ​ ttps:// 
or Big Future - ​  
b. Type in career or type of school on the left side, can filter by options you want 
2. Looking at all future options 
a. Explore the options on the more you learn the more you earn -
Activity 3: Powerpoint 
1. Work on your google slides powerpoint 
Lesson 6:​ Monday 4/23 - F
​ inancial Cost and Options 
● Understand the cost of college and life 
● Know how to pay for college 
Activity 1: Cost of College 
1. Watch the cost of college video to visualize the cost of college - 
2. Look up the cost of college based on the career you picked - 
Activity 2: Money Excel 
2. Fill out money excel sheet created by Mr. Gersten 
a. Get from Mr. Gersten 
a. College may seem impossible to pay off, BUT IT IS NOT! Show them calculations of costs. 
Compare what they make per year to what they will owe in college. Emphasise that they MUST 
make the right career choice and complete college or they will be in Debt and right back where 
they are now if they flunk out. Ask them WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you owed $60,000 to 
someone right now. It’s a scary reality if they funk up. 
Activity 3: How to afford college 
1. Watch how to pay for college video - ​ 
2. Have students look at Financial Aid options handouts on google classroom -  
a. Financial Aid Resources Handout  
b. Federal Student Aid Options Handout 
3. Talk about all the payment options briefly 
Activity 4: Explore payment options 
1. Look at grants and scholarships -​ and Big Future scholarships - 
2. Look at loans - ​  
3. Look at jobs on campus (work study) 
a. Go to your college’s website and look for jobs 
Activity 4: Powerpoint 
1. Work on your google slides powerpoint 
Lesson 7: ​Tuesday 4/24 - Q
​ & A about college and finish powerpoints 
● Finish powerpoint/career plan 
● Learn things about college and options from CHS staff (CHS staff tell stories) 
Activity 1: Panel of CHS staff  
1. CHS staff share their post-secondary experiences  
2. Students ask questions to staff about their experiences 
Activity 2: Powerpoints 
1. Have students work on powerpoints 
2. Have students submit powerpoints 
3. Have students sign up for powerpoint presentations 
Lesson 8:​ Wednesday 4/25 - W
​ ork on Powerpoint Presentations Independently 
● Connect and master college and career prep information 
● Understand what peers goals are and solidify personal goals 
Activity 1: Have students work on Powerpoint 
1. Discuss commonalities/results/differences with peers 
Lesson 9:​ Thursday 4/26 - P
​ lay Grudgeball & Continue Powerpoints ​(if time 
● Connect and master college and career prep information 
● Understand what peers goals are and solidify personal goals 
Activity 1: Grudgeball Game 
1. Introduce rules - print a copy of rules 
2. Divide class up into 4-5 teams 
3. Use a trash can and rolled up paper ball to play game 
4. Use direction sheet and put numbers on each question and then write numbers on the board, students 
pick numbers  
5. Play game with class 
Activity 2: Have students take POST-TEST  
1. Discuss commonalities/results/differences 
Activity 3: Have students work on Powerpoints (if there is time) 
2. Discuss commonalities/results/differences 
Lesson 10: F
​ riday 4/27 -​ Graduation and Present Powerpoints! 
● Have graduation 
● Talk about futures and colleges 
● Present Powerpoints 
Activity 1: Have a party 
1. Talk about college experience 
2. Eat food 
Activity 2: Have students present powerpoint 
1. Discuss commonalities/results/differences 
2. Extra-credit opportunity