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BSBMKG417 Apply marketing communication across

a convergent industry
Presentation 1
Purpose of this presentation
At the end of this session, you should know how to:

 Review the role of the traditional siloed sectors

 Identify the potential points of integration

 Establish the role of the customer

 Ensure unified messaging

 identify relevant legislation, regulations and

Convergence: Siloes,
technology and consumers
Convergence brings
 Siloes, including Converging Traditional siloes of
branding, PR, direct and sales, etc.
advertising, PR, direct
and sales and service
 Technology, enabling
new ways of buying
Converging online and offline
shopping and sharing consumer behaviour
Converging Technologies

 Online and offline

consumer behaviours
Converging sectors and
marketing disciplines
Data gathering



Digital and direct


Touchpoints and the 5Cs
The 5Cs of convergence
• Customerisation
• Community
• Channels
• Competitive value
• Choice tools
Unifying and timing the
‘Each product and target must be analyzed carefully to
determine the appropriate sales cycle and the price/risk
relationship. Only then can we determine what is the
best way to target individuals precisely where they are in
the sales cycle. This is a crucial part of convergence and
one of our most valuable strategic tools.’

Rosen, Richard; Jane C. Rosen (2009). Convergence marketing: combining brand and direct marketing for
unprecedented profits
Legislation, regulations and
Some requirments for
marketers include:
 Australian consumer law
 The Australian Privacy
Principles (APPs)
 Anti-spam regulations
 Intellectual property law
The next steps
You should now:
 complete the self-paced activities in Section 1 of your
Student Workbook
 review Section 2.