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Week of: 04/23—04/27 Subject/Class: SI-7 Teacher: Jane Dowell

Unit (Week Overview/Purpose): Students will analyze the different techniques that scientists use to study the great expanse of space.

Day Warm Up or Review from Daily Objective Instruction & Activities Formal/Informal Due Dates:
Previous lesson Assessments

Mon Science task of the Week Students will explore the  Electromagnetic Explain the difference Notebooks
Match the following various missions to space spectrum between natural and artificial Due 04/26
1. -ology that led up to the missions  Early Space Missions satellite.
2. -ologist we see today. Students will 
3. -ist explore the electromagnetic
a. A person who deals spectrum
b. A person who studies
The study of
Tues What is the difference Students will explore the  Current and future Why is Mars of such an Notebooks
between a probe and a current and the future of space space missions interest? Due 04/26
satellite and can they be one missions that will determine
in the same? where humans might live other
than Earth.
Wed Why are space shuttles more Students will explore and  Vocab quiz Name one of the current Notebooks
versatile? identify the characteristics of  Bill Nye Space missions Due
6 land and 2 water Biomes of Exploration Tomorrow
Earth Review sheet
due tomorrow
Thurs What type of telescope uses Students will explore and  Review for space What was the first piloted Notebooks
lenses to bend light? identify the characteristics of 6 exploration US space program? Due Today
land and 2 water Biomes of
Fri Which space craft has sent Students will explore and  Space exploration test None Notebooks
images of Venus to the identify the characteristics of  Sun-Earth-Moon System Due 05/10
scientist on Earth? 6 land and 2 water Biomes of Vocab