Bank Accounting (FI-BL


This page contains the following topics : 1. Bank Accounting- An overview 2. Bank Master Record and bank directories 3. House Bank 4. Define House Bank 5. A practical Example of using house bank

1. Bank Accounting – An overview
SAP has a dedicated solution to handling of bank accounts. This component is used to handle accounting transactions that you process with your bank as well as with the banks of customer and vendor. This Solution is used to handle the following tasks : 1. Management of Bank Master data for your company’s bank; 2. Keeps Bank Master data for the customer of your Company; 3. Keeps Bank Master data for the vendors of your company; 4. Cash balance management ( Check and bills of exchange management); 5. Creation and process of incoming payments; (1 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM

customer and vendors 2. Bank Master Records/ Bank Directories Master record must be created for every bank that is used in the system (for a house bank or customer/ vendor bank). Handles Accounting transactions that you process with your bank. Creation and process of outgoing payments. 7.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) 6. http://www.htm (2 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .com/FICO/SAP%20Notes16-Bank%20Accounting.hareshpradhan. bank master data is stored centrally in the bank directory. A Scenario of Banks used in by company. In the R/3 System.

http://www. a business-partner represents a bank through which you can process your own internal transactions. House Banks The banks. That Information for electronic payment transactions 3.htm (3 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM . The house bank contains the data like : 1. In other words.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) 3. those are used by your company are called house banks. General ledger account per bank account Notes : Bank Master data are created client level.hareshpradhan. Bank accounts per house bank 4. Bank master data 2. many company code can use one bank such as ICICI Bank.

Do not forget to create a G/L account for the specified bank account. Similarly a House bank can be a single company code. for automatic payment transactions to determine the bank details for payment. the first three house bank ID items must be numeric. 4. Define your house banks and the corresponding accounts in the system under a bank ID or an account ID. For Belgium.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) But only one account number can be used by one company code. Standard settings Several house banks are supplied as examples in the standard system in order to enable configuration of the payment program. (Original Notes from SAP) Each house bank of a company code is represented by a bank ID in the SAP system.htm (4 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM . In the SAP system. Activities 1. The G/L account is to be managed in the same currency as the account at the bank. you should enter the SWIFT code in this field. you use the bank ID and the account ID to specify bank every account at a house bank by an account ID.hareshpradhan. you should enter the bank number in the "bank key" field and for foreign banks. Work out the specifications you have to enter in the system for your house banks. These specifications are used. for example. 2. Define House Banks Organisation’s own banks are called house bank. http://www. Note For domestic banks.

you have already created house banks in the system or have updated the house bank data that already : FI12 4. You can also add any data that may be required to house banks that were copied along with the bank directory.) http://www.) Menu Path : IMG Menuà Financial Accountingà Bank Accountsà Define House Bank T. in this step you only have to create the house banks that were not created in the "Copy bank directory" step.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) Additional information If you have already carried out the step "Copy bank directory" . If this is the case.2 Defining House Bank (Continued. 4.htm (5 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .hareshpradhan..1 Defining House Bank (Continued.

3 Defining House Bank (Continued.hareshpradhan..Bank Accounting (FI-BL) 4.htm (6 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .com/FICO/SAP%20Notes16-Bank%20Accounting.) Important Fields : http://www.

4. Normally. you may find it useful to be able to enter foreign business partners without a bank number. When you define the country key. external number assignment can also be used. For data medium exchange. then there are no bank numbers and the bank data is managed using the account number. for example. the bank account number takes on this Defining House Bank (Continued.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) Bank Key : In this field. the SWIFT code. you specify the bank key under which bank data from the respective country is stored. In this case. you also specify the country-specific definition of the bank key. the bank key can be assigned internally.htm (7 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .. as the bank key too. 5. that is. The bank number in the control data for the bank is then displayed twice. In certain countries.hareshpradhan. even if there are bank numbers in the country in question.) Important Fields : http://www. you manage banks using their bank number. To manage bank data using another key.

T. if possible.W. Use For automatic payment transactions.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) SWIFT Code for International Payments Uniquely identifies a bank throughout the world. ----Bank group (bank network) Serves to classify banks in such a way that payment transactions within a group are processed as quickly as possible (bank chain optimization).com/FICO/SAP%20Notes16-Bank%20Accounting. code is used for identifying banks in international payment transactions.I. Use The S.. a combination of the business partner's bank details and your own bank details is selected in which both banks involved belong to the same group.5. Use This field is used in Germany and Switzerland 4. Defining House Bank (Continued.) http://www. -------------------Post Office Bank Current Account This indicator causes the account to be treated as a post office bank current account.htm (8 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .hareshpradhan.F.

you must enter the currency key for this currency in the G/L account master record. : This field contains the number under which the account is managed at the bank.htm (9 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM . you manage a foreign exchange account in German Marks at your Accounting (FI-BL) Important Fields : Account ID : This field together with the house-bank Id uniquely defines a bank account. The alternative bank account number must then only be defined if it differs from the bank account number . In the G/L account master record.hareshpradhan. Bank Account no. You must maintain it together with the bank key in the system. enter a currency key (this must correspond to the currency in which the bank account is managed). http://www. you must define a G/L account in the system. Alternative Bank Acct Number (for Ambiguous Acct Number) The alternative bank account number is used for distinguishing house bank accounts with identical account numbers. If. This can occur if a house bank manages accounts in different currencies using the same account number. G/L : G/L accounts for your bank accounts For each of your bank accounts. for example.

Bank Account (Incoming) à is a Open Item A/cà GL No.1200000 2. If you use the manual account statement. 1200001 3.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) If you have house bank accounts with identical account numbers and use the electronic account statement for these accounts. recommended. 1200002 Note : Bank A/c (Incoming) and Bank A/c (outgoing) are open items and the ledger Account number should be sequence. Bank Account (Main) àNot a open item accountà GL No. Bank Account (Out-going)à is a open Item A/c à GL No. A Practical example of using house bank In practice we use three General ledger accounts for a single bank account of any house bank. These are : 1. Using bank account number + currency code is. We will take here the following two entries as examples of Incoming payments and Outgoing payments: http://www.hareshpradhan. then you enter the internal key used by your house bank here (usually the account number with attached currency encryption). 5.htm (10 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM . then you can freely assign the alternative account number.

htm (11 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM .com/FICO/SAP%20Notes16-Bank%20Accounting.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) http://www.hareshpradhan.

Postings may need to be made to a clearing account because of: q A time gap between accounting transactions (GR/IR clearing account) Organizational task distribution (bank clearing account) Accounting transactions requiring clarification q q Note : All clearing accounts will be reconciliation account The above example shows how the entries are posted to incoming and outgoing bank accounts before being posted to main bank account. Copyright © Haresh Pradhan. by uploading the bank statement either electronically or manually as per the above example.hareshpradhan. Sai Technology. http://www.Bank Accounting (FI-BL) Thus. To be continued….com/FICO/SAP%20Notes16-Bank%20Accounting. Clearing accounts are auxiliary accounts that exist for technical reasons and which are cleared repeatedly.. New Delhi-110037 No of Visitors. Note : Bank (Incoming) A/c and Bank (Outgoing) A/c are clearing Accounts. Mahipalpur. Clearing Account : An account to which postings are recorded temporarily.htm (12 of 12)3/30/2008 10:46:49 PM . the Bank A/c (Main) will exactly match with balance of the bank. It also shows the actual cash balance in the bank in real time.

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