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1. Name of the Company………………

Person Interviewed…..

2. The Performance Appraisal process is used for

i. Promotion
ii. Training
iii. Compensation packages
iv. Succession planning
v. Benchmarking
vi. Technical attributes
vii. Soft skills
viii. Personal traits

3. What kind of Performance Appraisal do you follow – competence based or

Personality type based or Results based (ends justify the means) ?

4. When do you conduct a Performance Appraisal, what time of the year

(annually, bi-annually, quarterly)……..and How long does it take to complete
the process…….

5. What are the costs involved and how do you plan on cutting the cost given
the current economic condition? How do you assess the cost of the
Performance Appraisal procedure?

6. How do you prepare before the Performance Appraisal process begins?

7. Which method (traditional method or modern) of Performance Appraisal does
the company use?

8. Do you achieve the organizational or the departmental goal through this


9. What are the advantages & disadvantages of using this method of conducting
a Performance Appraisal?

10. What are the difficulties faced while conducting the Performance Appraisal
process and how do you overcome them?

11. Is the Performance Appraisal system user-friendly, participatory, flexible or


12. Does this method of Performance Appraisal help to eliminate bias, halo error,
central tendency, etc.?
13. What is the formula to calculate the overall rating?

14. How do you keep the review confidential?

15. If you conduct a Post Performance Appraisal interview, how does it help?

16. What kind of training do you provide to the line managers before the
Appraisal system, to be able to carry out Appraisal interviews (if that is what is

17. How do you communicate the Performance Appraisal process to the

employees to avoid ambiguity and promote transparency?

18. When an employee does not take the feedback positively, how do you handle
that situation?
19. How are the results of the Appraisal communicated to an individual

20. Does your Company conduct surveys for research purposes like an employee
satisfaction survey or an employee engagement survey or a salary survey,
etc.? If yes,
• Internally
• externally

If externally, then through,

• Agencies
• Consultants
• Other sources

21. Which companies do you use for benchmarking?

22. Does it help in charting the career graph for your employees within the
organization & How?

23. Does Performance Appraisal aid in eliminating the gap produced due to the
difference in the actual performance and potential performance…How?
24. Are you able to record the relative worth of an employee (actual performance)
through the Performance Appraisal used…How?

25. Does this Appraisal method also help in determining the future potential
performance of an employee…( best predictors of the future performance are
the past behaviors)