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Record of Field Experiences

Course Hours Location Brief Description of Experience

I was in the toddler 2 room where there was 15 two
year olds. While here, I mainly played with all the
children. I kept them entertained and out of trouble.
These children loved being read to and playing in the
United Living sand. They always had a smile on their face. There
ECE 150 8 hours
Community was diversity in the classroom, but two year olds
didn’t seem to mind if someone else was different
than them! At this age, all of the children seemed to
play independently. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. No exceptionalities.
I was in the 3rd grade classroom where there were 21
students. I helped out in the classroom when I was
needed; correcting papers, answering questions, etc.
There was diversity within the classroom, but the
students got along very well. I had the opportunity to
ECE 150 8 hours Intermediate
work with individuals and students in groups. I
learned that these particular students are very good at
working together; yet enjoy individual work as well.
Variety of ethnicity. Male/Female. Urban. Variety of
learning levels.
I observed the 4th grade math class at Camelot
Intermediate School. Through this process, I was
given the opportunity to teach a lesson that the
teacher already had prepared. I helped a child who
struggled with math and I became his tutor and
mentor throughout these short 15 hours. Had I not
EPSY 302 15 hours Intermediate
been so busy, I would have volunteered to help this
child out because I was making a difference. I
learned, first hand, the importance of teaching to all
intelligences students can possess. Variety of
ethnicity. Male/Female. Urban. Variety of learning

I helped out with G.A.P. in the mornings on

Wednesday’s. I would play with the children who
came. We would play blocks, Barbie’s, or whatever
they had out that day. I also helped get the children
EDFN 475 15 hours Medary
breakfast. It was interesting to see that they had to
count calories for each food and record the amount of
calories. After breakfast, the favorite time of the
morning seemed to be going to the gym. The
children really enjoyed playing dodge ball, especially
when it was teacher’s verses children! I noticed that
even though the age group varied, from Pre-K to 5th
grade, the students all interacted very well with each
other and helped each other out. All the children
seemed to really enjoy playing as a large group.
Variety of ethnicity. Male/Female. Urban. No
I observed the toddler lab at SDSU, where I took
notes and began to learn how young children think,
interact with others, and move around the classroom.
Center –
At the United Living Community, I interacted with
Toddler Lab
ECE 371 15 hours the children during free play. I gained a better
and United
understanding of the children, the program, and the
teachers in the classroom. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. No exceptionalities, higher end
At the SDSU Preschool, I observed children during
Fishback free play while they were interacting with peers and
ECE 372 20 minutes Center – 3 & teachers, discovering new materials and objects, and
$ Lab creating relationships. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. Variety of learning levels.
I observed at the SDSU Kindergarten, where I
watched large group take place. They were talking
Fishback about parts of plants and how all plants have roots,
ECE 372 20 minutes Center - stems, leaves, and sometimes flowers. The activity
Kindergarten was interactive and kept the children very engaged
and listening. Variety of ethnicity. Male/Female.
Urban. Variety of learning levels.
I was an assistant student teacher, where I interacted
with the children two days a week. I got to know
both families of the children and the children. I
created relationships with the children. I became
aware of all the work and preparation that needs to be
done behind the scenes while teaching. I began
learning how to take high quality anecdotal records
ECE 328 120 hours Center – 4 &
and pictures that were used for student teacher
5 Lab
portfolios. I had the opportunity to plan a few lessons
and then reflect on what part of the lessons went well
and what did not go so well. I practiced the problem-
solving method when children were having a hard
time understanding one another. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. Variety of learning levels.
During these two classes, we were assigned
assignments to create lessons for the children that
needed to be incorporated during our assisted
teaching experience. We gave the children the
ECE opportunity to discover balls and ramps in their block
Misc. hours Center – 4 &
361/362 area. I created a child study were I implemented
5 Lab
different lessons on one particular child, documented
results, and was working towards building her skills
in an area of my choice. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. Variety of learning levels.
As a student teacher, I wrote and implemented both
weekly and small group lesson plans. I set goals for
my children and created a portfolio using a wide
variety of documentation to record the progress or
lack thereof. I collaborated with other student
teachers on ideas, feedback, and constructive
criticism. I became close to the families of my
Fishback children and communicated with them after each
ECE 488
240 hours Center – drop-off and pick-up. I also sent out bi-weekly e-
Toddler Lab mails to families, which included positives from the
week as well as pictures. I helped structure the
classroom to benefit the toddlers and encouraged
children to interact and communicate with both
teachers and peers. I created an investigation with
small group after inquiring with children about their
interests. Variety of ethnicity. Male/Female. Urban.
Variety of learning levels.

As a practicum teacher, I created two lesson plans

that I taught to my 5th-8th grade gifted students. This
was my first experience with a middle school
classroom, so I got a taste of just how independent,
yet dependent the students are. I used individualized
ELED 395 35 hours Middle
instruction to figure out what would or would not
work best for these students. I incorporated my own
personal knowledge, as well as my mentor teacher’s
knowledge to conduct lessons I had created. Variety
of ethnicity. Male/Female. Urban. Gifted Students.
I taught two reading lessons to middle schoolers,
grades 5-8. It was challenging because I had not
taught at this level before, but I gained valuable
Mickelson communication and teamwork skills with my mentor
ELED 450 8 hours Middle teacher, as well as my students. I enjoyed listening to
School student feedback after I taught. I also appreciated all
the feedback I received from my mentor teacher
throughout the semester. Variety of ethnicity.
Male/Female. Urban. Gifted Students.