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Student Teaching Evaluation

Name Student Teacher Sharla Bazen Semester/Year Winter 2018

School District Kenowa Hills Public Schools School Building Alpine Elementary City Comstock Park State MI

Sharla completed both her Teacher Assisting and Student Teaching in a 2nd grade classroom at Alpine Elementary,
a member of Kenowa Hills Public Schools near Grand Rapids, MI. Alpine Elementary serves a diverse student
population, in a rural setting. Alpine partnered with Grand Valley State University in a unique co-teaching
program. Sharla was selected to be a member of this year’s co-teaching team following an interview process.

From the first day of her placement, it was evident that Sharla loves children and has a passion for teaching. She
made it a point to build meaningful relationships with students and worked diligently to help all her children
succeed academically. She collaborated beautifully with her Cooperating Teacher, as they worked to implement
best practices to meet the social and academic needs of their students. She quickly became an asset to the 2nd
grade team.

Among Sharla’s strengths, are her creativity and ability to organize. She worked carefully throughout her student
teaching experience to create lessons that took into account the kinesthetic, auditory and visual needs of the young
learner. She created lesson plans with clearly defined goals for each subject area. Hands-on activities, appropriate
for the 2nd grade child, were often used to support her teaching. Sharla used multiple strategies that allowed every
child a “voice” in the classroom. She became very comfortable in the role of teacher.

As part of her university requirements, Sharla wrote and taught a multi-lesson Math unit, featuring the telling of
time. Sharla thoughtfully chose resources and materials to make sure each lesson was focused and interactive.
The unit was written, taught and assessed with clear and concise directions. Sharla has a gift of capturing
student’s attention, which elicited enthusiastic interest. She created a motivating and relevant learning experience
for her students.

Sharla was able to communicate with both her Cooperating Teacher and myself in a professional and friendly
manner. She did not hesitate to ask questions and was very accepting of constructive feedback. She would ask for
suggestions and use her target learning in lessons yet to come. She went above and beyond to build positive
relationships with other staff in the building. I have truly enjoyed supervising and watching Sharla mature in her
teaching ability.

I believe that Sharla Bazen will be an outstanding addition to any school faculty. She is committed, caring and
focused on continuous improvement. I would highly recommend her for an elementary position.

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