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Human Resource

The Elite College

“Come Here, Go anywhere”

Silent Killers

“Just do it”

Group Leader: Shaista Khalid

Group Members:

 Asia Shakoor
 Anum Razzaq
 Nabeel Ahmed
 M.Waqas

Submitted To:

Prof, Muttahir Ahmad

Project Introduction:
This project contains the study of human resources management. We are conducting this
project to apply our learning practice. The Elite College is one of the leading services
institutions in Pakistan which leads us to initiate the conduct of project on this institution. It
covers all the areas which are necessary for the implementation of HRM of this organization.

Project Objective:
 The purpose of this project is to give practical knowledge about the functions
of HRM in the organization.

Project Management:
The “When”
Our project will be complete approximately within two months which is starts from
20thNov, 2017 and ends on 20th Jan, 2017.


Financial Resources:
We need different financial resources for the compeletion of this project.

Technical Resource:
We need different technical resources laptop, electricity, internet, Data cables and all
the accessories which are needed for the completion of this project.

Human Resource:
We need people for the completion of our project without human resources we can’t
do anything.
 Shaista Khalid
 Asia Shakoor
 Anum Razzaq
 Nabeel Ahmed
 M.Waqas

Project Methodology:
 HR planning
 Job Analysis
 Job Evaluation
 Recruitment
 Selection
 Orientation and induction
 Provide training and development
 Assessment of employees
 Motivation
 Maintaining relation
 Maintaining employees safety and health

Project Cost:
Overall estimated cost of the project=20000

Material 3500

Entertainment 2500

Technology 2000

Miscellaneous 1500

Petty cash 8500

Transportation charges 2000

We are doing this project because we have deeper understanding towards the importance of
this HRM in the organization. It exposes strategies that can be applied the effective
implementation of HRM practices. The project is a creative way to get student to think about
a reading more in depth. .