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MENC: The National Association for Music Education

Reviewed Work(s): A Guide to Musical Analysis by Nicholas Cook
Review by: Thomas Janson
Source: Music Educators Journal, Vol. 74, No. 1 (Sep., 1987), pp. 13-14
Published by: Sage Publications, Inc. on behalf of MENC: The National Association for
Music Education
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At last, a COMPLETE warm-up and

kA -W'.. .. ........
MM'C~~ technical study method for the sym-
phonic band by Tom C. Rhodes
:y 7 ZmY'iC -' mg,~' ~ 2~ and Donald Bierschenk. Symphonic
Band Technique will assist in deve-
loping all aspects of musicianship.

Each of the 167 exercises was writ-

ten to achieve a specific musical
goal. Exercises include warm-up
chords, chorales, ear-training, flexi-
bility, slurring, major and minor
scales, scale studies, chromatic
scales, tonguing, rhythmic and
Aten extended examples are listed as G
reading etudes, articulation, synco-
necessary references. I did not find pation, triplets, odd meters, dotted
this to be absolutely mandatory, as note studies, and unique exercises
Cook's shorter examples and my called "Balance Builders".
knowledge of the standard scores
This new text from Great Britain to which he refers were sufficient Parts: $3.95
is an indispensable update of musi-on first reading. Conductor: $12.95
cal analysis for the educated musi- Most readers will be familiar with
cian. Its usefulness extends beyondCook's "Traditional Methods of Write today for a Free review copy.
the college Analysis": identification of form
music library, based on tonal centers and themat-
professor's ic statement, identification of har-SOUTHERN MUSIC CO.
desk, or class- monic content (figured bass and
.... ..

TELEPHONE - 512-226-8167
room. After Roman numeral analysis), and the (IN TEXAS - 1-800-292-5443)
all, analysis development of harmonic analysis P.O. BOX 329 * SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 78292
should lead to through species counterpoint. Cook
a more musi- refers to many sources throughout
cally enlight- the book; however, one superior
ened perform- reference is missing: Michael Rod- A SINGER'S DREAM!
ance. Nicholas gers's Teaching Approaches in Mu- ILA.
Cook demon- sic Theory (Southern Illinois Uni-
strates this versity Press, 1984) that, although
idea quite clearly intended wellfor another pur- in this t
gives exposure
pose, handles the traditional ap- to curre
methods used today in the best proach more concisely in its fourth
American universities. The anti- chapter, "Musical Analysis." There-
quated English writing style fore, often readers should read the Rod- Oil

encountered in British musical cir- gers chapter either before or along ---------------------- ....... .......

cles has disappeared, and the text withis the Cook text. va-I

lively and interesting. The chapters on the other three WS

Cook presents a current compen- approaches (Schenkerian, psycho-
dium of musical/analytical teaching logical, and formalistic) may prove REMOVES VOCALS FROM RECORDS!
methods, including Schenkerian, to be the most helpful to the gener- Now You can sing with the world's
psychological, formal (set-theoret- al reader, since these techniques best bands! The Thompson Vocal
Eliminator can remove most or virtually
ic), and comparative approaches. have become standard tools in just all of a lead vocal from a standard stereo
These topics form the first half of the last fifteen years. These topics record and leave most of the background
the text and are followed by exam- are clearly introduced without de- untouched! Record with your voice or
ples of varied analyses as applied to pending too heavily on technical perform live with the backgrounds. Used
in Professional Performance yet connects
the musics of Beethoven, Schu- language. Sufficient documentation easily to a home component stereo system.
mann, Berlioz, Chopin, Schoenberg, referring the eager learner to out- Not an equalizer! We can prove it
Webern, Stravinsky, Britten, and side sources appears throughout works over the phone. Write or call for
Stockhausen. these chapters in footnote form. a Free Brochure and Demo Record on
the Vocal Eliminator and our full line of
Attention to the "Acknowledge- The literature is in need of such a
audio products.
ments" section is necessary: It con- compendium, and the Cook guide
cludes with a crucial note to the fills the bill. Write to: LT Sound, Dept. EJ,
PO Box 338, Stone Mtn., GA 30086
reader concerning the need for The ac- second part of the book ad-
For 24 hour Phone Demo call
companying musical scores. Ex- dresses the question of how one (404)493-6879
cerpts are included when such mu- should decide to apply the analyti- For a Free Brochure and Demo Recood
sic references are brief; however, cal methods discussed in the first calh (404)-493-1258

MEJ/September '87 13

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$1000 HANDBOOK OF copies of Rosewall:

SINGING part. This is done logically through
copies of Rosewall:
demonstration. The second portion
for the college-level beginner
SO GOOD @ $5
functions well as an example of
and teacher-in-training how to write an analysis if the
Name situation should ever arise (for ex-
$500 SO GOOD A THING ample, in writing a college term
for the high school beginner paper). Beyond this function, it is
and the church-choir interesting to see how a theorist
thinks, especially one who seems to
be trying to communicate to musi-
MAIL TO: dickerson press, 2215 Lincolnwood Drive, Evanston, IL 60201cians outside his own circle.-
Thomas Janson, professor of
sic, Kent State University, Oh

s"E E nswu m OOK
Prescriptions for interest and enlightenment at generic prices

0 F4 BOVAU JA_ G n
Bach to Bartok-Twelve interactive listening guides/record .. $18.95
Explorations in Ethnomusicolo-
gy: Essays in Honor of David P.
Q ANT*L~ McAllester. Edited by Charlotte J.
Zany alternatives for general music programs ................. $8.95 Frisbee. Detroit: Information Coor-
dinators, 1986. 306 pp. Photographs,
music examples, bibliography, in-
Self-teaching cassettes for subs or independent study - I-Musical
Storms/Battles, I I-Ensembles/Solos demo ................ ea. $9.95
dex. Hardcover, $35. In the intro-
duction to this volume, editor Char-
lotte J. Frisbee defines ethnomusi-

/TUDIO /OWUD/ @o the 805

Filmstrip/record demo of studio equipment and sounds - Syndrums,
cology as "the study of music in
culture, or the simultaneous consid-
vocoder, snythesizers and more............................ $27.95 eration of musical and cultural phe-
nomena." Her compilation of six-
Write for a free sample kit. teen essays samples the work of
PH Musicraft Publications 3149 Southern Ave., Memphis, TN 38111 ethnomusicologists exploring the
relationships among music, lan-
guage, and anthropology. The book
concludes with an "autobiographi-
........ ........ = t i i~ ~ i i i '.. .. ii i i i ii ii ! ii i i i i~ i ii i'!ii il ii ii cal sketch" describing the many
interests and distinguished career
in the beautiful of the honoree, anthropologist and
ethnomusicologist David P. McAl-
San Francisco Bay Area
H:,,~~~~~ ~ ~~~ ........ ..............iiiiiiiii~i a F ' '!!

Cross Index Title Guide to Classi-

Pallay. Westport, CT: Greenwood,
1987. 215 pp. Hardcover, $35. No
index can claim to be complete, but
Master of Music Education Degrees Kodaly Certificate
this one covers the major works of
dAd"4 & ;2 99&4 d Ad494 220 composers from the Middle
Ages to the present, listing each
Please Send Name composition under its variant
me further
Information Address
names, and giving the composer's
last name. Some 6,000 entries are
City State Zip included in this compact volume. A
Area of Interest list of the principal sources consult-
Mail To: Sister Mary Alice Hein, Director, Kodaly Program ed will help users locate printed
Holy Names College, 3500 Mountain Boulevard editions, recordings of a work, and
Oakland, California 94619 bibliographical and biographical in-
(415) 436-1031 or 436-0111
formation about the composers.

14 MEJ/September '87

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