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Business Advisory, Strategic Planning & Consulting



1. When was the subject business established?

2. Who owned it previously? (List each seller and how long they have owned it)

3. Why is the current seller selling it?

4. Why did the business shut down? (if applicable)

5. If any seller is financing or third party financing, what are the terms?


6. What does the business do?

7. Who are its customers?

8. Who will be running the business on a daily basis?

9. How many employees currently?

10. How many after the loan is approved (FT and PT)?

11. How many employees will stay?

12. Hours of operation?

13. What is the Target Market—Geographic and type of customer?

14. Explanation of all derogatory credit issues (if any)

Business Advisory, Strategic Planning & Consulting

15. How many islands?

16. How many pumps?

17. What type of gas pumped?

18. How many tanks?

19. How old are the tanks?

20. Have the tanks ever been tested? When? (please submit report)

21. Any spills or environmental concerns?

22. When was the station last updated?

23. What are the gas prices for each grade of gas sold?

24. Brand of gas sold

25. a. C-Store?
b. Lottery ticket sales?
c. Auto Repair facility?
d. Diesel, propane, other products sold?

26. Sales breakdown by major profit centers (%)

a. Grades of gas _________________________
b. Inside sales _________________________
c. Cigarettes _________________________
d. Repairs _________________________
e. Other _________________________

27. If there is real estate in the transaction, is there a fuel supply agreement with the fuel distributor?

28. Do you have steel tanks or fiberglass?

29. Request copy of most recent compliance audit together with most recent determination letter from DEP. In
PA, owners of USTs are required to have a 3 year compliance audit done by an independent third party
licensed by the State. Report will show age and condition of tanks and environmental monitoring systems.
Business Advisory, Strategic Planning & Consulting


30. Who are the competitors and how do they impact the subject business?

31. How far away are the competitors?

32. What makes the subject business better than the competitors?


33. Site location (i.e. street address, city, state, zip, lot/block)

34. Type of street it’s located on (busy, divider on the street, 2 lane-highway. Etc.)

35. What is around this area? (residential, commercial, industrial, land, etc.)

36. How many square feet—floors?

37. What is the block and lot number?

38. What is the age of the building?

39. Lot size?

40. Number of units vs. occupied?

41. Type of real estate (i.e. commercial, industrial, mixed-use)

42. Describe the parking

43. Real Estate purchase—If the borrower is not occupying 100%, how many square feet of the total square
Feet is the borrower occupying?
Business Advisory, Strategic Planning & Consulting


44. Has enough working capital been allocated for the project?

45. Large loan to s/h. Why? Being repaid?


46. Explain major increases and decreases in revenues.

47. Explain major increases and decreases in net operating profit.

48. If historical figures do not support the debt service, what changes will they make to the operation?


49. Agreement of Sale (Fully executed if possible)

50. Amount of property taxes and any additional expenses that Borrower is not currently paying?

51. Reason for purchase (moving to new location, adding another location, etc.)

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Gasoline Sales
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Gasoline Sales
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Margin on Gasoline
Average Price/Gallon
Total Sales for C-Store
Total Sales for Other