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Euphemism for ‘White Supremacy’
Michael Harriot
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The Root

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Every so often a new phrase emerges that encapsulates the cunning Caucasian
ability to keep power and dominance within their clutches by painting
themselves as the oppressed class. Whether it is “reverse racism,” “Make
America great again” or “separate but equal,” coining catchphrases as a means
of maintaining white supremacy has been one of our national pastimes since
disparate nations of men traversed the Atlantic and coalesced by renaming
themselves “white people.”

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Michael Harriot Today 10:32am
businesses and serving in various levels of government, the phrase “diversity of
thought” has become the new slogan for white people who are upset because
their undercover “alt-right” leanings are being eschewed by people who use their
heads for something more than racks for “MAGA” hats.

On Tuesday The Root published a piece about Marshall DeRosa, a Florida

Atlantic University professor who spends his spare time teaching his unique
brand of revisionist constitutional history to hate groups and explaining why the
Civil War is the result of “black supremacy.”

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As soon as DeRosa’s past became public, his supporters began throwing around
the phrase “diversity of thought.” Although the term isn’t new, it has recently
resurfaced in the discussion around institutions of higher learning and
companies that get rid of workers with racist tendencies.
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Michael Harriot Friday 3:49pm People used it when students at the University of California, Berkeley, opposed a
speech from pseudointellectual (((Ben Shapiro))), who has portrayed Native
Americans as cannibals and savages and believes that transgender people are
afflicted with a mental illness. It accompanies the “free speech” argument every
time college students oppose having Richard Spencer or Ann Coulter visit their

When Google fired James Damore for circulating an anti-diversity memo, the
company was accused of silencing libertarian ideas and promoting a liberal
agenda. Damore’s memo said—please don’t laugh at the ironic tone-deafness of
this—that Google should “stop alienating conservatives” because:

Viewpoint diversity is arguably the most important type of diversity and political
orientation is one of the most fundamental and significant ways in which people view
things differently...

In highly progressive environments, conservatives are a minority that feel like they
need to stay in the closet to avoid open hostility... Alienating conservatives is both
non-inclusive and generally bad business because conservatives tend to be higher in

Thought diversity is now the de facto pushback for white people whenever
anyone dares to mention including more women and people of color.

You have to give it to white people. Their penchant for playing the victim while
simultaneously castigating any minority who points out racism, sexism or
homophobia is nothing if not bold. The caucasity lies in their immediate
dismissal of any object that might pose a threat to the continued primacy of

“Diversity of thought” is white supremacy.

Your local neo-Confederate college professor might not burn a cross on your
lawn, but proponents of thought diversity will use the phrase to ensure that
white people get to keep white-peopleing by painting mistruths, hate and
outright lies as alternative facts. While intellectual inclusion is important—
especially in academia—the concept of thought diversity is a farce predicated on
the false notion that there are two sides to every issue.

If an elementary school discovered that a kindergarten teacher was teaching

students that 2 plus 2 equals 22, no one would call it an “alternative
perspective.” They would kick the instructor out of the classroom. An
astrophysics department would never hire a professor who thinks the Earth is
flat. No hospital would employ a physician who believes that diabetes is a
mental illness.

Slavery was mentioned by every state that issued a Declaration of Causes for
why they seceded from the union. The Constitution of the Confederate States
prohibited the individual states from outlawing slavery. Alexander Stephens,
vice president of the Confederacy, said that the Confederate Constitution “put at
rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution
African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the negro in our form
of civilization.”

Professors who teach contrived versions of history by saying that the Civil War
was about states’ rights and not slavery or white supremacy are not diverse
thinkers. They are either liars or uneducated on the facts, either off which
renders them unqualified to serve as a teacher of the subject.

The same goes for anyone who, like (((Shapiro))), claims that homosexuality is a
mental illness. When Coulter talks about the scourge of illegal immigration or
the Mexican crime wave, she is either intentionally misleading people or doesn’t
know that fewer immigrants are crossing the Mexican border than ever before—
legally and illegally. Richard Spencer isn’t offering an intellectual viewpoint by
going to college campuses and saying that black people are genetically inferior;
he’s peddling the same kind of pseudoscience as flat-earthers.

When Damore said that Google should “stop restricting programs and classes to
certain genders or races” because it is “unfair and divisive,” his premise
conveniently leaves out the fact that Google’s workforce is 2 percent black, 4
percent Hispanic and 31 percent female.

Like most conservatives and libertarians (who are essentially conservatives with
beards), diversity of thought is the only kind of diversity for which Damore and
his ilk are willing to advocate. They don’t really want any kind of diversity. They
want dominion.

Thought diversity is just white supremacy in a flannel shirt.

It is a pseudo-cerebral catchphrase for maintaining the same white power

structure that has always existed. Mediocre white men run the world, and the
only way they can keep doing so is to concoct a fictional alternate universe
where they are the oppressed class.

In their contrived version of reality, they’re discriminated against—not because

they are unqualified propagandists who either misunderstand or misconstrue
the facts, but because they are victims of the liberal agenda. They don’t view
their racism, sexism and homophobia as wrong because they “diversify thought”
by playing the role of an intellectual devil’s advocate.

At least they’re honest about who they work for.

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