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Posted by: "carlitooya" carlitooya
Mon Dec 3, 2007 3:06 pm (PST) hello community i've always have had much adversity in my life since my earliest recollection manifesting in this world even by those entrusted to care and nuture me i was and am very close to my grandparents though in the phyisical sense they are not present in this world i walk to world pretty much alone other than the solance i find in prayer going before my boveda with my cares worries fears even fustrations i often feel misunderstoof and many even misinterpret me and my approach and focus and vision when it comes to my spiritual endeavors many have come in and out my life with the guise of assisting me all for me to depart from them from what i've equated as lacking moral, spiritual maturity and seriousness. and moreso a lack of respect for me and the relationship i seek to establish nurture with my guides thus i have no issue with simply walking away and not wishing to subject myself through drama or crap. I pretty much have been working alone with my boveda just doing prayers,speaking to them and whatever i'm inclined to do burn saumerio,clean home this that is there anything else i can do as far services to my guides ect that i may offer independantly of a misa. the reason why i say this for too long i've been walking this path trying to have someone instruct me on the path of espiritismo as my grandmother was an espiritista and her mother was a culandera but many have opted to pressure me to pursue ocha, sanse, everything else under the sun don't get me wrong i respect them faith based systems but i'm inclinded more with the interests of those that i held to high esteem that of espiritismo many times in misa spirits have desended speaking of the importance of having misas done on my behalf in my home and they've been persistant but just when i find someone i feel is competant they talk a good one but don't deliver even when i make preparations

Posted by: "blueoceanrose" blueoceanrose
Mon Dec 3, 2007 3:45 pm (PST) Sorry you've had so many disappointments on your spiritual journey. Hopefully with faith and prayer things will improve for you. To answer your question about your Egun staff and other rituals you can do with your egun, it's good to know the following: In Orisa practice and other religions there are RULES. With ancestor worship there are only GUIDELINES. Your ancestors and spiritual guides belong to YOU so YOU will be the main one deciding what to give them and how to treat them based on what they tell you through thoughts, dreams, intuition, etc. No one from the outside can come into your space and tell you what to do for your own family members. All they can do is SUGGEST certain offerings others have used with success. I'm sure you already know these things: tobacco, coffee, strong drink, fresh flowers, perfumes and so on. Now your individual Egun may want other things that they liked when they walked the earth. Through communiction with them, it's up to you to find out what those things are. Misas are nice to have if you know mediums you like and trust. But misas are not the only way of communicating and pleasing your Egun. You could just as easily have a prayer circle with a few friends or relatives who sit and read prayers, sing songs and give praise and honor to those who have passed. Or you might think about having a big dinner party and setting a place at the table for your ancestors. Serve them like you would any other guest. Personally, I keep my Egun lit all the time. Candles burning constantly can get expensive and maybe dangerous. So I bought a $5 mini lamp and keep it on 24/7. I also have a small radio I keep on a station that plays the kind of music my parents liked. I keep it on all the time. So maybe you get the picture? Do your own thing. And you don't have to wait for a priest to feed you egun staff. You can't feed Orisa, but you can sure feed your own Egun stick. If you don't know how, ask someone, but you can do the actual feeding yourself. Many blessings on your journey & good luck! Omi Saide

Posted by: "OnyOny" oba_anya
Mon Dec 3, 2007 6:33 pm (PST) Greetings Carlitooya: I totally agree with Blueoceanrose: I would only add that the Boveda is one thing and Egun Stick (Opa Iku) is another. The Boveda, as I have been taught is the place where you pray and communicate with your spiritual guides and protectors - who may or may not be your Egun. In other words, some are, some aren't. Your Egun stick is a tool used to tap the floor when you are calling on your Egun, i.e., your blood relatives who have gone before you. So, in essence, the glass of water to the Egun Stick (Opa Iku), would be for your blood relatives (although I have never heard of placing a glass of water to it). One... Oba Anya, Oni-Oni

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