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Stakeholder Involvement Class

CxO This stakeholder group is interested in the Keep

high-level drivers, goals, and objectives of Satisfied
the organization, and how these are
translated into an effective process and IT
architecture to advance the business.
Program This stakeholder group is interested in Keep
Management prioritizing, funding, and aligning change Satisfied
Office activity. An understanding of project content
and technical dependencies adds a further
dimension of richness to portfolio
management and decision-making.

HR Key features of the enterprise architecture Keep

are roles and actors that support the Informed
functions, applications, and technology of
the organization. HR are important
stakeholders in ensuring that the correct
roles and actors are represented.

* This is a catalog rather than a matrix.

Stakeholder Map
Power Level of Interest Concerns Communication Plan
High Medium IT Budgets,

Medium High Usability

Low Medium Resourcing

Views Viewpoints/Relevant Artifacts
Business Footprint
Goal/Objective/Service Model
Organization Chart

Business Footprint

Organization Chart
Stakeholder Group Stakeholder Ability to Disrupt Change
CxO John Smith High

Program Management Office Bill Cowell

HR Jane Doe
Stakeholder Analysis
Current Understanding Required Understanding Current Commitment
Medium High Low

Medium High

Low Medium
Required Commitment Required Support
Medium High