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Sleep and ADHD

Supplement to The Jewish Standard • May 2018

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We’re Taking Pediatric ER and Hospital Care to the Next Level

Atlantic Health System has introduced an innovative approach to pediatric care at Chilton Medical Center, the
only one of its kind in the northern NJ region. The Children’s Center offers an exceptional level of care to our
most precious patients, combining pediatric emergency services and hospital care within a brand-new, family-
friendly environment.

With sleeping accommodations for parents, a kids playroom and a family lounge, our team of experienced
and compassionate pediatric physicians and nurses will put your family’s needs first. And, because we are part
of Atlantic Health System, there is ready access to more than 100 pediatric specialists who provide advanced
expertise at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Morristown Medical Center.

Where You Go For Pediatric Care Matters

Chilton Medical Center · 97 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ ·

CMC-7208-17 ChildrensCtr_JewishStd.indd 1 10/23/17 12:54 PM

Registration ANthroughout
the Year

Learn About Theand
A Creative Revolution
Exciting In
In BergeninCounty
for Children Grades 3-7
MAY 2018

5 We’re Having a Party 14 Make Mama Smile ENCOUNTER PROGRAM

Places to celebrate a birthday Mother’s Day is here
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation
Big Brothers/Sisters mentor each student
8 Raising Money for ZAKA 15 Get Ready Classes meet Sunday mornings
Bar mitzvah boy helps Israeli
for Sleep-Away Monthly Family Programs
Helping your child prepare
for summer Located in Teaneck (Torah Academy)
9 H is for Haiku No synagogue affiliation required
Daughter publishes
her mother’s poems
16 Gallery
Pictures of our children Contact Dr. Deborah Rapps, Director 201-833-JYEP(5937)
10 Fueling a Or visit us at or email
17 Top Choices
Growth Mindset Great picks for May
Fostering children’s motivation

18 Calendar
12 Celebrate Israel Things to do this month
The JCT, along with
13 other congregations
mark Yom Ha’atzmaut 19 Simchas
Celebrating our milestones

13 Sleep and ADHD

The importance of shut-eye

About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives that make the most of the
resources available to them. By providing useful, current, accurate information, this publication aims to guide parents to
essential information on faith, education, the arts, events, and child-raising — in short, everything that today’s Jewish fam-
ily, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North Jersey and Rockland County.

Dr. Annette Berger, Psy.D. Jane Calem Rosen
Psychologist, Teaneck Marketing and Communications Specialist
Michelle Brauntuch, MS,CCLS Barry Weissman, MD
Child Life Specialist, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Pediatrician, Hackensack and Wyckoff
Hope Eliasof Cheryl Wylen
Marriage and Family Therapist, Midland Park Director of Adult Programs and Cultural Arts
Howard Prager, DC, DACBSP YM-YWHA of North Jersey, Wayne
Holistic Chiropractor, Oakland


James L. Janoff Natalie Jay Kim Cahill

Publisher Advertising Director Adina Soclof
Heidi Mae Bratt Peggy Elias Denise Morrison Yearian Black Box Performing Arts Center
Editor Brenda Sutcliffe Stephanie Zandieh, MD (GPS: 290 Walraven)
Deborah Herman Account Executives Contributing Writers 200 Walraven Drive • Teaneck, NJ
Art Director
About Our Children is published 11 times a year by the New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group,
1086 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666; telephone: 201-837-8818; fax: 201-833-4959.; e-mail:



Musings from the Editor

lour. Check. Yeast. Check. Sugar. great baker, for her recipe, frozen, braided challah that lah rise here? In the car. In the backseat.
Check. which she texted — with ex- just needed time to rise, a The car had been meticulously cleaned
I bought all the ingredients tra instruction. brush of water, and a hot for Passover, and nobody was in the back
necessary to make what has become the Ambitions were high oven for 35-minutes. Okay, seat. So just carefully put the challah there
much- anticipated post-Passover “schlis- and commitments even high- it wasn’t going to be home- and then there would be no need to worry
sel challah.” Schlissel challah, named for er, I didn’t get to prepare the made. And I wasn’t going to about the time.
the Yiddish word for key, is either baked challah on Thursday night as be able to make the bless- The day was very warm and the
in the shape of a key, or a key is embed- I hoped. Friday rolled around ing you make when baking sun beat on the windows, so I was a bit
ded in the dough before it’s baked. Dat- with a laundry list of errands challah. But I would bake it. concerned that the challah might not
ing back to the early 18th century, this and other things that need- And I would be able to put just rise, but bake, too! We ran our er-
chasidic tradition to make this kind of ed attending. a schlissel inside. rands, came back, and gauged the chal-
challah for the first Shabbat following But there had been no challah prep. Figuring that I would make it home lah’s progress.
Passover has caught on so, that classes I started growing concerned. The as- on time, I rationalized getting the just- Thankfully, we came home with a bit
are given on how to make schlissel chal- sembling. The kneading. The rising. Even bake challah. I thought that I would make more time to allow the challah to finish
lah. Its significance, it is said, is to in- quick-rising yeast needs time. I was driv- another challah, another time, if not now. before inserting a key and putting it in
crease financial blessings, to unlock cre- ing around, far from my kitchen. The But one thing led to another and we the oven to bake.
ativity, productivity, and all those other five-pound bag of flour stood waiting started to run out of time. You could say that the road to our
good things. at on my counter, but I was hours — and Still far from home and the kitchen, schlissel challah may have been a bit un-
I figure, why not? Can’t hurt. miles — away. I didn’t know what to do. I read the in- orthodox, but boy, when we ate it, we
Now, I’m no challah baker; I’m more That afternoon, I picked Shaina up structions on the box and it called for enjoyed it. Maybe the real “key” is that
of a challah buyer. But I did once attend from school and had to run some er- five hours to rise! Oy! We were still on you can always try to find a way.
a challah class. And I have supported rands. The last-minute groceries for the road, and even though Shabbos
Shaina, who has a much greater affinity Shabbat were already in the car. And started later, there wouldn’t be enough Cheers,
for flour than I do. since I knew I would be so far from time to have it rise at home.
So schlissel challah was on the menu. home for so long I did a little cheat. I So thinking outside of the (challah)
I even asked my sister-in-law, Meryl, a got a just-in-case plan B. I picked up a box kicked in. Why not just let the chal-

PT, OT, Speech, and

Register for
Arts & Science at
The Puffin Foundation /
Teaneck Creek Park Behavioral Therapy
20 Puffin Way, Teaneck

reek Hours: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Classes for Kids:
Social Skills · Mommy and Me
An End-of-Summer Arts & Science Program for
Teaneck Children in “the Great Outdoors” Yoga for Kids · Sports Training
Three wonderful weeks at the Puffin and the Teaneck Creek Park, in collaboration with
the Teaneck Community Education Center, are offered for children entering grades 1-6 at
a minimal fee, thanks to a very generous grant provided by the Puffin Foundation. NEW!

WEEK 1: August 6-10

Program Schedule
WEEK 2: August 13-17 WEEK 3: August 20-24 Aquatic Therapy
Grades 1, 2 & 3 Grades 4, 5 & 6 Grades 4, 5 & 6
Enjoy two exciting Hobby * 7th graders may register if space is available.
Quest programs. Learn how
to build and fly your own air- Children become immersed in courtroom adventures
crafts with Fabulous Flying through improvisational theater activities during an
Machines - and discover the award-winning program, Fairy Tale Trials: Out of the
tricks of the trade from a real Woods and Into the Courtroom. In addition, they will
magician with Making M agic. explore and learn about the natural world of the Teaneck
All creations are yours to Creek Park and what lives there, through an exciting
keep! program of Nature & Discovery.

NOTE: Enrollment is limited to 15 children per week. Please register early! 205 West Englewood Ave. · Teaneck, NJ
For information and applications, contact the Teaneck Community Education Center,
One Merrison Street (201) 833-5514, or call Karen Yucht (201) 836-0142.



Ice Cream Parlors to Supersized Spaces,

Places to Celebrate Birthdays
Heidi Mae Bratt That immense space also offers im- Cresskill offers a birthday party package,
mense fun, said Mr. Goldman. Birthday which includes all activities, supervision,

elebrating a birthday and turn- party celebrants participate in a medley instruction, decoration and food, includ-
ing another year older is always of sports, comprised of three different ing kosher, is available.
a wow. activities, such as soccer, flag football For chocolate lovers — and who
Ask any parent. and baseball or any other combination isn’t? — Matisse Chocolatier in Engle-
Celebrating a birthday in a seemingly for 20-minute segments, or non-sports wood has a delicious party for celebrants
endless space, that is, a venue that mea- activities, like arts and crafts. Followed from 5 to 105, said owner Lucille Skroce.
sures a full-sized football field with 80- by food, cake and arcade, the youngsters At parties for up to 30 people, celebrants
foot ceilings is a double wow. have a blast, said Mr. Goldman. don a hat and apron, watch a movie about
When they get a look at Superdome Children as young as 2 years old have chocolate making, and get busy making all
Sports in Waldwick that is the reac- celebrated at Superdome Sports, and as kinds of chocolate creations, from a pizza
tion of folks time and again, said owner old as 16 “where it’s really more of a social decorated with sweets to hand-dipped
Steve Goldman. thing. But the sweet spot is for kids from ing, improv, costume dress-up parties, pa- Oreos and potato chips. Grownups can
“They come in and see us for the first 8 to 13 years old,” he said. jama parties, gymnastics and jazz. A new- make their own bowls that are chocolate
time and most kids and their families look Birthday parties have been a staple er offering for those old enough for aerial and then fill them with goodies.
up and say, ‘Wow!” Mr. Goldman said. “It offering at Cresskill Performing Arts in aerobics, is a class in silks, hammocks At Glow Party Venue in Waldwick,
is a ‘wow’ type of experience. This is a Cresskill. Betsy Daly, owner, said that very The schedule for parties is flexible, al- there is 18,000 square feet of fun space
sports facility of the first order.” popular are all kinds of dance parties, act- though most take place on the weekends. See Celebrate on page 6

1 hours of skating (during public session)
Private decorated party room
Off ice party attendant
Skate rental GlowParty Venue is where you can expect to find the
Invitations for party guests
Pizza and soda
hottest trend of awesome entertainment in Waldwick NJ for
Personalized Carvel ice cream cake Kids Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Adult Milestones,
Favors and candy
FREE skating pass for future use Corporate and Fundraiser Events and more!
Birthday child receives FREE Ice Vault T shirt

Laser Tag • Dance Party
Bouncy House Party • Theme Party
Sports Party • Digital Invitation
Party Attendants • Pizza
Drinks • Paper Goods

Teen/ Buffet Wine and

Adult Party Set-Up Paint Party

145 Hopper Ave., Waldwick,, N. J. · 201 255 5955
Party Places
Celebrate from page 5 bashes offers packages to make the day memo- Blue Moon Mexican Cafe Cresskill Performing Arts
for revelers to enjoy and celebrate a party, With rable, special and fun. 21 E Palisade Ave. 300 Knickerbocker Road #1100
two rooms, one can hold up to 700 people; the The Performing Arts School at bergenPAC Englewood, NJ 07631 Cresskill, NJ 07626
smaller room can hold up to 150 people, the fa- also offers plenty of performing fun for the 201-541-0600 201-390-7513
cility gives people who have an event or party birthday celebrants. There are dance, music
Blue Moon Mexican Café is a lot Cresskill Performing Arts invites
there the vibe “of a very, cool New York City or theatrical birthday parties for youngsters 1 of fun for the little ones. Great you to your birthday! Come over
club or lounge with the convenience of it being and older. It’s enough to make you want to go Mexican-themed birthday parties for some fun and games. Party
in Waldwick. on stage. for kids from 1 to 16 years old. Our themes include dance, acting, im-
And what’s a party without ice cream? Well, Jill’s Ceramics in West Nyack, New York of- packages start at $14.95 per person. prov, yoga, arts & crafts, Legos,
The Englewood location has two princesses, fairies, pajama parties,
ice cream could be the centerpiece at Ice Cream fers a crafty ceramic birthday party fun. The
separate party rooms. On-site park- gymnastics, silks & hammocks &
on Grand in Englewood where the scrumptious, birthday boy or girl can choose from four pieces ing. See our ad on page 9. lyra. We take care of everything so
homemade flavors, all kosher certified, are front for party guests to choose. During the party, they you can enjoy your party. We do all
BounceU of Paramus
and center in this ice cream parlor, which mar- paint and then take home their ceramic the same setup, serving, clean up, too. Our
70 Eisenhower Drive
ries the traditional with the modern. Not only are day. Bring the cake, pizzas can be ordered and get package includes decorations, pizza,
Paramus, NJ 07652
birthday parties a lot of sweet fun at Ice Cream 90 minutes of fun. 201-843-5880 water, paper goods, gifts from CPA for your goody bags and a gift for
on Grand, but also there is plenty of available And ice skating is always nice skating at The the birthday child. See our ad on
parking for guests. Ice Vault Arena in Wayne, where you can slide With our amazing inflatable struc-
page 8.
tures, unbeatable customer ser-
For a south-of-the-border experience, the and glide and work up a big pizza and birthday Glow Party Venue
vice, and clean climate-controlled
Blue Moon Mexican Café in Englewood has cake appetite while you have good a time to cel- environment, all you have to do is 145 Hopper Avenue
Mexican-themed birthday parties for children ebrate with others. show up and take pictures. Throw- Waldwick, NJ 07463
1 to 16-years old. They can munch on tacos and Monster Mini Golf in Paramus offers a mon- ing a private party here couldn’t be 201-255-5955
other Mexican victuals and enjoy the fun of a pi- ster-themed mini-golf experience with a glow-in- easier. Winner of Jewish Standard’s
Readers’ Choice Award for Place for Glow Party Venue is the perfect
ñata. It’s ole kind of fun. the-dark indoor course as the central fun activity. Kid’s Party. See our ad on page 7. place to host your birthday party,
A tried and true destination for kid’s birth- To round out the entertaining, there also is an retirement party or holiday party!
day parties, and a top winner year after year in arcade and a DJ. You will find that Glow Party Ven-
the best birthday party category, Bounce U of ue suits your needs. We provide a
Paramus with its bouncy inflatable birthday Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our Children. great location in Waldwick NJ for



fun entertainment and a unique party expe- Jill’s Ceramics ages are available. Kitchen under rabbinical The Performing Arts School
rience that your guests won’t soon forget! See 80 Germonds Road supervision. Call or check our website for at bergenPAC
our ad on page 5. West Nyack, NY 10994 more information. Stop in to the attached 1 Depot Square
845-623-4975 store for gourmet chocolates. See our ad on Englewood, NJ 07631
Ice Cream on Grand page 8. 201-482-8194
523 Grand Ave.
201-569-5346 The birthday boy or girl can choose four piec- Monster Mini Golf
www.icecreamongrand.ocm es for party guests to select from — there’s birthdayparties
49 East Midland Avenue Ages 1-18
something for everyone! Paint and take home
Ice Cream on Grand offers more than 30 fla- Paramus, NJ 07652
vors of homemade super-premium ice cream, your ceramic the same day! Parties last be- 201-261-0032 Celebrate Your Birthday With Us! Book your
novelties, and ice cream cakes, all made with tween one to one and a half hours. You bring next dance, music or theatrical birthday party
high-quality kosher ingredients. The newly cake and drinks. Pizza can be ordered at your for ages 1 and up. Our Party Package Includes:
Monster-themed mini-golf chain featuring a
renovated, peanut-free facility owned by Syed expense. Minimum 10 — Maximum 25. See The birthday boy or girl plus up to 25 of their
glow-in-the-dark indoor course, plus arcade
Rizvi is operated under Kof-K supervision. our ad on page 8. friends, Birthday party hostess, 45-minute to
games & a DJ. See our ad on page 5.
1-hour music, dance or theater Early Child-
There is an outdoor seating area and plenty of Joe Fischer, Magician
parking. All cakes can be made with most of Superdome Sports hood class with young children and caregiv-
973-661-9368 ers, complete set-up & clean-up. You provide:
the hard ice cream flavors and they specialize 134 Hopper Avenue
in picture cakes. See our ad on page 9. Waldwick, NJ 07463 Refreshments, cake, decorations & paper
Joe Fischer is able to create a show in any 201-444-7660 products. Party space available Fridays after
Ice Vault Arena location. An intimate performance of cards 7 p.m. or Sundays after 11 a.m. See our ad on
10 Nevins Road and coins strolling guest-to-guest on a large- page 6.
Wayne, NJ 07470 scale stage production. A birthday party with Serves age 2+
973-628-1500 friends in a living room to a library or com-
munity center for a real family fun event. See The Superdome has been hosting some of
our ad on page 8. the best birthday and special event parties
The Ice Vault has various activities for kids of for over a decade! We’ll take care of every-
all ages. Public sessions, hockey clinics, hock- Matisse Chocolatier thing so you can enjoy your special day!
ey teams, figure skating, free-style, “Learn to 260 Grand Ave. All of our parties include full access to our
Skate” programs. Birthday parties are avail- 201-568-2288 arcade, beverages, paper goods, and invita-
able. Please check the website for details on tions. Customize any of our packages as you
birthday party packages, which include skate see fit! See our ad on page 7.
rental and open skate time followed by time Great birthday parties for ages 5 to 105
in private party room. See our ad on page 5. that all will love. Make your own chocolate
treats. All inclusive birthday party pack-


The best Bar & Bat Mitzvah

and birthday parties...
at affordable prices!
Newer, Better, More Spectacular!

Thrilling New Rides!

All new

• Giant Slides • Giant Spider

SUMMER CAM • Obstacle Course Mountain
SAVE Summer
• Air Cannon Alley and Slide
• Sports Arena • And More!
Any week-long
Camp or
Camp, Soccer
Specialty Cam
Birthday Parties!
• Giant indoor inflatables
• Private bounce and party rooms Spider Mountain

• Hassle-free, easy to plan!

• Dedicated party pros
• Clean, safe and secure
• We clean up!
Beyond Birthdays! PLACE
FOR A Air Cannon Al
My daughter’s Bat Mitzvah at the • Open Bounce KID’S FUN

10% OFF
Obstacle Course
Superdome was fantastic! We wanted • Create & Bounce Art Camps PLACE
to give our daughter a wonderful event
without breaking the bank and the
• Field Trips
ANY PARTY, CLASS or CLINIC • Class and Team Parties
Superdome was a perfect choice! WITH COUPON CODE JS2018 Kosher
– D. COHEN, ENGLEWOOD, NJ • Fundraisers and more! Available

Paramus· (201)
• 843-5880
(201) 843-5880 Nanuet · (845) 623-5400
us /BounceUofParamus
134 Hopper Avenue, Waldwick · 201-444-7660
70 Eisenhower Dr. · Paramus, NJ 07652 424 Market St. · Nanuet, NY 10954 · 70 Eisenhower Drive • Paramus, NJ 07652



Honorable Menschen
Bar Mitzvah Boy helps ZAKA Phone Home
Heidi Mae Bratt his act of service.”
Members of ZAKA, most of whom are Or-

ov Nayowitz has lofty goals as he reaches thodox Jews, assist ambulance crews, aid in the
Jewish manhood. Plans are in place and ex- identification of the victims of terrorism, road
citement is mounting for his upcoming bar accidents and other disasters, and where nec-
mitzvah on May 13, which will be with tefilla, Dov’s essary gather body parts and spilled blood for
aliyah, as well his leyning his parsha at the Kotel in proper burial. They also provide first aid and
Jerusalem. A festive party reception at a kibbutz in rescue services, and help with the search for
the Judean hills will give everyone a chance to cel- missing persons and participate in international
ebrate. rescue and recovery operations.
While those are mighty goals, Dov, whose fam- Dov learned the ZAKA communications sys-
ily made aliyah in 2012 from their home on the Low- tems are about to shut down because their walk-
er East Side of Manhattan, is setting his sights on ie-talkie service (MIRS) is about to expire by the
another goal. As part of his bar mitzvah project he end of 2018. Therefore ZAKA is swapping to a
is hoping to contribute to the $45,000 fundraiser for phone that has a normal phone service but can
ZAKA, Israel’s primary rescue and recovery volun- Dov Nayowitz at ZAKA’s office in Jerusalem. also be used as a walkie-talkie. The $45,000 will
teer organization that responds to any terror attack, equip the volunteers with 300 new phones with
accident or disaster. House owner Reuven Nayowitz. “I grew up in a tradition- advanced technology, which double as walkie-talkies.
“It was very important to me that Dov did a bar mitz- al Jewish home wherein the values of tikkun olam as well The phones will let volunteers communicate with each
vah campaign for a charity or cause of his choice that as acts of chessed were highly regarded and embodied. other without delay. When he read about their plight,
was meaningful for him,” said his mother, Cheryl Nayow- Dov read an article about ZAKA and this campaign and
itz, whose husband, Eyal is the son of Teaneck’s Judaica decided that this was what he wanted to connect to as See Save on page 19

Gymnastics Jazz • Creative Legos

• Fencing • Princess Dance • and more • age 2-1/2 to adults

Dance • Acting • Musical Theater • Voice • Choreography •

e Performing Arts
300 Knickerbocker Rd · Cresskill

Is Open!
Great Birthday Parties Kids Will Love.
(Ages 5 & Up)

Make Your Own 973-661-9368

Chocolate Treats! REGISTER NOW!

Born to Perform Summer Camp
New All-Inclusive June 25 - August 24 · Age 3-Teens
Chocolate Birthday Party Packages Ballet/Modern Intensive
Tea Parties Birthday Child Week of August 13
for Ages
4 and up
FREE! Dancing,
with booking of Party pkg.
ow Open! for 15 or more children.
Must bring ad when KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES Arts & Crafts,
ake Chocolate booking parties.
Paint & Go or Glaze & Fire
Your Own With this coupon. Not valid Pajama Party,
ate Treats with other offers or prior Adult Night Out Super Hero,
bookings. Exp. 9/30/18 & More.
olate Pizza Call to schedule.
pped Goodies All-Inclusive Birthday Party Packages
ewood Birthday Child FREE!
260 Grand Ave · Englewood, NJ · 201-568-2288 180 Germonds Rd., West Nyack, NY
201-390-7513 · 201-266-8830
r Of Building)
with booking of Party pkg. Mon, Tues, Wed: 9:30 am-3 pm • Tues, Thurs: 7-9:30 pm

for Kitchen
15 or moreUnder Rabbinical Supervision
children. Fri: Kids classes 3-5 pm
Call for extended group hours, pricing, and current weekend hours
Must bring Ad when booking parties.
With this coupon. Not valid with other
om 8 ABOUToffers or OUR CHILDREN • MAY 2018
prior bookings.
ervision Offer expires 12/31/07

H is for Haiku and D is for Devoted Daughter

Heidi Mae Bratt a longer-suffering life from A to Z and tried, unsuccessfully to children fulfilled, but it wasn’t until 2011
or near-death, said Ms. have the book published during the 1970s when Ms. Losak took it upon herself “to

t may have taken Losak, a public relations and even the 1980s. But it was not to be. hunker down and sift through boxes and
decades to come to professional and 20-year “Some of her poems are really sim- make sense of her work.” It was then she
fr uit ion, but Amy resident of Teaneck. But ple and sweet and very visually appeal- came across the alphabet haiku manu-
Losak of Teaneck ful- now that the book has ing,” said Ms. Losak, and would naturally script and started to edit and switch
filled her mother’s dream finally come to be real- lend themselves to be illustrated in a things up and adapt some poems into the
posthumously with the ized, Ms. Losak couldn’t children’s picture book. But the alphabet mix. “I got it into good shape,” she said.
debut in April — to coin- think of a better tribute haiku manuscript remained just that, a And taking up the mantle, she started to
cide with National Poetry to her mother, who was a manuscript. submit the manuscript. She heard about
Month — of “H Is For Hai- teacher in the New York Ms. Rosenberg died suddenly in 1996 a small publishing house, Penny Candy
ku: A Treasury of Haiku from A to Z” by City school system and published author and the family made a pledge to get her Books. They accepted the manuscript. She
her mother, poet Sydell Rosenberg. and poet. It was “Syd’s dream to publish a dream of publishing a haiku book for signed the contract on October 31, 2016
The hard covered book, stunningly il- book of haiku for children.” and the book came out on April 10, 2018.
lustrated and lettered by Sawsan Chalabi, Her mother was a charter member “I still don’t belive it,” Ms. Losak said.
is a charming and lively children’s poetry of the Haiku Society of America in 1968 “It’s no longer my mother’s book,” she
volume that introduces young readers to and served as HAS’s Secretary in 1975. Holding umbrellas said. “It’s no longer my book. Now it be-
the short Japanese poetic form of haiku Her short poems, haiku and senryu, and Children, like rows of mushrooms, longs to its readers, the children and their
and includes helpful notes by Ms. Rosen- other poetry, were published in various Glisten in the rain parents. And that’s what my mother said
berg and Ms. Losak, who compiled and magazines and anthologies. Somewhere she wanted.”
First library card
edited the volume for its publication. It in all her work, she created a haiku alpha-
And a promise to read
was published by Penny Candy Books, bet book for children, said Ms. Losak. She Authors A to Z Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About
The book had a long genesis and wanted it to be a picture book of haiku – From “H is for Haiku” Our Children.

Ice Cream on Grand CHILDREN’S




Than 30 Bronxville Englewood
Flavors Woodcliff Lake Wyckoff

$2 OFF Any purchase

of $7 or more
Ice Cream on Grand
Piñatas * Crafts * Entertainment * Sombreros * Birthday Cake
With this coupon. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Exp. 6-30-18
(packages starting at $14.95)
523 Grand Ave., Englewood · 201-569-5346 for party info 201.848.4088 *

How to Instill a Growth Mindset

in Your Children
Adina Soclof seen our children who at the outset were success at school can impact a child’s self- Praise that is used appropriately fo-
excited about school but after much dis- esteem and can make them feel “broken” cuses on the effort that the child brings

any parents have children who appointment lost their enthusiasm. and “stupid.” They may have expectations to a task as opposed to a focus on their
exhibit a lack of motivation, get Dealing with a lack of motivation of success that they don’t believe they can innate intelligence.
frustrated with learning and can be frustrating for parents, but it is meet. So they lose interest in learning, be- Reinforcing the idea that mistakes are
give up on themselves. We may have also the children who suffer the most. Lack of gin to feel isolated from others, and start opportunities to learn and failure is not
to show psychosomatic symptoms. If con- something to be feared. We can also help
tinued, the child may become depressed them learn language that helps them feel
exhibiting social problems, difficulties positive about their ability to learn.
connecting with their family and peers. All our children can benefit greatly
The work of Carol Dweck, a professor from developing a growth mindset. There
of psychology at Stanford University who is are simple strategies and techniques that
best known for her work on growth mind- we can incorporate easily into our every
set, can help children keep their self-esteem day lives.
intact and foster and maintain a love of Children have been found to be re-
learning despite their language difficulties. ceptive to the idea that the brain is like
What is a growth mindset? muscle and get smarter with more dif-
A fixed mindset believes that intel- ficult work and practice. JoAnn Deak’s
ligence and talents are static traits that book , “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain:
do not change. Since an individual has no Stretch It, Shape It,” is a great resource to
control over whether or not s/he succeeds use to teach this concept. Parents can use
it does not matter how much work or ef- string licorice to help children visualize
fort one puts in. the neural connections getting stronger
A growth mindset is the belief that and thicker as the neurons are learning a
you can effect change within yourself by new skill. One strand of licorice is a neu-
learning anything with dedication, effort, ral connection that represents a new skill
YOUR CHILD needs special education. and persistence. A growth mindset can that is being learned, like a new vocabu-
sow the seeds for true success and a love lary word. Two strands of licorice rep-
You want her to have a Jewish education. of learning. It focuses on the characteris- resent the neural connection becoming
tics of a person, instead of his IQ score. thicker, like when you are able to define
You want him to be included. Dr. Dweck found that children and that vocabulary word. Three strands of
adolescents with a growth mindset are licorice represent the neural connection
less likely to drop out of school, have an becoming even thicker as you start using
easier transition into middle school, high the vocabulary word in your everyday life.
school and ultimately university. Children
with this type of thinking are less likely to Praise the process not the smarts
engage in bullying, and react with aggres- Dr. Dweck’s seminal work on the effects
sion to bullying. of praise was a series of experiments on
400 fifth graders.
Teach children how the brain works Her team asked children to complete
The first thing that we need to do is to a series of easy puzzles. After the child
teach children how their brain works completed the puzzle the researchers
and about neuroplasticity. Research has told each student his score, and then gave
shown that the brain is made up of bil- them a single line of praise. They were
lions of neurons that talk to each other either praised for their intelligence or for
and send each other signals. When learn- the effort that they put into the task: They
ing something new the neurons need to were told, “You must be smart at this” or

work harder to send signals to each other. “You must have worked really hard.”
Once they are sending the same messages Then the students were given a choice
back and forth then they become more of test for the second round. One choice
efficient and it takes less effort to do so. was a test that would be more difficult
Serving Children with a Broad range of SpeCial needS The neural connections become thicker than the first, but the researchers told
with use. So when learning something the kids that they had learn a lot from at-
Special education uniquely integrated within Jewish Day Schools new it requires a lot more attention and tempting the puzzles. The other choice,
effort. However, after you have practiced Dr. Dweck’s team explained, was an easy
• Individualization • Educational excellence it becomes easier. test, just like the first. 90 percent of the
• Meeting each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs The brain is a muscle than can change children who were praised for their effort
and get smarter with use. Recent brain chose the harder set of puzzles. Of those
Elementary Schools n High Schools n Adult Services
research has shown that the brain can praised for their intelligence, a majority
adapt and rewire itself throughout our chose the easy test. • 201-833-1134 lives. This idea negates the notion that Dr. Dweck found that when children
intelligence is fixed from birth. are praised for their intelligence, we es-



sentially tell them that they have to look smart. They “I thought that you were being a tattle tale, but you The word “yet” is valuable and can be used frequent-
cannot risk making any mistakes. That is what the 5th were trying to let me know that Katie was hurt. That was ly in our homes. Whenever our children say they can’t
graders did; they chose to look smart and avoid the risk my mistake.” do something, or are not good at something, we should
of being embarrassed. Another great activity is to read stories of great in- add, “yet.” Whenever our kids say they don’t like a certain
In the next series of tests all 5th graders were given a ventions that were invented by mistake (Post It Notes, subject, we can say, “yet.”
difficult test. Everyone failed. But again, the two groups of Penicillin, Slinky, Play Doh, Stainless Steel…) Examples: “I am not good at vocabulary” –YET. “I
children, divided at random at the study’s start, responded Finally, there are many schools that have implement- can’t do it” –YET. “I tried but it didn’t work” –YET
differently. Those praised for their effort on the first test ed grades that include a “Not Yet.” Grade. If students don’t Teaching kids to develop a growth mindset can be
assumed they simply hadn’t focused hard enough on this master a particular unit of study, they don’t receive a fail- valuable for all children, no matter what their degree of
test and they tried even harder to solve the puzzles. The ing grade – instead, they get a grade of “Not Yet.” This success is in school.
children praised for their intelligence just assumed their helps students avoid the shame of a poor grade but also
failure was evidence that they weren’t really smart at all. foster responsibility. They know that they are expected Adina Soclof is a parent, professional development instructor and
At the final round of tests, the researchers gave all to master the material, if not the first time, then the next speech pathologist, and founder of She can
children a simple task to complete. Those who’d been told time — or the time after that. be reached at
they were smart did worse than they had at the very be-
ginning – by about 20 percent.
Here we see that praise can backfire. When we praise
children for effort they feel as if they are in control of
their intelligence. Praising for intelligence, discounts ef-
fort. Children feel, “If I am smart, I shouldn’t have to work
hard. If I work hard, I must be stupid.”
Dr. Dweck’s study demonstrates how critical it is that
we avoid the kind of praise that promotes a fixed mind-
set. She suggests praising children in this way:
• “You really studied for your English test, and your
improvement shows it. You read the material over several
times, outlined it, and tested yourself on it. That really
• “It was a long, hard assignment, but you stuck to
it and got it done. You stayed at your desk, kept up your
concentration, and kept working.”
• “I saw you were getting frustrated with your work-
sheet. You stopped and took a break and a drink. That
helped you regain your concentration and finish your
• “You reread your notes on the first article and the
second article, and you put a check mark next to the
notes that were the same in both.”
• “When you finished reading two articles on the
same topic, you stopped to compare how they were simi-
lar and different.”

This can be especially encouraging to children with
learning disabilities because they usually do work hard,
but often they still don’t do well. When that does happen

we want to further support them by saying:
“I liked the effort you put in, let’s work together some
more and figure out what it is you don’t understand.”

“We all have different learning curves. It make take
more time for you to catch on to this and be comfortable
with this material, but if you keep at it like this you will.”
“Everyone learns in a different way. Let’s keep trying
to find the way that works for you.”

Mistakes are good

The third principle of a growth mindset is the idea that The Watershed Recreation Program is now open from April 1 to
mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Mistakes November 30, 2018.
should not be feared.
We want to help our children embrace their mistakes.
We can help children be less fearful of making mistakes
Participants can fish, walk, bird watch, hike, or simply enjoy nature.
by reminding them often: “No one is perfect” and “Ev- Access to 4 reservoirs – Old Tappan, Oradell and Woodcliff Lake in
eryone makes mistakes. It is part of how we learn.” This New Jersey and Lake Deforest in Rockland County, New York.
teaches children to keep a good attitude about their er-
rors, and they will be less fearful of making mistakes. For an online application visit:
We also want to be honest about your own mistakes.
We can share our mistakes with our kids and discuss
what we learned from those errors, modeling this idea
that mistakes are okay.
For example, we can say: “Yesterday we were sup-
posed to read two books and I only read one. Today I am
going to make that up to you.”



New Rabbi-Educator
to Join Temple Sinai
Temple Sinai of Bergen County in Tenafly will
welcome Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer as a rabbi-
educator to its leadership team. Currently the
rabbi-educator at Temple Beth El of Northern
Valley, Rabbi Kramer-Mazer will join Temple Si-
nai in July 2018 as rabbi-educator and director of
lifelong learning.
“We are thrilled to be welcoming a colleague
of Rabbi Kramer-Mazer’s caliber,” said Rabbi Mill-
stein, Senior Rabbi. “In addition to her ground-
breaking work in Jewish education, she is deeply
engaged in pastoral counseling, leading worship
services, and every aspect of the Jewish lifecycle.
And she is truly a mentsch.”
Said Rabbi Kramer-Mazer, “Temple Sinai is a
vibrant and progressive center of Jewish life in Ber-
gen County, and I am so proud to become a part
of this extraordinary hub for Jewish engagement.”
Rabbi Kramer-Mazer grew up in Sudbury,
Community Celebrates Israel Massachusetts. She earned her bachelor of arts
in Religion and Psychology at the University of
A community celebration marking the 70th anniversary of ham, Bais Medrash of Bergenfield, Bnai Yeshurun, Keter Rochester, and a Master of Arts in Interdepart-
the State of Israel was held on April 18, at the Jewish Center Torah, Netivot Shalom, Ohr Hatorah, Ohr Saadya, Rinat Yis- mental Jewish Studies at the Jewish Theologi-
of Teaneck with nearly 1,000 attendees. The JCT, along with rael, Shaare Tefillah, Shaarei Orah, Young Israel, and Zichron cal Seminary of America. She is a 2010 graduate
13 other congregations from the Teaneck-Bergenfield com- Mordechai, joined together for the celebration. of the Leadership Institute for Congregational
munity including Congregations Beth Aaron, Beth Abra- School Educators and, in 2016, was ordained as a
Rabbi at the Academy of Jewish Religion.

 Affordable Tuition
ion  Midweek Classes Only
es Only  Kindergarten through High School
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hrough High School
Bergen/Rockland FOR A TOUR: 845-359-5920 ext. 110
Sandy Borowsky, MS.Ed - Education Director
OUR: 845-359-5920 e
OJC is the plaC
plaC e tO CENTER
tO be!
ky, MS.Ed - Education Director
Rabbi Craig Scheff · Rabbi Paula Mack Drill · Rabbi Ami Hersh
• Af
dable T Tuition
8 Independence uition
Avenue · Orangeburg, NY 10962 ·

ETOWN JEWISH AnAn Egalitarian

• Midweek Classes CENTER
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serving Rockland
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and Bergen
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ionn Direc

Rabbi Cr
g Scheff · Rabbi Paula
Paula M
ack D
rill · Rabbi Ami H
Rabbi 8Craig
Indepen Scheff
dence · Rabbi
ence Av
Ave enue · OPaula
ra Mack
eburg,, NY Drill
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110 Rabbi
eojc.orrg Hersh
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n Conservative
erv ativ
tiv e Congregation
on serving
serv ing Rockland
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land and
and Bergen
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Cou nti
An EgalitarianConservative
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How Sleep Can Affect Orangetown Jewish

Center Religious School
Youngsters with ADHD Accepting Enrollment
Orangetown Jewish Center, a vibrant Conservative
Synagogue located on the Bergen/Rockland border, is
accepting enrollment for its religious school.
Kim Cahill and Stephanie Zandieh, M.D. Programs are available from kindergarten
through bar and bat mitzvah, with an innovative mid-

leep is the foundation for a child’s dle school curriculum and active award-winning so-
physical, mental, and social growth cial and educational high school programming. There
and development. The occurrence of are mid-week classes only, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
sleep disorders is 25 to 40 percent among The school also has special needs accommodations
typically developing children but increases and resources. In addition, there is free Kindergarten.
to 70 percent among children with Atten- For more information please contact our Educa-
tion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). tional Director Sandra Peck-Borowsky, 845-359-5920;
The association between ADHD and visit our web site.; and/or go to our
sleep is bidirectional and complex. In some Facebook page, Families at the Orangetown Jewish
cases, a sleep problem may be caused or ex- Center.
acerbated by ADHD. For example, trouble
settling down at nighttime maybe a symp-

tom of a child’s ADHD, or the waning effect
of the afternoon dose of the medication, or
due to their stimulant medication. In other
cases, inadequate sleep no matter what the
cause (for example poor sleep habits, restless leg syn- Making these simple changes at home can help with
Art of Excellence Studio
Unlock your Creativity with Classes in
drome, or sleep disordered breathing) may be the pri- your child’s daytime performance. Drawing and Watercolor
mary problem. Tiredness may cause daytime behavioral Structured Lessons - Relaxed Atmosphere
difficulties with decreases in focused attention, learning, • Monitor your child’s sleep schedule and routines Fabulous Results!
Age 7 to Adult - All levels of ability
and impulse regulation; signs which mimic or exacerbate • Help your child plan and prioritize homework and tasks
Art Portfolio Preparation Available
ADHD symptoms. • Start a bedtime routine
Artist, Rina Goldhagen 201-248-4779
ADHD is the most common mental health disorder • Be consistent with the sleep schedule and bed-
among children and adolescents in the United States af- time routine
fecting 6.4 million, or 11 percent annually. Moreover, 60 • Encourage physical activity in the late afternoon and
percent of affected youth will have lifelong ADHD ac-
cording to the Center for Disease Control and Preven-
reduce stimulating activities (screen time, computer, and
texting, talking on phone) before bedtime
A Reason to Smile
tion. ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized • Avoid caffeine including chocolate
by inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, emotional • Ask your child’s health care provider about their stim-
dysregulation and impaired learning. Thus youth with ulant medication, the dose and timing may need to be
ADHD are at increased risk for academic failure, mental fine-tuned
illness comorbidity, low self-esteem, risk-taking behav- • Discuss sleep concerns with the health care provider
iors, and delinquency. who is evaluating your child for ADHD
If your child with ADHD is having trouble with sleep, • Get help for generalized chronic anxiety
you may be seeing things like trouble settling down at • Look into relaxation training techniques
night, difficulty disconnecting from daytime thoughts • Tell your healthcare provider if your child snores during
and restlessness throughout the night. In addition, there sleep or is restless during sleep
are certain tendencies among kids with ADHD that keep
them from getting a good night’s sleep. References
American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Attention deficit/
• Difficulty with self-regulation that keep them from hyperactivity disorder. Diagnostics and statistics manual of
mental health disorders (5th ed). Washington, DC: Author.
shifting from active to wind-down mode at the end of
the day
Biggs, S., Lushington, K., Van Der Heuvel, C., Martin, J., & Ken TEANECK DENTIST
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2014). Attention
• Being more prone to nightmares, bedwetting and sleep deficit hyperactivity disorder: Data and statistics. Atlanta, GA:
disorders such as restless legs Author. Retrieved from
We put the Care
• Tending to put off tasks until the last minute that can cre-
ate a more hectic evening Mindell, J., Owens, J., Alvez, R., Bruni, O., Goh, D., Hiscock, H., . into Dental Care!
• Falling into the habit of staying up too late too often be- Sadeh, A. (2011). Give children and adolescents a good night’s
sleep: A call to action. Sleep Medicine, 12, 203-204. Richard S. Gertler, DMD, FAGD
cause they feel more productive during nighttime hours
Sonuga-Barke, E., Brandeis, D., Cortese, S., Daley, D., Ferrin, Ari Frohlich, DMD
• Tending to have anxiety problems and anxious thoughts M., Holtmann, M., Sergeant, J. (2013). Nonpharmacological in- Sami Solaimanzadeh, DMD
at night causing them to have trouble falling or stay- terventions for ADHD: Systematic review and metaanalysis
ing asleep of randomized controlled trials of dietary and psychologi-
cal treatments. American Journal of Psychiatry, 170, 275-289. 1008 Teaneck Road • Teaneck
These nighttime tendencies can make it difficult to Sung, V., Hiscock, H., Sciberras, E., & Efron, D. (2008). Sleep 201.837.3000
get started in the morning and stay alert during the day, Kim Cahill, APN, CPNP-PC, is an advanced practice nurse with the
which in turn can lead to irritability and increased inat- Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Apnea Center at The Valley Hospital.
Visit us on Facebook
tentiveness. These tendencies can be hard to break but Stephanie Zandieh, M.D., is the director of the Pediatric Sleep
there are things you can do to help. Disorders and Apnea Center at The Valley Hospital. Convenient Morning, Evening & Sunday Hours



Make Mama Smile

Bouquets of flowers, cards, and dinners out are wonderful gifts for mom to give tribute on Mother’s Day. But we’ve found a few other
Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt presents that are unique, amusing, and Jewish at the same time. Here’s a sampling of gifts that are available from

Earrings that feature bagels and lox or hummus

are hand-sculpted from polymer clay and have
surgical steel posts. They are conversation-
Keep Calm and Carry On? Don’t starter pieces of jewelry to say the least. The four Matriarchs — Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and This asymmetrical clutch by Kent Stetson features a playful
think so! I’m a Jewish Mother, so Leah – are joined together in this colorful pin by Mahjong set. The bag comes with a removable cross-body chain,
please don’t tell me to keep calm. Seek that sits on a laser cut stainless steel frame, logo dust bag and clear vinyl inner pocket. Made in the USA.
Maybe a cup of coffee like this adorned with Swarovski crystals, and sealed with
will help a bit. artist’s resin.

Denise Morrison Yearian

The Tale of the Mother’s Gardenonly stay for a season. Then I will take him Just as the master gardener had instruct- she knew it, the master gardener was prod-
where he will be fruitful and productive.” ed, whenever the mother saw weeds ap- ding the soil around the second beautiful

t was the first of spring when a moth- And with that, the master gardener pear or unhealthy stems beginning to plant. Soon, she, too, was gone.
er looked out over her garden. To her left. So the mother did just as he had in- grow, she carefully removed them. And The days were getting cooler now, a
surprise, a little seedling had sprung structed. Each day she fed her plant with when the strong winds blew, she’d hover sign that growing season would soon be
up. Moving closer, she saw that it was so wisdom, watered him with affection over her little plants, shelter them and over. And although the mother was tired
tiny, so delicate, and more unique than and showered him with love. She was so speak words of encouragement until the from days of labor, she worked as dili-
anything else in her yard. While she stood busy, she didn’t realize how quickly time storms were gone. gently as ever.
there admiring it, the master gardener ap- was passing. The days were passing quickly. It had All too soon the day came when the
peared at her side. One morning several weeks later, the only been a few weeks later when, once last little plant was removed from her gar-
“Look!” the mother said. “Look at mother noticed another seedling growing again, another seedling began growing in den. The pain in the mother’s heart was
this beautiful little seedling!” “I know,” right next to the first one. her garden. When the master gardener almost more than she could bear, for now
the master gardener smiled. “I placed “Another one!” the mother exclaimed appeared, his instructions were the same. her garden was empty…barren…void of
him there. He’s yours to grow.” “Mine?!” to herself. Again, the master gardener was Now the mother had three very spe- the life and love that had once been there.
the mother quickly interrupted. “Oh, at her side. “Look, master! Isn’t she beau- cial plants. As she worked — pulling weeds, Day after day the mother looked out
how wonderful!” “Yes, but only for a tiful!?” the mother marveled. “Did you pruning stems and imparting knowledge — over her garden and wept. Despite her
little while. I’m giving you 18 weeks to place her here too?” she noticed that every day they were grow- many other chores, she felt useless and
grow this plant. During that time, you “Yes,” He replied. “I have another little ing bigger, stronger and wiser. often wondered if all her work had been
must feed him with wisdom, water him seedling for you to care for. Diligently Then one afternoon, as she was wa- for nothing.
with affection and shower him with love. raise her as you have the first, being care- tering her garden, the master gardener One morning while she was raking
When weeds appear near his roots and ful to do all I have instructed you to do.” appeared. This time he had a shovel in leaves, the master gardener appeared.
unhealthy stems begin to grow, carefully “And after 18 weeks?” his hand. This time he held a basket, brimming
remove them. Although he may cry and The master nodded. “…She will go “Already?” the mother questioned. with fruit. He leaned over and set it be-
beg you to stop, be diligent, for this will with me to a place where she can be fruit- “You’ve come already?” He nodded then fore her.
help your little plant grow. And when the ful and productive.” moved to the first little plant and began Surprised, the mother asked, “Where
strong winds of adversity blow, stand by Although the mother was thrilled to digging around the soil. did these come from?” “They came from
your little seedling, encourage him and have another seedling to care for, for the “Please, master gardener,” the mother your little plants,” the gardener said. “Be-
help him through those difficult times.” moment she was overwhelmed with the cried. “Please don’t take him away! I’ve cause you fed them with wisdom, wa-
The mother stood quietly gazing at thought of even more responsibilities. fed him, watered him and cared for him tered them with affection and showered
this little plant. What a tremendous re- “But I struggle to complete all my for so long. My love for him has grown them with love, they are now producing
sponsibility this was! Then she glanced other chores now,” she began. “How will so deep. I can’t bear the thought of living fruit — spreading joy and peace, shedding
around her yard. There was grass to cut, I ever…” without him!” goodness and kindness, and showering
flowers to plant and mulch to spread. “Priorities,” he whispered, then he Yet, despite her pleading, the master love to everyone around them.”
With so much to do, how could she possi- was gone. gardener lifted the little plant from the And for the first time in days, the
bly care for this little seedling as the mas- Each day brought new growth, new soil that had nourished him and carried mother’s heart swelled with joy, a new
ter gardener had ordered? learning and new experiences for the little him away. kind of joy, for now she knew her labor
As if reading her mind, he said, “Don’t seedlings. And everyday the mother’s love The mother was grieved when she had not been in vain.
be anxious or upset when the workload permeated the soil surrounding them and saw the hole where his roots had grown so
gets heavy. Make him your priority and let nourished their tiny roots. And their gar- deep. Even so, she still had two little plants Denise Morrison Yearian is the former editor
the rest of the chores go. Remember, the den was filled with joy. to care for. So with time shorter than ever, of two parenting magazine, a mother and
other work will always be here, but he will But with the joy were times of pain. the mother continued to labor. But before grandmother.



Getting Your Child Ready

for Sleep-Away Camp
Denise Morrison Yearian sleep well? Was he able to care for himself are thinking of him. Just be sure if you are time, and come prepared with a few ex-
(brush his teeth, taking a bath, change his sending food, you know what the rules tra plastic bags. You may need them, es-

leep-away camp is a wonderful, clothes)? Did he adjust to new or differ- are about food in cabins, as it could at- pecially if your child has wet clothes or
growth-filled experience that pro- ent foods? These and other questions will tract bugs and outdoor creatures. muddy shoes that need to be transported.
vides your child with invaluable help you decide if your child is ready for Several weeks before camp, keep your On the ride home, listen to your child
life lessons on how to be independent, the residential camp experience. child’s schedule open and stress-free. This as he shares his experiences with you.
responsible and make diverse friendships. On the first day of camp, help your will allow him plenty of time to relax and And if you look really close you may find
So how do you go about choosing the child get settled, then leave; don’t stick prepare for the big event. In short, plan he’s grown a little. Not just in height, but
right sleep-away camp? around too long. If you drive your child to major summer events like family vaca- in depth of character. Camp has a way of
First talk it over with your child and camp, he may cling to you on the way up. tions and camp with a break in between. helping kids grow by boosting their self-
discuss his interests. Finding a camp with Remember, this is something new, and it’s Avoid purchasing new clothes for esteem; increasing their sense of respon-
activities he will enjoy is important, but natural, even for a veteran camper to be a camp. Chances are, they’ll get soiled, sibility and helping them mature in their
it’s also great place to try something dif- little hesitant. Once there, however, many stained, or mildewed before they get relationships with others.
ferent. Encourage your child to try new kids will shift from clingy to embarrass- home — if they even get home. Round up
experiences. Just because he likes soccer, ment in front of their friends, and parents old clothes and shoes then saving the new Denise Yearian is the former editor of two par-
doesn’t mean he might not enjoy learning are often slow to pick up on this. items for after camp. enting magazines and the mother of three chil-
a new skill, such as arts and crafts. Even before sending your child to On the last day of camp, arrive on dren and four grandchildren.
Next explore the options. Find out camp, mail him a letter. This way he’ll have
about programs each camp offers and ask something to open when the mail arrives
questions. Sometimes parents find out on the first day. It doesn’t have to be any-

Your Child’s
whether there is quality instruction and thing fancy – a note saying you’re think-
enough time for their child to participate ing of him and hoping he’s having a good

Summer Memories
in the said activity, and stop there. Take time will do. If your child doesn’t write
time, however, to learn about other seg- back during his stay, don’t take it person-

Start at Camp Veritans

ments of the program too. What concepts ally. Camp is a full-time job for kids. Some
or philosophy does the camp espouse? may be inclined to share it all with their
What will my child do through the course
of a typical day? If the camp has a bro-
parents, others will get so caught up in
the moment that promises to write are
forgotten. If you don’t hear from him, it
Day Camp!
chure, read it carefully, then match it to
your agenda and the experience you want probably means he’s having a great time
for your child. and enjoying his newfound freedom.
Four, Five, Six, Seven or Eight Week Sessions Available
To determine if your child is devel- Whether your child goes to camp for
opmentally ready for residential camp, one week or the whole summer, send a
do a trial run. Send him to visit a relative care package. It doesn’t have to be extrav-
for the weekend. How did he do? Did he agant, just something to let him know you

The Pluses of a Sleep-Away Camp

Day camps are a summer filter it through what Mom ships to continue to grow
staple for many families, but and Dad think or feel. long after camp is over.
sleep-away camps provide Tuition Includes: Wide Variety of Programs:
2. Practice Kindness. Sleep- 4. Venture Out. Many resi-
an iconic outdoor setting • Daily Catered Hot Kosher Lunches • Serving Pre-K • Arts & Crafts • Soccer
away camp is a good way dential camps offer atypical
with a wealth of ways to help to 10th Grade • Archery
children grow, expand their
to put character-building activities that may not be • Daily Transportation • Football
skills learned at home into available at day camps, • Low Camper to Counselor Ratio • Nature • Mad Science • …and so
horizons and make memories
practice. Here, kids have an such as overnight hiking • Go Karts • Basketball much more!
that will last a lifetime. Here
opportunity to show empa- trips, mountain boarding,
• Red Cross Instructional Swim • Ropes Course • Cooking
are five benefits to sending
thy toward others in need, wilderness adventures, etc. • Extended Day Option Available
your child to residential camp
such as sharing shampoo or Activities such as these chal- 4-Year-Old Heated
this summer:
toothpaste with someone lenge kids to take risks under Program pool and
1. Foster Independence. who forgot a toiletry item, trained supervision, using Available air conditioned
Sleep-away camp is an ideal or extending kindness to a appropriate safety gear. multipurpose
place to learn independent camper who feels left out.
5. Take a Tech Break. More building
living and self-responsibility.
3. Make Diverse Friendships. often than not, children are
Call or Email for a
Out from under their par-
ents’ shadow, campers are
The residential camp com- instructed to leave their tech Personalized Tour!
munity is the perfect plat- devices at home before com-
expected to get up, go to bed
form for children to step ing to camp. This can turn
and attend scheduled events
on time, as well as keep their
outside their normal social into a big bonus, as it gives (973) 956-1220
circle and forge friendships campers the opportunity to
cabin area clean. And for
with kids from other parts work on other communica-
those who have never spent
the night away from their
of the state, country – even tion skills, such as letter writ-
the world. And with the ing, and real experience with WeLoveCampVeritans
parents, it enables them to
widespread use of electronic other campers, as well as (973) 956-1220
embrace the experience as
their own, without having to
communication, it’s easier ample time to enjoy planned 225 Pompton Road, Haledon, NJ 07508
than ever for these friend- camp activities.



Celebrate Israel
SINAI students show their support and celebrate Yom
Children’s Western Wall
Hebrew school students at the JCC of Paramus/CBT students wrote
messages and put them in the “Kotel” as they celebrated Israel @ 70.
Other activities included “visiting” a kibbutz where they “milked” cows
and squeezed fresh orange juice.

Quilt of Many Colors

for Temple Beth Tikvah
The religious school students created a per-
sonal, one-of-a-kind quilt to grace the entry of
their school at Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne.
Volunteers and teachers Ellen Jaffee, Paula
Lang, Kerry Skolnick and Sue Weisberg helped
make it possible.

Lots of Fun at the Amusement Park

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies Josh Gottheimer Visits Teaneck High
went on a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure during chol hamoed Rep. Josh Gottheimer visited Teaneck High School students
Pesach. Despite the rainy weather, students had a fun time participating in the SIFMA Foundation’s Capitol Hill Challenge
going on all the rides, seeing the shows and hanging out with program, supported by Charles Schwab. The financial education
Bugs and Daffy. competition pairs Congress members and financial capability
programming with public schools to teach middle and high school
students about saving, investing, and government. A Chocolate Kind of Celebration
What is better than celebrating Passover?
Celebrating Passover the chocolate way!
Sarah Loskant enjoys the chocolate seder,
which was sponsored by the Sisterhood of
Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley.

Ultimate Frisbee with Ultimate Dreams Showing Their Support

Temple Emeth Religious School students got a chance to play some Ultimate Frisbee with a Students at Shomrei Torah Religious School in Wayne show their support for
unique youth group from the Middle East, comprised of young Jews and Arabs who use the students in Parkland, Florida through a banner that they created.
sport of Ultimate Frisbee to forge unlikely friendships and new paths into the future.



TopChoices MAY 2018

Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt

The Glass Slipper Comes to bergenPAC

The timeless fairy tale, Cinderella, is beautiful sets and costumes at ber- May 6 at 1 and 4 p.m.
one of New Jersey Ballet’s most popu- genPAC. New Jersey Ballet’s hallmark bergenPAC
lar children’s productions. The classic “storyteller” narration makes sure even 30 North Van Brunt Street, Englewood
- about a girl losing her slipper at the the littlest theatergoers can keep up 201- 227-1030
big ball gets the royal treatment with with ease.

Weather or Not at Liberty Science Center

Experience vivid global images of melting pended globe developed by the National Liberty Science Center
sea ice, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Liberty State Park
tectonic plate motion, and more at the (NOAA), offers real-time access to NOAA 222 Jersey City Boulevard, Jersey City. 201-
new Weston Family Lab for Earth and and NASA data, and lets visitors witness 200-1000
Space Exploration at the Liberty Science weather and geological phenomenon, as
Center. The Weston Family Lab, home well happenings in space and undersea.
to “Science on a Sphere,” a six-foot sus-

Now You See It Now You Don’t

“The Illusionists — Live from they witness stunning acts of grand Sunday, May 20 at 3 and 7 p.m.
Broadway” comes to the New illusion including, levitation, mind- 1 Center Street, Newark
Jersey Center for Performing Arts. reading, disappearance, and the 888-466-5722
Classified as a high-tech magic newest spectacle, a full view water
extravaganza, “The Illusionists” is a torture escape. The five world-
nonstop spectacle that has thrilled class performers follow in the tradi-
audiences around the world as tion of Harry Houdini.

Folk and Blues for Kids At The Jewish Museum

Get down with the acoustic “rootsy” folk serving up good energy that’s irrepress- Sunday, May 6, 11:30 to 12:30 p.m.
and blues music of KB Whirly — Keith ible fun for the whole family. Dance it up to The Jewish Museum, Scheuer Auditorium
Wasserman, a one-man band sensa- songs from the critically acclaimed albums 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street Manhattan
tion — and friends. Enjoy their hand clapping Greetings Cloud 9, Camp Songs, and more. 212-423-3200
and toe tapping tunes with playful lyrics Perfect for youngsters ages 2 to 7.


The Good Life With Kids To Add Your Event
to Our Calendar

Send it to:
Calendar Editor
About Our Children
New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group
1086 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
or fax it to: 201-833-4959
This calendar is a day-by-day schedule of events. Although all information is as timely as we can make it, it’s a good idea to call to verify details before you go. Deadline for June issue:
published June 25, Tuesday, May 8

Sunday, April 29 For information Elana Rosenbluth at Family Shabbat in Closter: The com-
munity is invited for a Family Shabbat
Open House at Bergen County High School Service at 6:45 p.m. led by Rabbi
of Jewish Studies: Bergen County High School
of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS) Open House on
Friday, May 4 David S. Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-
Arts & Crafts at Paramus Library: Mazer and Student Cantor Julie Staple
Sunday, April 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at along with our Junior Choir, Rinat Beth
The Moriah School 53 South Woodland Street We Create Together Arts & Crafts at
4 p.m. Join an intergenerational pro- El. Temple Beth El, 221 Schraalenburgh
in Englewood. Prospective students in grades 7 Rd., Closter.
to11 and their parents are invited to attend the gram to make paper flowers. All ages
Open House. welcomed. Paramus Public Library, Tot Shabbat in Franklin Lakes: Tot
116 East Century Road, Paramus. Shabbat and pizza dinner at 5 p.m. at
Tuesday, May 1 201-599-1300. Barnert Temple. 747 Route 208 South,
Franklin Lakes. 201-848-1027, scho-
Teen Tuesdays in Paramus: Grades 5 and older Tot Shabbat in Wayne: Families
with young children up to 8 are, www.
can do a fun craft every week. This week Edible
Slime. Register a week prior to event. From 3 welcomed at 6:30 p.m. for a tot
to 3:45 p.m. Paramus Public Library, 116 East Shabbat at Temple Beth Tikvah, Anniversary Celebrations:
950 Preakness Avenue, Wayne. Lag b’Omer Concert and BBQ featuring SoulFarm, See Thursday,May 3 Congregation B’nai Israel celebrates its
Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300, www. 60th anniversary and the 70th birth-
No-Bake Creations: Create healthy snacks with day of the State of Israel. Congregation
Stuffed Toy Sleepover: Escort your favorite Family Services in Teaneck: Services at
ShopRite of Emerson’s Dietician Rita. For grades B’nai Israel, 53 Palisade Avenue, Emerson. For
stuffed to a toy-only sleepover at the Teaneck 7:30 p.m. Temple Emeth, 1666 Windsor Road,
kindergarten through 6. Starting at 3:30 p.m. more information 201-265-2272, www.bisrael.
Library. Storytime and toy sleepover. Pick up your Teaneck. 201-833-11322,
Registration required. Emerson Public Library, com.
friend the next day. Storytime at 7 p.m. Teaneck
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, Teaneck. Saturday, May 5 20 Palisade Avenue, Emerson, 201-261-5604, Monday, May 21
201-837-4171, “Funny How it Happened” at Temple Beth
Law Day in Teaneck: Free seminar for high El: Broadway comes to Northern valley Temple Saturday, May 12 Lego Club: Following a story, kids 6 and older
will build with Legos based on the book’s theme.
school and college students pursuing a career in Beth El at 7 p.m. as the temple welcomes
Annual Book Sale at Teaneck Library: Annual 7 p.m. Club also meets once a month on Thursday
law sponsored by the law firm of Davis, Saperstein Jarrod Spector and Kelli Barret in “Funny How it
sale runs through May 15. Preview on Thursday, 4 p.m. Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road,
& Salomon, the Teaneck Bar Association and the Happened. Temple Beth El, 221 Schraalenburgh
May 9, 6 to 8:30 p.m. and Friday, May 10, 9 a.m. to Teaneck. 201-837-4171,
Teaneck Chamber of Commerce. 4 p.m. 375 Cedar Road, Closter. 201-768-5112,
noon. Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road,
Lane, Teaneck. Please RSVP 201-0907-5000.
Sunday, May 6 Teaneck. 201-837-4171, Wednesday, May 23
Thursday, May 3 Lag B’Omer Celebration at Congregation B’nai Tuesday, May 15 DIY Mineral Mosaic Making: Using chipboard
mosaic squares, youngsters will learn about
Playtime for Infants: Playtime for infants Israel: Join Congregation B’nai Israel’s open house
Teen Tuesdays in Paramus: Grades 5 and older art and geology by creating a pattern of their
through 2K years old accompanied by a with a spring barbecue, petting zoo, games for
can do a fun craft every week. This week make choice starting at 3:30 p.m. Registration required.
caregiver. 10 to 11 a.m. Englewood Library, 31 adults and children in honor of Lag B’Omer. 11 a.m.
Giantic Bubbles. Register a week prior to event. Emerson Public Library, 20 Palisade Avenue,
Engle Street, Englewood. 201-568-2215, www. to 12:30 p.m. There will also be an outdoor yoga
From 3 to 3:45 p.m. Paramus Public Library, 116 Emerson, 201-261-5604, session. Congregation B’nai Israel, 53 Palisade
East Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300,
Avenue, Emerson. 201-265-2272, www.bisrael. Bubblegum Club: For youngsters in 2nd and 3rd
Paint Kindness Rocks: Grades kindergarten to 6
com. grades. Read a book in preparation for the meeting,
are invited to take part in this national phenome-
non starting at 3:30 p.m. Kids will paint rocks with Tuesday, May 8 Wednesday, May 16 discuss and enjoy related games and activities. 5
p.m. Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road,
inspirational messages or designs promoting kind- Family Yoga in Emerson: Come play, stretch and Teaneck. 201-837-4171,
ness and courage spread throughout the commu- Teen Tuesdays in Paramus: Grades 5 and
relax with Little Shanti Yoga, designed for families
older can do a fun craft every week. This week
nity. Put it someone to give someone inspiration
a Pinterest project to be determined. Register a
with children ages 2 to 5 starting at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, May 24
and post a picture. Registration required. Emerson Registration required. Emerson Public Library,
week prior to event. From 3 to 3:45 p.m. Paramus Playtime for Infants: Playtime for infants through
Public Library, 20 Palisade Avenue, Emerson, 20 Palisade Avenue, Emerson, 201-261-5604,
Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus. 2K years old accompanied by a caregiver. 10 to 11
201-599-1300, a.m. Englewood Library, 31 Engle Street, Englewood.
Make a Spring Craft: Come celebrate Children’s
Book Week by coming by and making a craft. Best Wednesday, May 9 Thursday, May 17 201-568-2215,
for age 4 and up with caregiver assistance. 7 to 8
Mother’s Day Craft at Emerson Library:
Playtime for Infants: Playtime for infants Friday, May 25
p.m. Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Road, through 2K years old accompanied by a care-
Children ages 2 to 5 will make a special craft for Celebrate Earth Day: Make an Earth Day planter
Teaneck. 201-837-4171, giver. 10 to 11 a.m. Englewood Library, 31 Engle
mom during this Mother’s Day themed craft and with a rainforest frog. For kindergarten to 4th
Lag B’Omer in Fair Lawn: Join at 6 p.m. for a full Street, Englewood. 201-568-2215, www.
story time starting at 10:30 a.m. Registration grade. 4 to 4:45 p.m. Make an Earth Day planter
BBQ dinner, cold beer for adults, soft drinks for
required. Emerson Public Library, 20 Palisade with a rainforest frog. Paramus Public Library, 116
kids, giant inflatable’s, bouncers, cotton candy, Avenue, Emerson, 201-261-5604, www. After-School Movie: Come to Emerson Library East Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300.
face painting, pony rides, train rides, round the fire for a screening at 3:30 p.m. of the newly released
marshmallow roasting and more. Bris Avrohom,
Teen Wednesdays at Paramus Library: Come
family movie, “Paddington 2.” Snacks are included. Thursday, May 31
30-02 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn. Admission Registration required. Emerson Public Library, Playtime for Infants: Playtime for infants through
and make a special Mother’s Day gift. 3:30 to
includes all. 20 Palisade Avenue, Emerson, 201-261-5604, 2K years old accompanied by a caregiver. 10 to 11
4:30 p.m. Charles E. Reid Branch, 239 West
Lag B’Omer Concert and BBQ featuring a.m. Englewood Library, 31 Engle Street, Englewood.
Midland Avenue, Paramus. 201-444-4911, www.
SoulFarm: Congregation Arzei Darom, 725 Queen Thursday Funday in Wayne: For kids 4 and under. 201-568-2215,
Anne Road, Teaneck. 6:30 BBQ, 7:30 concert. 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. Music and movement, story time,
Thursday, arts and crafts and musical instruments. Temple
May 10 Beth Tikvah, 950 Preakness Avenue, Wayne.

Playtime for Infants: Friday, May 18

Playtime for infants Tot Shabbat in Closter: Temple Beth El hosts its
through 2K years old monthly informal Tot Shabbat led by Rabbi David
accompanied by a S. Widzer, Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer and student
caregiver. 10 to 11 a.m. Cantor Julie Staple at 5:15 p.m. Open to all nurs-
Englewood Library, 31 ery school-age children. Join for song stories, and
Engle Street, Englewood. crafts. Temple Beth El, 221 Schraalenburgh Road,
201-568-2215, www. Closter. 201-768-5112,

“Paddington 2,” see After School Movie, Thursday, May 17 “Funny How it Happened,” See Saturday, May 5



Bnai mitzvah
Isadora Berger, daughter Talia Sirbu, daughter of
of Jennifer and Neil Berger Rabbis Rebecca and Steven
of Wyckoff and sister of Sirbu of Teaneck, celebrated
Allegra, celebrated becom- becoming a bat mitzvah on
ing a bat mitzvah on April 21 April 14 at Temple Emeth in “The Journey” by Esther Brodsky
in Israel. The family belongs Teaneck.
to Temple Beth Rishon in
Wyckoff. AIDAN WILSON Ma’ayanot Art Show
Aidan Wilson, son of Nicole
Motz and Billy Wilson of The Ma’ayanot art department invites you to “Overcom-
SAMUEL MATERETSKY MICHAEL REIFMAN Tenafly and brother of ing the Holocaust,” a moving depiction of the psychologi-
Samuel Mason Materetsky, Michael Reifman, son of Isabella, celebrated becom- cal aftermath of trauma and what it means to move on,
son of Tracy and Steven Robyn and Gary Reifman ing a bar mitzvah on April 21 creating a positive life for generations to come. Students’
Materetsky of Ho-Ho-Kus of Upper Saddle River and at Temple Emeth in Teaneck. artwork depicting images on the theme will be on display
and brother of Olivia, 15, brother of Stephanie and
celebrated becoming a Melissa, celebrated becom- at the Teaneck Library, 840 Teaneck Road through April
SAMANTHA ZIRIN 30, and then in May at the Bergenfield Library, 50 West
bar mitzvah on March 24 ing a bar mitzvah on March
Samantha Zirin, daughter Clinton Avenue.
at the Rockleigh. Lorraine 10 at Temple Emanuel of the
of Stacey Glick and Jeremy
Litvin Mann officiated at Pascack Valley in Woodcliff
Zirin of Haworth, celebrated
the service and a recep- Lake.
becoming a bat mitzvah on
MAX DRYERMAN tion followed. Samuel’s
April 21 at Temple Beth El of
Max Dryerman, son of David grandparents are Roslyn
Northern Valley in Closter.
and Michele Dryerman of and Herb Mande of Suffern,
Woodcliff Lake and brother N.Y.; Howard and Rolene
of Brooke, celebrated Materetsky of New York Send us
becoming a bar mitzvah on City; and Robert and your simchas!
April 28 at Temple Emanuel Marlene Snyder of Rocky
Hill, Conn. We welcome simcha
of the Pascack Valley in announcements for
Woodcliff Lake. births and b’nai mitzvah.
Announcements are
ETHAN HOLDEN subject to editing. There
Ethan Holden, son of is a $10 charge for pho-
Suzanne and Joshua Holden DYLAN SINGER tos. Photos must be high
of Ridgewood, celebrated Dylan Singer, daughter of resolution jpg files.
becoming a bar mitzvah on Bonnie and Craig Singer
of Paramus and sister of Call (201) 837-8818
April 21 at Temple Israel &
Jordana, celebrated becom- for information.
Jewish Community Center in
Ridgewood. ing a bat mitzvah on April Send to pr@
14 at Temple Beth Rishon in
Wyckoff. or mail to NJ Jewish
Matthew Miller, son of ATT: Simchas
Rebecca Holland and David 1086 Teaneck Road,
Miller of Wyckoff, and Teaneck, NJ 07666
brother of Sarah, 14, cele-
brated becoming a bar mitz- If a photograph is to be
returned, include a SASE.
vah on March 3 at Barnert
Temple in Franklin Lakes. Freeze-Dried
Save from page 8 Wall Street financial analyst and then keep for himself),to homeless Jeru-
Crispy Fruit for On-the-Go
searched the issue, called ZAKA’s switched professions in Israel to on- salemites at the central bus station. Out and about with the kids and what’s to snack? One
main headquarters in Jerusalem, set line marketing. Along with an Israeli “For Dov, his bar mitzvah project option is Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit, which provides
up a meeting and toured the office. friend Omri Gil, they established their makes him feel like he’s helping to the perfect springtime party snack — crispy freeze-dried
There he made a meaningful connec- own in-house online marketing agen- save lives in a home that’s unpredict- fruit. It’s healthy, delicious, satisfying and ready to go with
tion, said Mrs. Nayowitz. cy called ROI Boost. able. He hopes and dreams for ZAKA you wherever you venture out into the wild blue yonder.
“My husband and I are very proud “This campaign is an extension to expand and have their needs met. Crispy Fruit is literally one ingredient — fruit. There
of Dov, his endeavors, and the young of Dov’s innate sensitivity to the Ideally though, he wishes to live in are no preservatives, no added sugar, no GMOs, no glu-
man he is becoming,” said Mrs. Nay- world and feelings of those around a time where there isn’t a need for ten, and no reason they can’t go where you go. With
owitz, a certified yoga, pilates and him,” Mrs. Nayowitz said. “He is al- ZAKA’s services as true peace will the sweet flavor and nutritional goodness of fresh fruit,
dance teacher who is finishing up a ways quick to help and take notice of reign for all.” Crispy Fruit snacks like a chip and satisfies that urge for
teaching certification to be a middle- those in need from the most subtle, To contribute to Dov’s campaign a crunchy snack. Plus, there’s no mess, so you can toss a
high school English teacher. She is also like a child being left out in a social on behalf of ZAKA: https://www. bag to your hungry kiddo in the car seat, without dealing
a mother of four: Dov, who is nearly setting, to the most obvious, like giv- with a mushy fruit fiasco or sticky fingers.
13; Rafi,10; Shelley, nearly 8; and ing the change from his transporta- Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of About Our
Shimshon, 5½. Eyal Nayowitz was a tion money, which he is allowed to Children


Valley Health System, the healthcare provider you know and For all your health care needs, Valley provides highly
trust, is proud to announce the expansion of its partnership personalized, comprehensive care close to home. And with
with the Mount Sinai Health System, the world-renowned Mount Sinai as our partner, we’re bringing advanced clinical
New York academic medical center. Our powerful alliance research to cancer care for you and your loved ones.
now brings cancer care innovation and access to clinical
trials to the communities of northern New Jersey.

Now patients can see Mount Sinai specialists for treatment

of pancreatic, head and neck, lung and skin cancers at
Valley’s Cancer Center in northern New Jersey. Valley’s
cancer specialists all have academic appointments at the
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, fostering close
collaboration between colleagues from both organizations.



To reach a Valley cancer care specialist

today, please call 201-634-5339.

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