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Flake lce Machine

Operation lnstruction

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Please read{his manual carefully befor,é operating


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Project, Flake lce Machine Http:// E-ma¡


Thanks you very much for your favor and trust in the Snowkey equipments!

As a professional manufacturer in the refrigeration industry, Fujian Snowman Co.,Ltd operates

strictly under the supervision of lSO9001 Quality Management System and targets on providing

products of the highest quality. The reliable and high-quality parts certified by the ISO'14000 and CE

are used; thus, the performance of the equipments is stable and reliable. Snowkey will firmly hold the

idea of 'advocate technology, innovation & development', and provide high quality service for

customers all the time.

The manual introduces the operation and safety notes of SNOWKEY's series of flake ice machine.

Please read it carefully and all the operators must grasp all the instructions within, which can ensure

the safety use of the equipment and reduce or avoid equipment damage. This manual aims at

helping you use the equipment in the right way and it is not the explanation of the configuration of the

equipment. As for the information of configuration, you can refer to the related contract (if any) or

consult the distributor. The pictures herein are for reference only. lf any inconsistence, the product

shall prevail.

All information in the manual are the latest till the time of printing. SNOWKEY will continually
improve the products; therefore, SNOWKEY reserve the rights to change in any situation without

notification. Any forms of guarantee will not be made regarding the accuracy, reliability and contents

of the manual, unless required by the applied law.

The contents of the manual are protected by the Copyright Law. lt cannot be copied or reprinted in
.. ,, ,

any way, or transferred through cable or wireleg§ netwoi1<, or translated into any language without

Snowkey's prior authorization.

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Project, Flake lce Machine

lmportant instruction in the manual
I Safety guidance

The safety indication in the manual is instructions to provent dangerous happening.Should strictly

follow the safety indication.

The following is safety indication type,expression and use way in the manual:

§ nttention

r Points for avoiding dangerous and personnel minor injury.

r Points for avoiding personnel serious injury and serious safety accident.

2 Authorized officer

Maintenance and operation for the ice maker should be taken by qualified or authorized

refrigeration professional personnel.Professional refrigeration personnel's qualifications and

expertise should meet related effective rules including our company's authorization and


Should especially notice the mark for usrs' safety in the using process.


%wwxffiwwry, ADD: Dongshan Road,M¡nJ¡angkou lndustrial District,
Fujian,China. P.C.: 350200
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Project, Flake lce Machine

Table of contents

.............. 17 control..... 14 6 Air cooling condenser cleaning.... ......21 l0 Feeding of brine(0. Project....................14 maintenance. .Minjiangkou lndustrial District..............20 7 Replacement of pressure gauge and dual-pressure switch..... . 19 6 Replacement of drying fi1ter.............. ............ ..........20 9 Replacement and adjustment of expansion va1ve....... Fuj¡an...................... P.... .... Flake lce Machine 4 Water tank cleaning ................: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-2870s22? Http://ww..........751-200......... 15 \{ Service & Adjustment........... 13 5 Water cooling condenser Cleaning.. ....... 14 7 Lubrication.... .. ..................... '18 4 Replacement of speed reducer motor... ................................C......... ffiffiffiffi##ffiw. 18 3 Replacement and adjustment of water float valves.............................17 2 Replacement of water pump .. ........ FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO..............."......... 18 5 Replacement of air suction fi1ter..... 1 Replacement of full ice E-mail:info@snowkey...........................21 Vil Remedies for ordinary breakdowns.... ............... ..... ADD: Dongshan Road....... ....23 IV ... LTD......snowkey.... B Preventative ...... ...........20 8 Replacement of solenoidva1ve..........China.

Please bear in mind that. maintenance. %wwwWwww6 ADD: Dongshan Road.. The chief operator and other people in charge of repair.C.i :. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. 1. Please read these instructions carefully before operating the plant.China. lmproper manipulation of the major components of the plant especially the electrical ones can '' ft" ' cause damage and reduce its efficiency . starting and stopping the plant should be experienced in the field of refrigeration.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Project. Furthermore. CAUTION: Different water specifications may cause build-up of scale and/or rust in the water circuit. . Personnel Appoint one capable chief operator who is fully responsible for the proper operation of the E-mail:info@snowkey.1 Water ln order to ensure the correct working of ice machines and lntrod uction This introduction outlines the correct procedures for operating and maintaining your refrigeration plant. the productivity of the ice plant may be severely affected. a minimum of preventive maintenance is necessary in order to keep the plant operative and to minimize the costs for repair and maintenance.snowkey. Fujian. Operating stuff and powersupply' 2. lt has been assembled with care at our modern manufacturing site. Water quality should meet edible water health standard.LTD.. 2. Basic knowledge in the field of electric installations is highly recommended.Minjiangkou lndustrial D¡strict. You are sure to get satisfactory answers after carefully reading through these operating instructions. This plant is a product of long-lasting experience of our engineers and technicians in the field of refrigeration technologies. P. Flake lce Machine Http://ww. Although only high quality components were used which have proved to be highly reliable even under difficult operating conditions. only when the following instructions are followed conscientiously can the rated performance of the installation be reached.

.China. 2) After every 500 operating hours and each major repair work at the compressor and refrigeration cycle. E-mail:info@snowkey.2 Refrigerant The ice plant is designed for use with refrigerant R22. Flake lce Machine 2. Fujian." . For oil refill please refer to the Technical lnformation Bulletin of the compressor section. oil-free and water-free refrigerant.. Clean the pan and nozzles as required. Please refer to these documents in order to keep the plant in optimum operation conditions. 2) Once a day.LTD.C. P.snowkey.. ADD: Dongshañ Road. Never fill or refill other refrigerant than R22 to the refrigeration cycle of the plant. Maintenance of the flake ice plant Detailed lnstructions for repair and maintenance of the major components of the flake ice plant can be found in this manual. the refrigeration oil should be replaced . The chemical and physical properties of the refill oil must conform to the specifications of the original filling.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. Furthermore 1) Keep the interior and surroundings of the ice plant clean. 2.Minjiangkou lndustrial District. Drain the water out of the water tank and flush it with clean water. Project. inspect the water tank for plugged water inlet pipes and abnormal water charge. Only use clean. 4. We recommend the following time schedule for maintenance work: 1) Twice a day. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. inspect the distribution pan of the ice machine for partially plugged nozzles from where water may drip into the storage bin.3 Refrigeration oil The reciprocating compressors are charged with a kind of high quality refrigeration oil.

Fujian.1 Evaporator It is in the evaporator that ice .com Project. ln order to convenience the communications of its managers and operators with our technical supporters.. . %www§www. lots of heat is absorbed.snowkey. ADD: Dongshan Road.Minj¡angkou lndustrial District.LTD.g. nater distrubrting tube 2. connect to the refrigeration system and switch on to start.China. The refrigerant in the refrigeration xater con¡ect dlsh '. Flake lce Machine Operation instruction I Product profile The SNOWKEY series of ice flake machine produced by our company is an internally scraping vertical-type column-shape ice machine. system exchanges heat with water through the inner wall of the evaporator. 1 lce-making principle The whole process of making ice with SNOWKEY ice machine is very easy and direct. and in 10 minutes ice flakes will be produced. P. then the temperature of the water flowing over the surface of the inner wall sharply reduces to below the freezing point and thus ice is immediately produced. flakes are produced. As a result.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. 2 Structural principle The ice machine body consists of 4 main E-mail:info@snowkey.C. clean and maintain. You can refer to the following drawing for the detailed process of ice flake production inside the ice machine. hereinafter follows the brief introduction of both the general structural principles and names and functions of main components of the machine. and all its components are designed on the basis of modules and thus easy to operate. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. Just charge it with water.

Flake lce Machine 2. and water guidance trough" The water flow line is detailed as follows: The water from external source flows into the water tank where there is a float valve for controlling interior water level.3 Partof main shaft drive The low speed counterclockwise rotation of main shaft is driven by the reducer with a motor.China.snowkey. 2. ADD: Dongshan Road. P.shaped ice flakes are formed and fall out of the ice drop opening of the ice machine body. charged into the water distributing pan through the water supply opening in the upper part and evenly sprinkled onto the inner wall of the evaporator by water distributing pan. water connecting dish. Too much water inside the water tank is discharged from the overflow opening. and then evenly. water supply line. ffiffiffi###§ffiW. or spiral and rake. 2. The water that doesn't freeze on the inner wall falls onto the water connecting dish. The ice blades cut through the ice layer around the inner wall of the evaporator and peel off the ice of certain thickness from the wall.Minjiangkou lndustrial District. These two types are used for ice machines with different structures. .350200 TEL +86 591-28701111 pAX.4 lce-scraping part As shown in the diagrams. Then water is guided to the upper part of the ice machine body through the line by the pump of the water tank.LTD. water pump. So please pay attention to the type of your machine.. t' " ' . E-mail:info@snowkey. +86 591-28709222 Http://www. flows into the guidance trough and then into the water tank for recirculation.C. the ice blades secured by the brackets extending from the top and bottom ends of the main shaft fall into two types.2 Unit of water feed and circulation Unit of water feed and circulation consists of water tank.a- FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. water distributing pan... so a pipe must be connected to the opening to guide water to the discharging Project.

please disconnect the main power switch to avoid hazards of electric shock. Electricity mustn't be recovered in case of abnormalities.Minjiangkou lndustrial District. LTD %wwwwe§wwwg. ¿\ ntte n tio n r Only those specially trained and experienced in the maintenance and operation of refrigeration equipment can operate the system. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. Fujian. disconnect main power switch and check power supply. function. connect. Make sure that every motor rotates in the correct direction before starting. ADD: Dongshan Road. Flake lce Machine Http://ww. r Carefully'read through the operating instructions.C. is fully opened.China.snowkey. I ln case of long-tem II Safety points for attention arnrng I Never enter the evaporator casually when the ice machine is running! I While the ice machine is running or stopping. Following the standards specified in the file is very important to realizing rated performance and keeping the operators E-mail:info@snowkey. strictly follow standards and carry out maintenance and service in the charge of adequate operators. never approach the red pipes to avoid being scorched. r This manual must be kept by the actual final user. no matter the equipment is running or not. never forget to ensure that the machine has completely stopped and the main power supply disconnected before performing other operations. r The operator on duty should keep watching over the functioning of distribution box and . I The technical standards contained herein are subject to change without separate notice.: ó¡ierate and maintain. r ln the course of service. connecting the safety valve. r ln case of sudden externa! power cutoff. r Carefully read through the instructions and understand all items contained so as to correctly install. please do ensure the shutoff valve.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Project. P. r During non-checking period.

9) Be careful of the high temperature pipes (red color). Never get close to them or it may cause 10) ln case of long-term standstill. 1) Read this manual carefully before operating the machine. 7) To avoid causing any problems and damages of the machine do not change any of the control system without our consent. The following points should be paid special attention to while testing. disconnect all the power supply inside the control box to avoid electric shocks. 5) Conscientiously check the refrigeration piping to timely detect refrigerant leakage and take preventive measures.liangkou lndustrial District. E-mail:info@snowkey.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. Do not open pipes or components improperly. do not knock on them with any tough objects. Make sure that these persons understand and follow the instructions thoroughly.snowkey. ADD: Dongshañ Road. Fujian.C. 6 . and timely solve problems detected. so it is safe and reliable on the premise of correct operation. disconnect main power switch.China. 3) Ensure that the machine has stopped and the main power supply disconnected before performing maintenance.tTD ffiremwe$www6r. observe ice freezing on the evaporator and check to ensure power supply isn't abnormal before power recovery. 12) Parts of the refrigerant cycle are under high pressure. disconnect all the power supply while repairing and maintaining. 4) ln case of external power cutoff. 2) Never put your body or other foreign matters into the observation hole. Flake lce Machine operation table as well as failure indicator lights. This product is manufactured in strict accordance with the related state standards and safety requirements. 13) Parts of the components heat up during operation. only professionals are allowed to open the control box. Be particularly careful when approaching components of the high-pressure discharge section of the compressor. '11) Operation instructions for refrigerant plant operators and signs with safety hints have to be posted clearly visible in the machinery container. 6) Be careful of the equipment inside. 8) For long life of the Project. operating and servicing the ice machine.a FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO . Make sure that the reducer rotates in the correct direction after starting. Ensure that the site is well ventilated and replenish mechanical ventilating equipment if necessary.M¡n.

ln case of refrigerant . P. (3) Check for tension (4) ProtecUcover adjacent components '18) Special procedures have to be followed for work at the ice generator. (2) When required to work inside the ice machine. ADD: Dongshan Road. a: . (1) Switch off the component (main switch) (2) Secure against reconnection 14) Never work on any equipment without another person present. check and correct before restarting.6. leakage the ground has to be ventilated in order to avoid building up of an oxygen-poor atmosphere.China. make sure that the appliance has been switched off correctly. Flake lce Machine Http://www. 19) Manipulation at the refrigerant and electricalcycles must be carried out only by authorized and experienced staff. 17) Before any manipulation at active components and compressors particularly before opening of covers of active components. 16) Gaseous refrigerant has a higher specific density than the ambient air. %ww#K§ww#.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Project. (1)Disconnect electricity and push the emergency stop button for performing any maintenance to the ice machine. FUJIAN SNO\AATAN E-mail:info@snowkey. LTD.snowkey. there must be a standby person outside of the machine. . Fujian.M¡nj¡angkou lndustr¡al D¡strict. The following rules must be followed. lf air switches are stopped as a result of "overload stop" of the machine.. 15) Do not smoke in the machine room.

3 Debugging 3. how to convenience the use and transport of ice should be taken into full account.snowkey. 3) The ice machine must be placed indoors. Flake lce Machine III lnstallation and debugging 1 Choice of site location The installation site should meet the following conditions: 1) The foundation at the installation site should be constructed to ensure weight-bearing and vibration absorption as required by our company. 2) Upon unloading the Project. l\/injiangkou lndustrial District. the longterm use of the machine will be affected. please pay full attention to safety and secure against excessive inclination since the weight of the machine is unevenly distributed in every E-mail:info@snowkey.C. Fujian. ADD: Dongshan Road.China.:350200 TEL. we require our users to provide facilities of lifting and transport in the course of unloading and moving in accordance with the following safety instructions: 1)While unloading the ice machine from such vehicles as van and truck. The ambient room temperature should range from 5--35'C and not under 0"C áll year long and be kept from rising excessively in summer.1 Refrigeration system connection .+86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. 2) While choosing a suitable installation site. and qontact our company's after-sales service department upon finding any fractures or damá$es " 4)After unpacking. LTD. 2 Steps of lifting and unloading Since the ice machine body is quite heavy. 3) Check for fractures or damages while unpacking. P. 5) Enough space around the system for its inspection and maintenance. 5) The ice machine is processed with so high precision that falls or in'rpacts should be avoided as much as possible. sort and count the whole set of equipment one by one according to the packing \ list inside the file delivered with the machine. Especially even if a tolerance of one thousandth of a millimeter happens to the central main shaft. never haste to uncrate but move the machine together with the carton as near to the installation site as possible and then uncrate.- FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. ffiffiffiffiffi##ffi##. 4) Pay attention to lighting but avoid direct exposure to sunshine.

Fujian.f irr. rfit{. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. %wwwa§«ww.6Mpa). 2) Check whether the sight glass is full of refrigeration. 4) Check whether all the setscrews are tightened.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. 2) Check whether input power voltage is within the normal range.LTD.ffi¡. Project.i"a dr¡1 l1'l 6) Check whether the water supply pressure is within the range of standard pressure (0.. w*l r.g" ADD: Dongshan Road.rr'j'lót r1rt1 lr. 5) Open the water inlet valve.t'llut¡ll) ¡1 r'*f----. 3. P. 1) Observe the sight glass of the reducer to see whether lubricant oil has been charged. Flake lce Machine Please refer to refrigeration principle diagram for the refrigeration quantity and refrigeration line connection required for the evaporator. feed water into the circulating water tank and keep the water level at about2l3 of the water tank height.3 Pre-operation check Please recheck as follows after the ice machine is installed and prepared for formal operation.1Mpa- 0. 2 Req u rements for electricity i d istri bution Please refer to diagram of electrical principles for connection of distribution box and operating table. { E-ma¡l:info@snowkey.i qiltr¡ inl*1 l 1r|ls. 3) Check whether the power connection wires of every motor are secured and reliably grounded. . Ir'!rrl ewilIlr r.Minj¡angkou lndustrial D¡strict.China.C.

please cut off the crankcase heater power supply. '10 . Delay for another 5 seconds. then close the motor electrical source switch QF3-9 and the control electrical source switch normally started. the compressors starts.C.Minj¡angkou lndustrial District. the sequence is reversed. Meanwhile. 4. the system will enter running status: '1. Before starting up the equipment. cooling tower fan or condqnsqr fan starts. etc. prior to connecting the electricity box with the electrical source. Connected to the outside controlled power line of the plant and control cable. Delay for another 3 seconds. Close allelectrical source switches in the control cabinet. When the running indicating light is on. by pressing the shutdown button(red). 2.snowkey. especially the power line of motor. 2 Start the system By pressing the startup button (green). Correct sequence is: close the general electrical source switch QF1 firstly.. Delayed for 3 seconds. the solenoid valve starts.When cut off the electrical source. The system.g. the reducer and water pump start. 3. Please confirm the power line and the electrical source connected meets the requirement of our ice making machine. N Operations I Preparations before operation 1 . ffirumresx§wwqg. 2. 2. I 4. Fujian.thermocbntrol ler. the system willenter shutdown status: 1. they will automatica ly control the rotate speed accord in. all people should be away from the rotating part and hightemperature and high-pressure part.lo. 3 Shut down the system During running. The HLP (dual pressure switch) disconnects and the compressors stop at the same time.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX| +86 591-28709222 Project. The solenoid valve disconnects at once. Because of bump and vibration during transportation. Flake lce Machine Http://www. such as cooling tower and long distance operation box. During running. ADD: Dongshan Road.China.- FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO LTD. 3. the system enters startup E-mail:info@snowkey. you should examine carefully whether the internal wire connection of electricity box has been obviously loosened. Delay for another 10 seconds. 5 .

C.China. --. Meanwhile. The system is normally stopped. has ovér-voltage. Remember that the button can be used only for emergencies. After compressor stopping.M¡nj¡angkou lndustr¡al D¡strict. %wwwx§wwry. Delay for anther 120 seconds. 4. the operation indicating light is off. compressor motor temperature protected.a- FUJIAN SNOWMAN Project.:350200 TELi +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://ww. LTD.. lndicator is on. which means the system is running normally. Gompressor abnormity indicator: When the compressor is thermal overload. never use the emergency stop button. indicator'is on. Flake lce Machine 3. . 4 Emergency stop Press the emergency stop button and all parts of the system stop instantly. lndicator is on. Fuj¡an. indicator is on. the water tank is level low. Power supply abnormity indicator: . low-voltage and wrong phase sequence. Attention: when the system is working normally.' The power connected to the control cabinpt. P. the cooling tower fan and cooling water pump or condenser fan stops.. 5 lndication lamp introduction System operation ind icator: When the system is started. Motor overload indicator: When the motor such as cooling tower fan pump reducer is overload. 5. the water pump stops. 11 . oil pressure E-mail:info@snowkey. Delay for anther 30 seconds. othen¡¿ise the refrigeration system of the ice machine will be damaged. the speed reducer stops. lce maker abnormity indicator: When the ice storage is full of ice. ADD: Dongshan Road.

Drain water from the drain connection in water tank.C. ffitrffiffiMwffiW. lf flaker is connected to a compressor rack.LTD. follow first aid instructions on the bottle. e . which may cause burns. Handle with care.China. 6. close the liquid line shutoff valve. as the water may overflow into the ice storage bin. 4. 2 lce machine cleaning instruction An important part of ice flaker maintenance is to clean it frequently so that the water passages are not clogged and the freezing surface is clear and free of scale caused by calcium and iron deposits. The water pump is used to circulate ice machine cleaner through the system. .:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. Pour solution of ice machine cleaner into tank to normal operáting level. 2. Some models are equipped with a drain valve.l\ilinjiangkou lndustrial D¡strict. ' ':' "t iaution Use approved ice machine cleaners only. ADD: Dongshan Road. Turn off refrigeration compressor. the ice flaker should be cleaned with an approved ice machine cleaner at least twice a year (more often if water conditions cause mineral build up) using an approved food grade ice machine cleaner. Mix solutions in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. whereas in normal or "soft" water areas twice a year may be sufficient When cleaning is necessary. Flake lce Machine V Maintenance 1 Evaporator cleaning To keep the evaporator in peak Project. Fujian. seek immediate medical attention. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO . Frequency of cleaning depends upon the quality of water. lf swallowed. proceed as follows: 'l . Prepare the cleaning solution following the instructions on the E-mail:info@snowkey. Turn off the ice flaker switch. it may be necessary to clean the flaker as often as every 2 months. 5. lce machine cleaners contain acids. ln extreme hard water areas. while others have a drain plug located below the water float valve connection. Do not overfill. ln case of external contact. Close water supply shutoff valve. 3. P.snowkey.

Replace defective tubes when neeessary.028k9 of household bleach with 8 liter of warm water at 32-45'C. 10. 11 . the flaker must be thoroughly Project.:. 8. %wwwwWq.LTD. 4 Water tank cleaning Water tank and pump should be kept clean and free of any mineral buildup. Pour solution into tank to normal operating level (as in #7 above). Mix a solution of approved sanitizer..l\¡¡nJiangkou lndustrial District. shut off the main power and remove the top covers from the tank. to circulate cleaning solution over the freezing surface and all water passages. When mineral deposits accumulate the machine must be thoroughly cleaned. then drain. P.C. Carefully inspect each distribution tube and fltting for . Operate until all scales are removed. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. drain cleaning solution and rinse with 2 or more complete rinses to ensure that cleaning solution is flushed away thoroughly. restore machines to normal operation by opening water supply valve. After ice flaker is thoroughly rinsed. then re-circulate sanitizing solution for approximately 20 minutes. ln extreme cases of mineral or slime E-mail:info@snowkey. leaks or cracks. following procedure describedin#9above.snowkey. Remove each tube and clean with cleaning solution and small tubing brush. This will allow the gear motor & water pump to run for approximately 30 minutes without refrigeration. When the system is clean. Flake lce Machine 7. IJ . When they do accumulate mineral deposits.China. by turning on drive motor & water pump. restoring refrigeration and turning the machine back to ON. 3 Water distribution tubes cleaning Water distribution tubes should be kept clean and free of mineral buildup. Fujian. To sanitize: 9. This may require from half an hour up to 2 hours if scale build-up is heavy. At each rinse. 12.ww"w ADD: Dongshan Road.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. fill tank with fresh water and run drive motor and water pump for a few minutes. Drain solution and rinse thoroughly with fresh water at least twice. and using the ice machine cleaner and a scrub brush clean the aluminum tank body until the deposits is removed. The water tank will be cleaned when you normally clean the equipment by circulating the ice machine through the water system. Startthe reducer powerand water pump by turning the switches on and then immediately off. or mix 0.

When the differential pressure is over 2bar. you can use compressed air to blow off from the fans side. lf yes. harmful for condenser normal work. Be careful during cleaning. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. t. 6 Air cooling condenser cleaning The air cooling condenser should be cleaned regularly. Please clean up the heat radiating fins basipetally (up-to-down) with soft brush or cleaner with hair brush. Open the drain valve which under the end cover of the condenser. it is necessary to clean once every three months. the ice output would be reduced and high pressure disturbance would be caused. Otherwise. Flake lce Machine 5 Water cool¡ng condenser Cleaning During the condenser operating.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. "" i-'l lrradiate the condenser with lights and check whether there is dirt and impurity between fins. Fujian. Do not clean left-right and overexert. cooling water scale will be form inside of the pipeline and lmpact effect of heat transfer. but in normal water or soft water. A Attention I Condenser fins are sharp. ln the region consisting of extremely hard water. Generally according to the differential pressure of the R22 saturation pressure which the exhaust pressure and ambient temperature corresponding Project. 7 Lubrication f)Bearing&seals 14 . E-mail:info@snowkey. need only clean twice per year. lt should clean frequently to improve cooling effect. . Dismantle the ends of the condenser Cover Reciprocating cleansing each copper pipe with water by special condenser cleaning bush After cleaning. please straighten and amend them.snowkey. the steps of cleaning condenser as follow: lf the cooling tower is higher than condenser.C. The frequency depends on the water quality. reinstall the ends of cover and connecting pipeline. can be determined to cleaning condenser. lf the fins bend or deform. P. Cleaning with hard matter is forbidden. drain water from the condenser. avoiding bending and being damaged. Should emptying the water cooling tower or close the valves of condenser and cooling tower outlet and inlet.Minjiangkou lndustrial District. ffiffiffiM#ffiw= ADD: Dongshan Road.

I Preventative maintenance The ice flaker should be visually checked daily by a designated employee.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http:l/www.No bubbles are visible in the sight glass. Fujian. The grease fittings are easily accessible from the front of the flaker. as this may damage the grease seals at the bearings. Note: one pump of a grease gun is normally adequate to grease the bearing. 2) Speed reducer Some speed reducer is installed with fittings that are used for lubricating top bearing of low-speed Project. .snowkey.Chjna. oil needs changing every 2500 hours or every 6 months (whichever comes first).. any change will be easiiy detected prior to any service call for a malfunction of the machine.Bin doors are working (closing) properly. . Regularly test oil sample collected from equipments to fix moderate time interval. This bearing should be lubricated with standard bearing oil (not food-grade) once every 6 months.i ) .. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. Preventative Maintenance Schedule ITEM 3 months 6 months '9 months 12 months Check ice machine* 15 . the oil of new speed reducer should be changed . After 250 hours of operation. . the speed reducer needs synthetic oil.The flaker is clean.LTD. When these items are chqcked on a daily basis. P.¡iangkou lndustrial E-mail:info@snowkey. ADD: Dongshan Road. the top bearing is lubricated through a greasing fitting accessible through the inspection (service) opening. . Flake lce Machine Main bearings on the ice flaker should be greased every three months using food grade edible grease. after first oil change.No unusual noise is present.Usually. %wwwW*wx. When operated under low temperature conditions ( below 50'F ) .6.Min. This inspection should ensure that: . The bottom bearing is lubricated through a greasing fitting on the outer edge of the bottom casting. Do not over-grease. lce quality (size of ice flakes) appears normal.C.

bearings may be wearing excessively..007" . the following parts: deflector scraper. or every six months. Use food-grade grease such as Chevron FM or equáh . Fujian.006'. 16 . Clearance should be 0. whichever occurs first. in at least four locations around the evaporator (quarter points).com Project. Check and replace speed reducer oil (synthetic oil)"** Grease speed reducer bearing* Sanitize ice machine" Check bearing wear** Check cutting blade clearance*** * Clean and sanitize at least yearly. ADD: Dongshan Road. Contact factory for guidance. * Only required on speed reducers equipped with greasing fittings at the bearings. The above chart assumes continuous operation of the ice flakers. " /r* Use an industrial feeler gauge. *** Use an industrial feeler gauge Check blade at top and bottom. at a minimum. if wear is greater than 0.004"-0.snowkey. contact factory for guidance.*.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAXi +86 591-28709222 Http://www.C. Flake lce Machine Check ice harvesting Check flaker for damaged parts** lnspect water float valve I nspect deflector scraper Grease top & bottom bearings Check and replace speed reducer oil (standard oil). ffi§ ffi§ffi#ffiry. "** Speed reducer oil should be changed every 2500 hours of operation (5000 hours with synthetic oil). FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO.China. more frequently if necessary. water distribution tubes and float valve. P. lf clearance isn't within these parameters.LTD.¡ilinjiangkou lñdustr¡al Distr¡ E-mail:info@snowkey. ** lnspection should include.

the LED on the receiver will light. Under correct using and maintenance conditions. Check alignment of the sensors. After warranty year. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. P.snowkey. 5.. Loosen the plastic nuts fixed onto the full'ice control and remove the control. term of using year will be longer. Turn on the main Project. 17 . E-mail:info@snowkey. lnstall the new control at the original location and connect the lead.C.Minjiangkou Industr¡al District. ADD: Dongshan Road. When proper alignment is achieved. Part name Term of years Floating ball valve 2-4 years Main shaft 3-7 years Reducer motor 4-7 years Water pump 2-4 years lce blade 3-8 years Brine pump 2-4 years Full ice controller 2-4 years Solenoid valve 2-4 years Pressure controller 2-4 years Expansion valve 2-4 years Air suction filter 2-4 years Dry filter 2-4 years I Replacement of full ice control l. Disconnect the lead of a new full ice control on the etectrical control cabinet from the wire-connecting terminal. The full ice control is located inside the foundation steel channel of the ice machine. 2. the fittings will be sold at actual leaving factory price. Flake lce Machine VI Service & Adjustment Fittings of ice machine have 1 year warranty.China. %wmwwffiwww. Adjust the mounting brackets as necessary to ensure that ihe sensors are properly aligned. 7. . 3. Fujian.: 350200 T6¡ +86 591-28701111 FAX +86 591-28709222 Http://www. i.LTD. Following is term of replacement year of main easily wearing parts under usual conditions. 6. Turn off the main power.

remove the locking nut from the valve body (you may need to hold the valve body to keep it from turning) 5. To adjust the operating level. 4. Remove the cover from the electrical junction box of the pump. 6. readjust the float valve. Using a socket. Remove the old valve and fiber washer. 3. Loosen and remove the compression fitting at the float valve. 2.China. Drain off the water E-mail:info@snowkey. and check for leaks at the compression fitting'and at the float valve fitting. 3. 5. Watch the operation for a while to verify the water level. 6. Cut off the main power of ice flaker and take out the circuit cover of the speed reducer and the 1B . The valve bogy should be held in place with the discharge port facing straight down.Minjiangkou lndustrial DistÍict.. and push or pull on the brass shaft (depending on whether the water level is too high or too low).. P. Pull up with proper force the water pump on the water tank and water distribution PVC tube so as to separate PVC tube from the water pump.LTD. Re-install the float valve fitting and reattach the watel'supply'line. 3 Replacement and adjustment of water float valves '1. Flake lce Machine 2 Replacement of water pump 1. Use caution when routing the new cables to insure they are secured to avoid accidental damage. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. Remover the setscrews on the flange of the water pump and remover the Project.¿ :.. lf the water level is still not where it should be.C. remove the water float valve fitting from the valve body. 2. ffiffiffiffi##ffiw ADD: Dongshan Road. The water level should be maintained to the point just below the lower edge of the water: return trough while the flaker is operating. Turn off the main power to the flaker. and disconnect the water pump wires from the terminal strip. simply reverse the above procedure. Turn on water shutoff valve . Shut off the water supply to the ice flaker and drain the supply line. Fujian. 4. To install the new pump. lnstall new valve (with fiber washer on the inside of the water tank) and tighten the locking nut with a socket.snowkey. 4 Replacement of speed reducer motor ' 1. hold the float in one hand. While holding the float valve body with pliers or a crescent wrench.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www.

3. Please fasten the two bolts by hands and alternative rotate in a 112 circle until the motor is easy to take out by hand. Close the stop ball valve of liquid pipe. %www§wwwg. 2.jiangkou lndustrial District. Start the compressor and press the refrigerant in the system i¡to the high-pressure end. Fujian. After overhaul. When installing a new motor. switch on power and check its operation by an ammeter on the circuit so as to ensure that the motor works within the current range specified on the label. As the high pressure gSuge comes to 0bar. Speed reducer is connected to the gear case by four bolts through the mounted panel. turn off the air-suction valve of the compressor to stop the compressor 3. 1. rotate it until the mounting flange is aligned with the four holes of mounting panel of the speed reducer. please find the two screwed holes on the mounted panel. P. Check to make sure that the circuit connection is properly energized and the motor rotates correctly (CCW).:':. lnsert a bolt to each hole and align them. Flake lce Machine power conductor that connects the termlnal. Lubricate the surface of the shaft of motor roughly and insert it into the hole of high-speed shaft to align the keyway with the E-mail:info@snowkey. . Dismount the four bolts and take out the motor from the gear case. After the motor is installed.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAx: +86 591-28709222 Http://m. Reconnect the elastic cable to the motor and connect the electrical conductor to the connection terminal. Fasten an erection bolt into the holes to push the motor (Rolling the enclosure of motor may help the bolt to suppress the mounting flange of the motor so as to ensure the bolt not to be embedded to the thread of flange). They are on both sides of horizontal midline.M¡n.i:. 2. ADD: Dongshan Road. 4. connect the bypass hole on the air-suction valve of the compressor to the air-extracting opening of the vacuum pump.China. Make vacuum of the section by pumping from the stop 19 . After installing and connecting the motor. lf the entire part shall be replaced. the shaft of motor is inserted into the hollow high-speed input shaft of the speed reducer with a 114" bond. Dismount the end shield of air suction filter and replace the filter elements. 5.snowkey.C. LTD. 4. place the 1/4"bond on the shaft. please refer to line connection description on the nameplate of motor. lf the old motor is hard to take out.a FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. replace the hull by acetylene welding. For information on correct connection. Without a setscrew or shaft coupling. 5ReplacementofairsuctionfiIter'.com Project.

Turn on the air-suction valve and air-discharge valve of the compressor. Close the stop ball valve of liquid pipe. replace the hull by acetylene E-mail:info@snowkey. Check if the junctions are leaky by smearing soap solution. 6.a FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO.. Close the end shield of filter immediately. Flake lce Machine ball valve to the air-suction valve of the compressor. 3. 8 Replacement of solenoid valve . S.1 1. 2. Place back the end cap of rear cover and fasten the screws. Replace the damaged pressure gauge or dual-pressure controller. 4. Screw down the screws on the end cap.snowkey. re svstem 20 . Turn off the air-suction valve of the compressor. evacuate the refrigeration line to remove any moisture that may have entered the system while the line was opened to the atmosphere. 4. Close the discharge valve of the reservoir. ffimm#M€ffi## ADD: Dongshan Road.solder the new valve into the refrigeration line (please détermine the direction of the new valve). Turn the front and rear shutoff valves of the solenoid valve to the stop position. Dismount the end cap of the filter and replace the filter elements. 5.LTD. 2. 5. 6 Replacement of drying filter 1. lnstall and. Reopen the discharge valve of reservoir. open the air-suction valve of the compressor and the stop ball valve of the liquid pipe. lnstall solenoid valve coils and energize the solenoid valve Project. 3. 2.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://www. Check if the junctions are leaky by smearing soap solution. Open the discharge valve of reservoir slightly to feel with hands the cold air coming out in the end shield. P. Ensure that the flaker has stopped and disoonnect main power. Check if the junctions are leaky by smearing soap solution.C. 3.China. 4. After vacuum pumping.Minjiangkou lndustriai District. 6. Fujian. lf the entire part shall be replaced. Using a high-quality vacuum pump. Turn off the air-discharge valve of the compressor.. Cut out or de-solder the solenoid valve from the liquid line and remove the old valve. 7 Replacement of pressure gauge and dual-pressure switch 1. 5.

i Wait for 5-10 minutes to allow the system 'Repeatthis ' step until ice is produced and forsfaOitlzg harvestedallthewaytothebottomoftheevaporator. . 9.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Project. so adjustment of the stem should be limited to 1/B turn at a time. Reattach the temperature-sensing packet into the suction line at the original position and fasten it with two copper straps. Flake lce Machine Http:/lwww. 2. Note: balanced-port expansion valves are more sensitive than standard TXVs. 3. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. FUJ¡an. Using a high-quality vacuum pump. ADD: Dongshan Road. 6.751-20t) Feed a certain amount of salt into the water supply system of the ice machine can greatly improve ice flake quality and make it easier to shape and cut ice flakes. 5. Close the two valves nearest to the expansion valve on the liquid supply line and suction line and drain off the refrigerant inside the valve. evacuate the liquid line to remove any moisture that may have entered the system while the line was open to the atmosphere. Check for leaks at the soldering points at both ends of the solenoid valve. lnstall the new valve..C.. P. The brine pump of 21 .com E-mai¡:¡nfo@snowkey.LTD. Re-insulate the suction line. energize the solenoid valve to give the expansion valve pressure Then begin to check for leakage and start the machine after confirming that there is no leakage. Reconnect armored cable and solenoid valve wires.Minjiangkou lndustrial District. counterclockwise to open the valve). 10 Feeding of brine(0. 9 Replacement and adjustment of expansion valve 1. 7.. 8. Open all closed shutoff valves. turn on ice flaker switch and check operation of the solenoid valve. As a result ice-scraping noise 'becomes smaller and the equipment is protected and less electricity consumed. Stop the ice flaker and disconnect main power. To adjust the TXV remove the adjustment stem cover and turn the adjustment stem 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time (clockwise to close the valve if it was overfeeding.Ch¡ 7. Remove the old expansion valve. loosen the setscrews of the temperature-sensing packet and remove the expansion valve with a spanner. 10. 4. B. Carefully cut back the insulation on the suction line. %wwwx§wwry. L Turn on main power.

com E-mail:info@snowkey. Fulian. ffirxm#amry. which may be used for 2-3 days after being evenly stirred. and it is necessary to timely supplement or Project. Flake lce Machine the ice machine can supply brine to the ice machine in a fixed amount automatically.C. However.Minjiangkou lndustriál District. Proportion of the salt water for ice maker Model Capacity Adjustable range Volume of salt F2OOS 20000k9 10% 1 0009 a{Éirgl«tó uatertank ( Birepnp Il*ro *(itil' U..snowkey.LTD. P. Usually the capacity of one brine pail is 30 liter containing 5009 of salt.China. ADD: Dongshan Road.' 0E\ 4/\d\e 22 . the brine inside the brine pail must be prepared in a certain proportion.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-287Ar11 FAXI +86 591-28709222 Http://www. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO.

23 . 2 Power supply control Close the power supply switch QF2 ( gray switch QF2 is not closed. resetting. button box is loosened. burned out one. 6 The emergency stop Replace the button button is damaged ( XB2-B S 54 2C +ZB2-BE1 02C ) 7 The startup button is Replace the startup button(CP1 -1 0R-1 0) damaged '' t¡ t"' .com E-ma¡l:info@snowkey. Please connect it. Press 1 The Compressor motor the thermal relay protector FR5-8 (blue) for is thermal overload The Compressor abnormity resetting. Rotate and loosen the Emergency stop After pressing start button. ) 5 The stop button is Replace the stop button (CP1-10R-02) damaged.: 350200 TEL.M¡njiangkou lndustrial District. Flake lce Machine Http://www. key ) Check the fuse FU1-7 . VII Remedies for ordinary breakdowns failure analysis treatment Check whether the electrical source breaks 1 No power supply off. ADD: Dongshan Road. %wwww. +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Prolect. and replace the 3 The fuse is burned out.§www6. Press the compressor is lack of thermal relay protector FR5-8 ( blue ) for phase.. P.] Check the reasons of motor overload. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. Fujian.snowkey..C. please check whether the indicating light is not on pressed remote Emergency stop button and the and the ice maker is not Emergency stop button on the ice maker started up.China. indication lamp is on 2 fhe power supply to the Check the reasons of phase lack. button clockwise( if there is remote the ice maker running 4 Emergency stop button operation box.

snowkey.Oil separator without oll A moderate amount of fuel every 3s or a small amount 3.Z2Z Project.C. ADD: njrngshan Road. The condensing water The check the water pipe. damaged. Temperature control Replace it module damage The compressor o¡l Check whether the compressor is lack of oil. indication tamI is §tittering 3 The motor circuitry is Check the motor circuitry or replace the abnormal or the motor is motor.China. Flake lce Machine Http:// E-mail : info@snowkey.: 3SO2OO TEL: +86 591-28701.- FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO.The oil level switch is lheck the oil level switch circuit or replace broken he oil levelswitch 24 . repair and -oad blocked or damaged dredge the water road fhe dual pressure switch Check the setting value of high pressure s fault and replace it if necessary igh pressure fault Check the reason of high pressure fault The compressor abnorma The dual pressure switch Check the setting value of low pressure anc indication lamp is glittering is fault replace it if necessary every 1.7O. The compressor Check whether the compressor is temperature control overheating.tii FAX: +86 Sgj-z. the motor is cooled down. lt will automatically reset when module protect. P.5s Low pressure fault Checkthe reason of low pressure fault The back signal of the '1#compressor Contactor Check thg contactor The compressor abnormal is abnormal. Fujian.Minjiangkou lndustrial D¡strict. The compressor abnormal pressure protect Press the red key on the top of the swltch. indication lamp is on The oil pressure difference Replace it switch is damaged.

snowkey.C. %wwxffiwwry" ADD: Dongshan Road. on the photoelectric switches. damaged. 3 The motor circuitry is Check the motor circuitry or replace the abnormal or the motor is motor.5s. Press I Cooling tower fan is the thermal relay protector FR'1 ( blue ) for thermal overload resetting. same level.China. Press Motor abnormity indication 2 Water pump is thermal the thermal relay protector FR4 ( blue ) fot lamp is on. Check the reasons of motor overload. 25 . Check the reasons of motor overload. Adjust the installation position of full ice switches are not.Minj¡angkou lndustrial D¡strict.motor circuitry or replace the abnormal or the motor is motor. overload resetting. is damaged.:350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Project. '1 The ice storage is full of Normal protecting fu nction. ice. ce maker abnorma 2 The full ice photoelectric ndication lamp is on. Press l Reducer motor is thermal the thermal relay protector FR3 ( blue ) for overload resetting. '1 The reducer rotor sensol Motor abnormity indicatior Check the rotor sensor (SN) is abnormal lamp is glittering ever) 2 The reducer rotor sensor Check the reasons of motor overload. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO . Press Motor abnormity indication 2 Cooling water pump i the thermal relay protector FR2 ( blue ) fot lamp is glittering every 3s. Replace the reducer rotor E-ma¡l:info@snowkey. 3 The motor circuitry iq Cll.eoK''the . damaged. P. Flake lce Machine Http://m.LTD. thermal overload resetting. Fuj¡an. Check the reasons of motor overload.

5s.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 FAX: +86 591-28709222 Http://w. FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO. '. 1 The power supply voltage Check the power supply E-mail:info@snowkey. indication lamp is 3 The water pump impeller glittering every 1. water pump is damaged. .com Project.snowkey. 4 Full-ice switch damaged Replace full-ice switch After the full ice is reset. protecting lower limit value is AC360V. 4 The water pump can not Check the water pump circuitry or replace rotate. The is lower than the protecting on. 26 . P. The abnormal power 2lhe power supply voltage supply indication lamp is Check .. delay for 10 minutes.ffixx$n' w6.LTD ffiffi.l\¡injiangkou lndustr¡al District. is worn. The is higher than the protecting prqtécting upper limit value is AC420V.h: power supply voltage. and exchange any twc anti-phase.C. adjusted moderately. and the adjustment of the water-in ball float valve is normal. phase of the power line. Fujian. upper limit value. ADD: Dongshan Road. Replace the water pump impeller.China. 5 The water level switch of Replace the water level switch. lower limit value. photoelectric switches. the stop buttor or emergency stop switch is not pressed ) Whether the water supply to the water tank 1 The water tank is lack of is sufficient and whether the water pressure water. 2 The water pump is Whether the water pump flow switch i lce maker abnormal abnormal. Flake lce Machine 3 The wire connection for Please refer to the circuit diagram for the full ice photoelectric correct wire connection of the full ice switches is wrong. 3 The power supplied is Cut off the power. the water pump. the system will restart ( during failure.

com Check the adjust value of protector.: 350200 TEL: +86 591-28701111 p¡4. LTD. FUJIAN SNOVryMAN CO. +86 591-28709222 Project.. 5 The power protector fails Replace the power protector. (RM4-TR32) to work. 27 . Reset before re-start the mach¡ne. Flake lce Machine Http:l/www.China.C. P.snowkey. press the red stop button.Minjiangkou lndustrial D¡ E-mail:info@snowkey. The 4 The adjust value of power action time of AC360V < U < AC420V is 5 protector is not moderate. seconds. ADD: Dongshan Road. Attention: After eliminating the failures. WWffiW€ffiW. Fuj¡an.

rtr ü ^3 1 Er ^? .: =-_ '%3 ..q:¡ 3 $ E -i l L.*A :P al a q3 Eo :E th3 ^V % V r% . I I I L !r -' -t iE 1= re -3 t: á= ¿ 9 Et 3 q$ 5.

1 pc 8.24bar 1 pc 8.2.1. 1 pc 8.3 sight glass STF ( ) NSE.2 suction filter(O&F) FD -962 5 -T.2 stop valve(AMG ) RVYlO NPT1I2".1.2.0 -G20x1 6 1 set ó. 1 m3 1 set 8.50 C-99C 1 set 8. Refriqeratins system PID list NO.4 ball valve(Lvzhou ) 8V002-S-3/8" 1 pc 4.1.¿ check valve(AMG) VCT65-D-cap 1 pc 3.5 expansion valve(Hanbell) Y1037-FV-3-180 ( SPORLAN ) 2 pc 6.3 service valve(Lvzhou) CAV12 1 pc 4.'. 2 pc 7.3 oilswitch(ALCO) XRO2CXsNOC1.4 crankcase heater ( Bitzer ) 343213-04 ( 140W-230V lP65 ) 2 pc 8. 2aba¡ I pc 8.1 .4 stop valve(AMG ) RVTS0-D-cap I pc 7.1 suction accumulator ( Snowkey) SQ400-100 <pa26l9500 1 set 7.1 Air cooled condenser(Greenhalgh) FJXR-C2-300 €x7 1 0F 1 -3 0x43-Z-2.3 safety valve(Beiting) SFA-22C300T NPTl /2".2 pressure switch(Danfoss ) KP5(060-1 17166) 4 pc ¿.15m3 1 set 7 .4 ball valve(Lvzhou ) BVo1 1-1 -318" 1 pc 8.2 stop valve(AMG ) RVYIO NPTl/2''.1 liquid receive ( Snowkey ) WZFl50 DN300 V=0.5 ball valve(Lvzhou ) 8V008-S-7/8" 2 pc I refrigeration oil 1 B068 20 L .1 compressor(Bitzer) HSN7461-70-40P 2 set 1.1.2. NAME MODEL Q'TY UNIT /8"-2 FR E-4 8W 2 pe 6.1..3 low pressure gauge ( Snowkey ) Y-880 ( -1-'16bar ) 1 pc 7 .1 stop valve(AMG ) RVT100-D-cap 1 pc 6.I/2".z discharge valve (Bitzer ) 54mm (HSN7451€0-40P) 2 pc 1 pc 7.2 dry filter(O&F) F D-1 441 3-T-1 -5l8"-3D48 1 PU 4.2 Level swrtch ( SHTM ) ASC4-RV-( I .TT 3/8" 1 pc 4.1 high pressure gauge ( Snowkey ) Y-880 (-1-35bar) 1 pc 2.1.2 stop valve(AMG ) RVYlO NPT.IC Refrigerant R5O7A 220 kg t/ t .2 expansion valve(ALCO) TCLE 4-1l2PZ SFT 5l8Fx7l8F SIT: X-22440-B6E 7 pc 4.1.1.'1 6bar 1 pc | :'l 7.1.3 safety valve(Beiting) sFA-22C300r NPT I t2".3/4"UN)-W1 00.3 safety valve(Beiting) SFA-22C300T NPr I 2".1 ball valve(Lvzhou ) 8V013-1-5/8" 2 pc 4.1.4 solenoid valve(Danfoss) EVR 40 (042H1 1 10 ) -1-5/8"+018F6701 1 pc 4.2 fan(Mirco) YSWFl 27165P4-840N-7 1 0 6 set 4.1 oil separator(Snowkey) YFF35Ó( #i{.2.4 safety valve(Beiting) s FA-22C300r NP{172'. É) A377 V=0. 1 pc 7.2 pressure switch(Danfoss ) KP1 5(060-1 26466) 2 pc t.

c z .s O = 9 = 5 : E R . 9l 9 E 9 :\-1 i e-l E .1. = r o .

F25OAPA .I.[tLEtJ fl)kdtf I fl*.{á fl+B 5í#rl a) HWl o SB2 o SB3 e SB4 @o BJ SB1 ¡ a ó 1l i-1'- .l*fli¿ti r#Esil 2#84il.t Moior/rolol¡o¡ 1* (ompressor 2l (ompressor deiec lron l(e mokÉr Pouer supply Sysiem op€roiion obnormily obnorñily obñormily obnornify obñormiiy f. m¿teri¿1.- I 0iL -seporoio.d¿iÉ ELI. desrqn¡lron.f I -r litle/Nañe. dimension el( Approved by . Hil. v_) f¡ vv (a¡ HG1 HR1 HR3 HR2 FY2 HY1 -ór22et Lme¡oenrv Power s!pply Sfori up Shul down Dist!rbonce stop bto¡krn! HitSñ fl.iFf H fin tró e§H r) \:. ^11 (./*-'t uütfr+s É.)*§É. temperdture neter i&.

-.:-*l f itle/Nañe.l E. ñéteai¡1. desiqñálion.r.-. T---t L __ l 1 ! tr.t'750ApA ./Referen(e Ft a. dimeñsion el( Arli(le No.rd.-.--.-.

. <? . OéO-O { . = t: X.iE -Eu F H{+\{ =*R ú--- e ¡*§* r= > < N<§( +<ú o9 z ..E -s .:X E E f r= xr H 9'. i. 6 z z : z :E. i l! . ) '... >:- . trE.3 6=o:a o :l€ 0- : -4 -:E + -+ E =E ú u z ** .9 ¡.9 o f- l I t..{: . . o s ái. a E .'.9> & 1. Nt Né : :3 ra _<m . l-1.q * s* J o - ?. :t" _d- iffi= ó+.¿r..] != :3 di .¡83 \ 3*6 .Y . ^A^ AA z Ia:i I F-- :i i1 <I i 'L I 5él 9 CL \ _dm :#- ¿dEJ e a:> :_ É c. I Ea3 : t *-= -. z 9 \ :fr- 6+a =C 9 -T rg = d G: e ú -..

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