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Simple tips

a n d t r i c k s th a t
How to
w i l l m a k e y ou r
transition into
Be a
p e t ow n i n g
m o re s m o o t h
and stable as
well as lead to
a h a p p y l i fe
for both you
and your dog!


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Most new dog owners don’t know
Research the Dog Breed
where to start when they first get
their newest family member.
Some dog breeds have very specif- T o ys an d E x e r c i s e
ic characteristics that require spe- Make sure your dog has lots of
Here is where you should start if
cial attention and/or accommoda- toys to play with and chew on,
you are considering being a first-
tions. Find information on the dog especially if you start with a pup-
time dog owner.
breed you may be looking into. py! Your dog is also going to need
D o y ou p l an on a d op t i n g What are their characteristics? lots of exercise. Walks are a great
o r b u yin g f ro m a b r e e d - What are their habits? How much way for both the owner and the
er? exercise do they need daily? Are pet to exercise and bond. Dog
Adoption is a great option if you they good with people or other parks and beaches are great for
are interested in giving a second animals Looking into these things exercise as well as socialization
chance to a dog who has had a is extremely important to see if with other dogs as well as people.
rough start to life. Buying from a this dog breed is right for you. Exercise outside of the house is
breeder involves a lot of research The most suiting the breed is to vital to help dogs socialize and
in order to know if the breeder your lifestyle, the better. become familiar and comfortable
you’re thinking of buying from is with strangers and their pets.
Fi n d a G o od V e t Ne a r b y
reliable. Many people choose a
breeder because they think that’s What many new dog owners ne-
the only way to find a puppy of a glect to consider is finding a vet
pure breed of dog. It is true that that is nearby in case of illness or
Last but not least, give your dog
breeders can offer this you, how- in jury to your new furry friend.
lots and lots of love and affection!
ever adoption can offer this as Look at reviews and range of pric-
well. There are many puppies and ing at various veterinary offices.
many purebreds available for In addition to this, make sure your
adoption in shelters. If you call dog is updated on all of its vac-
and ask, an employee or volun- cinations in order to prevent dis-
teer should be able to answer any eases, infections, and illness. If
questions or concerns you may you notice that your dog is behav-
have regarding the breed or age ing strangely, call a vet immedi-
of pet you may be interested in. ately to get a professional opinion
and see if your pet needs medical