Circuit Training Workout # 53 Kiss My Asana

Need: Mat, Stability Ball

Jumping Jacks with Alternating Front Kicks 1m TO High Dog Alternating Knee to Chin to High Plank Flow 1m TO Fast Feet with Low Squat Touchdown1m (5 -Count Fast Feet
into a deep wide low squat with touchdown, repeat)

Ski Jumps 30s (plyo speed jump with knees bent, side to side) TO High to Low Plank Toe Taps 1m (high plank, tap out side to side, low plank tap out side to side) TO Hop Overs into Burpee 1m (do 2 hop overs into burpee on side of bench)

Prisoner Jump Squats 30s TO Side Plank Press Ups with Touch Back 30s Each Side TO Ball Side to Side Toe to Floor Taps 1m (hold ball with toe of shoe, tap opposite toe to floor)

1-Legged Bridge Lifts with Toe Touch 1m Each Side (lift into 1-legged bridge, lower then sit up into toe touch) TO Twisted Chair Burpees 1m (10 second hold each side, burpee) TO Reverse Hip Lifts with Twist Rotation 30s Each Side

High Knee Drop Down to Lotus Hold 1m (lift & hold 3 count spring up & repeat) TO Alternating Plank Rips 1m ( alternate elbows up, plyo speed) TO 2-4 Count Hold Lifts 1m (lift
2 count, hold 2 counts, lower 4 count repeat)

Alternating Twisted Dog Push Up Flow 1m (grab outside ankle at top) TO Crescent Lunge Holds 1m TO Deep Lunge Holds Forearms 30s Mt. Climbers In Between Sides 30s

Dog Flow to Power Knees 1m (Down Dog to One Legged Dog, Step into Lunge, Jump up One Legged, Jump Back, repeat on other side) TO Plank Jump Tuck Ups 1m (pause on toes in tuck, jump back & repeat) TO Yoga Raised Leg Holds 30s Each Side

Alternating Ballerina Reverse Plank Lift Twists 1m TO 2 -Count Wide Climbers 1m (2count bounce then switch) TO Ground Up 1-Legged Push Up to Stable Hold 30s Each Side (raised leg, lift and lower, once lowered support lifted leg with knee, hold 3 count, repeat)

Sumo Squat Squat Jump Squat 1m (deep squat, side sumo knee raises, sumo jump squat) TO Low Squat Low Lunge 1m (squat lunge one side, lunge other) TO Wall Mounted Knee Tuck Mt. Climbers 1m (feet on wall)

Alternating Push Up & Offs 1m (hold raised arm 3 count) TO Low Plank Stability Ball Dynamic Knee Drives 1m (with force)TO Bow & Arrow Extension Press Ups 1m ( X form to
elbow in twist, press up, lower & repeat other side)

Advanced Pigeon Squats 30s Each Side (slow & controlled) TO Stability Ball Tricep Dips 1m TO Low Plank Benched Stability Ball Tucks 1m TO Stability Ball One Sided Reach Crunches 1m Each Side (opposite arm bent over core, full sit up)

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