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Webelos on Watch 2010

Blackhawk, North Woods & Pathfinder Districts

Of the Northwest Suburban Council
To: Blackhawk/North Woods/Pathfinder Pack Committee Chairs & Webelos Leaders

Re: Webelos on Watch

Dear Scouters:

This packet is being delivered to all of the above as currently registered. Please share copies
with anyone interested, especially your incoming Webelos Leaders. This packet is your
invitation to participate in the 2010 Webelos Outdoor Weekend, September 18th to 19th at
Camp Lakota.

Within this packet are materials describing WOW, registration materials, how to put together
your Pack’s participation and a suggested equipment list. Because of the number of units
expected compared to the number of campsites you should expect to share your site, fire ring
and tables with other units. Carpooling is encouraged as parking will be tight.

Please Note:

**Participants* vehicles will not be allowed beyond the parking lot. You should be prepared
to transport your personal gear to the campsites on foot (wagons, etc.). We will transport
Pack gear with WOW trailers.

The registration deadline is Friday, September 3, 2010. Late registrations or walk ins
cannot be accepted, so please start planning now.

HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE Webelos on Watch 2010

2010 WOW Chair
Denise Peterson
(847) 392-2941 or
Blackhawk, North Woods & Pathfinder Districts

Are sponsoring a Webelos Outdoor Weekend

“Webelos on watch 2010”

What is WOW?
This is a fun and easy way to introduce or enhance your Webelos camping experience and complete
requirements for activity pins. We’ve taken all the hassle out of planning a Webelos overnight campout.
This well-planned overnighter will offer a variety of activities. All you need to do is to register your Pack is
to fill in the form below, write a check and send it in. Then kick back and let the adventure begin…

Who: Leaders of the Pack, Scouts and Parents

What: Webelos Outdoor Weekend
When: Saturday, September 18 , check-in begins at 9:00 A.M.
Sunday, September 19 till Noon

Where: Camp Lakota, near Woodstock, IL

Cost: $15 per Scout

$10 per Adult

Reservation Deadline is Friday, September 3rd, 2010 (Council Center)


Contact: Denise Peterson (847) 392-2941 or with any questions

Make checks payable to: Northwest Suburban Council

Mail to: Northwest Suburban Council

600 N. Wheeling Road OR Walk in to center
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056


Take I-90 West to Illinois 47 North (toward Woodstock) to Route 14 and turn left, or pick
up Illinois 14 anywhere before Woodstock. From 14 and 47 go west on Hwy 14 about 8
miles to Deep Cut Road (look for signs). Turn right on Deep Cut Road, go 1-1/2 miles to
Follow these simple instructions:

Remind the parents that WOW 2010 is an exciting overnight campout, especially put together
for Webelos and their parents. Plus, it is a great way to complete the camping requirements for
the “Arrow of Light”, as well as portions of various activity pins. You will also be learning new
skills that are used in Boy Scouts. Encourage your Webelos to attend. Event T-shirts will not
be included, event tshirts will be available in Youth Medium or Large or Adult Small, Medium,
Large and Extra Large for $10 each.

Collect money from your Pack and prepare a list of each attending Scout and adult (form

Write one check to Northwest Suburban Council to cover attendees for your Pack.
Don’t forget to fill out and attach the registration form.

Transportation: Each Pack makes arrangements to get their Scouts and adults to Camp
Plan to CARRY your personal gear from the parking lot to the campsite (wagons, carts).
We will transport your Pack gear in trailers.

Other information:
 Cooking and Food:
- Each Pack supplies their own food and cooks their own meals.
- We recommend a sack lunch for Saturday.
 Camping and Equipment:
- Each Pack supplies it’s own tents, camping and cooking gear. Check with your Troop
if you have none. (Call your District Executive, Blackhawk-Terry Parke at 847/846-
9400; North Woods-Dominic Gualtieri (847) 824-6875; and Pathfinder-Brian Mulcrone
(847) 824-6893, if you need to establish Troop contacts)
- Campsites are assigned at check-in. There will probably be more than one Pack in
your campsite.
- Novice?? No prior camping experience necessary. Plenty of experts around to help.
 Activity Sessions and Other Activities
- Planned session topics will be related to outdoor Scouting skills such as fire building,
cooking and other Webelos activity pins.
- A limited number of Packs may plan to perform a short tasteful song or skit at the
evening campfire. Packs will be scheduled on a “first-come” basis.
 Miscellaneous Information:
- One adult per Scout is required. No siblings. No family camping.
Saturday, September 18th: Sunday, September 19th:
9AM to 11AM - Check-in 9AM - Opening Flags
9AM to 11AM - Campsite Setup 9:15AM - Worship Service at Fire Bowl
11AM to Noon - Lunch 10AM to Noon - Activity Sessions
12:30 - 5:30PM - Activity Sessions Noon - Closing Flag Ceremony
5:30PM - Retire the Colors
5:45PM - Dinner in Campsites
7:45PM - Campfire at Fire Bowl

This is a suggested equipment list to help your units get started for 2010 WOW.

 2 drop cloths (any kind of plastic) - 1 for under tent and 1 for inside floor of tent
 Sleeping bag (pillow optional)
 Foam pad or air mattress (optional for under sleeping bag)
 Flashlight with extra batteries
 Personal mess kit (cup, plate and utensils)
 Camp chair
 Webelos Handbook
 Insect repellant – Sun Screen
 Toilet paper
 Canteen or water bottle
 Uniform Shirt and Neckerchief (for flags, religious service and campfire)
 Personal clothes
 Rain Gear – just in case
 Extra sweatshirt or light jacket

 Dining Fly or Pop-Up Canopy (due to the probability of more than one unit sharing a
campsite, it may be necessary to set up only one fly per campsite)
 Charcoal, charcoal chimney and matches – PLEASE NO LIGHTER FLUID!
 Fire buckets and shovel for site campfire
 Garbage bags
 Cooking gear
 Portable tables if you have them (there are never enough at the sites)
 Wagons or carts (to haul your personal gear in to your site)
 First Aid Kit
It’s really quite simple. Here are a few pointers to make your 2010 Webelos Outdoor
Weekend recruitment a success.

1. Read through this packet. If you have any questions, call or E-mail Denise Peterson
(847-392-2941 or

2. Make copies of the Menu Packet and Equipment List if you want to distribute them to
the Webelos Den Leaders at your Pack Committee Meeting or Pack Night. If you
didn’t take extra WOW flyers at Roundtable, copy them too.

3. Make a presentation at your Committee or Pack meeting to your Leaders. Explain to

them that this is a good way to get a head start on their Webelos Outdoor Program.
(Requirement # 5 for Arrow of Light).

4. Once you have a commitment from the individual families, turn in a Pack Registration
to NWSC with the check. You can send in multiple registrations. Don’t wait until the
last minute to send one complete list.

5. Use the Pack Attendance Roster to keep track of who is coming and who has already
paid. Once you have your final list of the attendees, turn in a copy of your roster to
your District Executive.

6. Once you have some interested families, set up a parents meeting to cover the
equipment list for the Pack, the personal equipment list and your menu. Be sure that
the parents are aware that there are costs other than the registration fee for the event.
Figure out a menu, calculate approximate costs and decide on when final payment for
foodstuffs will be made. Have a duty roster, that way there are no misunderstandings
as to who is responsible for what and when. Make carpooling arrangements.
Have a plan.

7. Make a deadline and stick to it. We will not accept any registrations after the
September 3rd Deadline. Make your deadline the week before. There will be no walk-
in registration at the event either. Be sure that everyone is clear on this. In order to
have a good program, we need to have this cut-off.
WOW 2010 Registration Form - 1-6801-112-20

Pack #: _________ District: ____________

Pack Contact Name: __________________________________ Phone Number: _____________
Number of Scouts____________ X $15 = $______________
Number of Adults____________ X $10 = $______________
Total $______________


Please keep one copy for your records and return one copy with your Pack registration to the
Council Office, 600 N. Wheeling Road, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056.
Prepaid T-Shirt orders – please indicate sizes from Youth M or L or Adult S, M, L, XL

Pack #: ______________ Contact Name: ___________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________

# Scouts # Adults $10 Prepaid Total Paid

Family Name @ $15 ea @ $10 ea T-Shirts


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