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Tanner Rindlisbacher
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ENGL 2010


Controlled or Uneducated?

Education is an act of facilitated learning of knowledge, skills, values and beliefs. With in

the U.S. the Educational programs have far exceeded the educational levels of the past. Citizens if

not all have learned a lot from school. But there is one difference between

now and in the past. As years go by there has been an increase in restrictions “Education is
the most
in the educational curriculum. Beliefs, values, and culture has been taken powerful
out of schools, homes, and even work places.
which you
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Generations have grown up with different values than the generation
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before them. On most occasions people ask, why is there so much violence world.”

around us now? “Recent CNN polling shows a strong majority of Americans -Nelson
(70%) support generally stricter gun laws.” ( A widely known

misconception of guns is that the problem is not so much the person that did

it but it is the actual firearm itself. It comes back to the values and principles that use to be taught

in schools about the importance of human life. This has a growing affect on the type of people we

are trying to raise our future generation to be.


There has been an increase in adolescent violence through generations. There are signs of

aggression in children as early as preschool (AACAP). Discipline and values in the home, and

violent media have been a main cause in aggressive behaviors. Technology is had a changing effect

on the American culture. America was founded on principles of being a better nation and better

people working together. Freedom is what we as Americans stood for in the beginning trusting

that citizens would do their part.

There are 60 percent

more homicides using guns in

the United States than any other

country (BBC). Many people

argue that America fell behind

other countries in the race for

gun control after World War II.

A majority of the countries after

World War II seized the guns

from their people to prevent any more harm caused to their people. The war did really not affect

the U.S. mainland. The United States had a loss of soldiers, which impacted the families of the

fallen, but the citizens did not see the devastation of the war. This is not the problem. Guns and

men can exist together if properly educated about values and culture and making sure that children

are raised in a home that brings back the importance of human life.

More laws do not fix the issue, criminals always have the intent to do wrong. They will

break more laws after a crime then the last person who committed the same crime the prior week.

They know what they are doing and also know the consequences of their actions. They do not care

what they are doing is wrong.

There are many great prevention programs for drugs, teenage pregnancy and many more.

Programs should be put in place in schools across the country teaching children and students the

importance of humanity and how we strive to live in a greater America that our founding fathers

fought for and believed could work.

“Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world

while knowledge is something very different. They are right. But then again, information cannot

be converted into knowledge without education. Education makes us capable of interpreting

things, among other things. It is not just about lessons in textbooks. It is about the lessons of life.”


Education is important and so is the right for all to bear arms if they choose to do so. The

beliefs of our nation from the beginning are strong. As the United States motto states “In God We

Trust.” Even though America is full of different religious beliefs and even some do not believe in

a God. The great meaning behind Americas motto is the importance of human life. Every person

can agree with common knowledge that human life, not matter what belief or religion you are, is

and should always be greatly valued.

Recent shooting in Florida became world known not because of the devastation of the loss

of so many kids but the respect for humanity as each student walked out of school and did good to

show that in hard times we learn from it and become stronger. Schools across the nation

participated even though they were hundreds of miles away.


Bringing humanity back into the school system will help bring the mutual respect for life

that America had before. More gun laws, correctional facilities for felons, and many other

programs have implemented and have not had much of a change in society. If we teach the

principles of values and importance of human life early in the educational curriculum starting from

elementary schools up through colleges would create a cure for the hurt that continues to impact

the citizens of America. A decrease in shootings, a decrease bullying, a decrease discrimination, a

decrease in drug abuse, and more service opportunity. School education creates and shapes the

people who learn from it. All parents hope their children will do a greater good for their

community. The problem starts early in a child’s life. To fix this we must create a greater

educational curriculum that is based around the importance of humanity.


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