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Effective 1 April 2018, supersedes all previous price lists.

Sections prepared from rock, aggregate, concrete and other similar materials.

£ (excl. VAT)
Section Type each from Details of Service

Price is for normal hardness materials and standard water based
preparation using fixed abrasives and includes epoxy resin
Standard 30 µm Thin Section
45.00* impregnation of the sample/ sub-sample with yellow fluorescent
(overall dimensions 65 x 55 mm) (or no dye), an approx. 45 x 30 mm finished section area and
cover slip.

While preparing a Standard Thin Section we can also make a 45 x
Standard Thin Section & 30 mm highly polished block from the off-cut sample chip used to
Polished Block (45 x 30 mm) produce the Standard Thin Section. The price shown includes
both items but please order individually.

Solid Polished Block Highly polished block 45 x 30 mm cut from the solid sample and
25.00 mounted on a 3 mm thick glass slide.
(overall dimensions 45 x 30 mm)

Circular Polished Block Circular moulded epoxy section of granular samples or solid chips
20.00 for SEM and reflected light microscopy.
(25 or 30 mm diameter)

Carbonate Stain Additional cost for stain or half-stain of standard section prior to
(Alizarin Red S) applying cover slip.

Alcohol Prep 10.00 Additional cost for the preparation of water sensitive samples

* Thin section preparation from samples containing a significant proportion of hard materials, including (amongst others) chert will be
subject to a surcharge. Please call to discuss sample details and for a specific quote.

Typical turnaround to dispatch (for up to 10 thin sections) is 7 working weekdays from receipt of samples and instruction to proceed.
Carriage of thin sections by priority mail included in the UK. Remaining sample materials can also be returned by uninsured non-priority
mail in UK (or by your preferred method at cost).

Please call to discuss non-standard job specifications or for a specific quote. All work undertaken in accordance with Petrolab Ltd.
Standard Terms and Conditions of Engagement. Prices effective for work instructed after 1 April 2018. Petrolab Ltd. reserve the right to
revise this price list at any time without prior notification. Prices shown assume samples are delivered to Petrolab Ltd. VAT will be added
to the price shown at the current applicable rate. Note that very occasionally, from some materials, it may not prove possible to produce
high quality thin-sections using standard techniques. In these circumstances the Client will be advised of the limitations to the Services
and a revised course of action would need to be agreed and a new quote prepared.

Tel +44 (0)1209 219541

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