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Witness Statement

This form is to be used to testify or corroborate what has actually been observed.

Witnesses are people who can comment on work/performance/activities and can be:
• A tutor/assessor
• Someone who has competence in the subject and knowledge of the evidence requirements
of the qualification.

A witness statement is used to support assessment. It should not be used to evidence achievement
of a whole unit.

Qualification OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate

Unit title: Unit 10. Media Adaptation

Assessment criteria LO3 P1

covered by the

Candidate name: Sinead Armstrong Candidate

Date, time and 16/04/18 – Individual presentation on the media adaptation idea.
venue of the activity
being carried out:
Full description of The student carried a confident pitch on their own to explain their adaptation
the activities being idea. This was done using excerpts from the Treatment and images of the
carried out by the storyboard.
The adaptation is a modern day telling of the book, Heroes.

During Q&A / Feedback it was suggested by the tutor that the student
changes and develops the work:

 It doesn’t feel that the work has followed the handout. It

consists of very separate paragraphs and doesn’t ‘flow’.
 The treatment requires an introductory paragraph explaining
the concept and what the work has been adapted from, what
format it will take, where it would be shown etc (link to the
target audience later).
 Add in legal and ethical issues (relate to Ofcom and BBFC)
 The storyline would be non-linear if the ending is at the
 On the narrative overview, please structure this a bit more;
beginning (set up), middle (conflict) and ending (resolution).
 Research composers for the media form and genre similar to
what you are adapting and add some to the soundtrack section,
commenting on the work they have made and relevance to
your work.
 Add more detail to the target audience profile, add primary and
secondary audience and also the audience terminology.
 You need shot variety, currently there is a lot of shots that are
 Some of your shots are too long as a result, as you have added
one image for a scene that lasts ten seconds, I would consider
expanding the image box and adding a few more images for
certain scenes.
 You need to vary this with close ups / mid shots / OTS etc.
 Make sure that you change the image and the description.

Date: 16/4/18
Witness name: Lawrence Vaughan Witness Lawrence
signature: Vaughan
Job title: Teacher Relationship to N/A
the candidate
Contact details: 01472 875000
Additional information:

The witness must be an individual, not related to the learner, who is in a position to make valid
comment about their performance.

It is not acceptable for candidates to produce written witness statements for witnesses to sign.

Witness statements:
• must describe what they witnessed the candidate doing
• can be written or oral accounts of a candidate’s performance
• do not have to be written by the witness, they may be recorded by the assessor after
discussion with the witness and confirmed as accurate by the witness
• should not contain just a list of the skills
• should not be used to evidence the achievement of a whole unit

The assessor will then judge whether the evidence presented meets the standards required by the
assessment criteria for the unit. Often it will be necessary for assessors to make contact with
witnesses to ensure:
a) the witness statement is authentic
b) the assessor’s interpretation of the witness statement is accurate