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Pneumonia is one of the most common health problems affecting all age groups around
the world. Antibiotics represent the mainstay of pneumonia treatment, while other therapies are
mostly supportive. In this study, researchers wanted to know if influenza vaccination can
decrease the risk of having community acquired pneumonia. Their subject for this study is
among the elderly aging 65-94 years old who have had pneumonia. Their findings revealed
however that influenza vaccination is not associated with the reduced of having community
acquired pneumonia during influenza season.

As a nursing student, i should inform people in the community about such diseases and
how to control it because prevention is indeed better than cure. Don¶t wait to have this disease to
take action. One of the best way to prevent not only pneumonia, also other diseases is to do
frequent handwashing with soap and water or alcohol because it can prevent infectious diseases
or illnesses that can cause by bacterias and other pathogens. We should also wear mask in
polluted areas or crowded areas to prevent the spread of other people¶s diseases. We should
always cover your mouth when you cough and always drink plenty of water because it can
cleanse your body. Other important thing is to stop drinking alcoholic drinks and stop smoking.
Smoking may not only lead to pneumonia but can also cause severe diseases such as lung cancer
that can be life threatening.?