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Breanna Bonker

Spring 2018
English 2010
Professor Beatty

Reflection Preface

Reflecting on my paper “Job Discrimination and Mood Disorders.” This paper that I wrote in

my series was about shining light on discrimination in the work place, specifically in high stress jobs,

against individuals with mood disorders. I compiled an overview of the specifications and elements that

define a mood disorder, the characteristics of manic-depressive phases, and why these disturbances

might make an employer deny job opportunity. Stress being a large component to deal with in a job

setting and the effects of stress on mood disorders, causing mood disorders to become aggravated and

more severe.

Two large industries that exclude people with mood disorders are aviation and military. The

medical field regulates individuals on a case by case basis, with the submission of proper medical

history and treatment documentation. These fields are considered high-stress and raise concerns for

people who have a mood disorder because stress has such a significant impact on the mental health of


Managing stress and receiving proper treatments for mood disorders is key to maintaining

mental status in high-stress work. Individuals with mood disorders must be willing to be open and

communicate concerns to those closest to them in order to reduce the chances of mental lapses.

Ideas about Writing

• Action

The class utilized this element by addressing issues of social injustices in various articles. In the

open letter that we read about the teacher responding to an angry student, the teacher's open letter
created awareness about the discrimination and hostility directed toward the “Black Lives Matter”

movement. This open letter served as a notice and reminder about the discrimination that happens

toward people of differing race. When the student claimed that all lives matter, the issue about black

prejudice, in context to the class discussion, being about the civil rights movement, became apparent.

The teacher responded with intention to not only educate her student but others about the logical

fallacies behind the collective resentments toward the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

In my own personal writing, I wanted to create awareness about mental illness discrimination in

certain work fields. Throughout my article, I try to conclude that individuals suffering with mood

disorders should have resources and receive adequate treatments in order to prevent flaring their stress

levels. I try to address that there is a stigmatization directed toward people who openly admit that they

are struggling and that people who are suffering shouldn't have to be afraid to get treatment because

they fear negative public responses. In my article, I conveyed that despite diagnoses of a condition,

people vary in intensity, and the issue should be regarded on a case by case basis rather than being

received in one generalized consensus.

• Engagement

Our class demonstrated this writing idea frequently throughout the semester. Writing papers by

gathering ideas and information from external sources was a fundamental aspect in this class. In order

to conduct research for our papers, we had to evaluate potential ideas for our writing. During the

research phases, we had to interpret data in order to form conclusions. All of the elements of

“engagement” were practiced repeatedly during this course.

During my writing process, I practiced the elements of “engagement”. I had to decide on an

issue to talk about, and conduct research from many various sources, as well as interpret data from each

of these sources, in order to communicate information in my own writing. During my revision phase, I
determined what was appropriate for my article and what information would best convey my opinion

on the matter while still being as informative as possible.