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Kara Varble’s Goals Worksheet

Goal Timeline Skills needed Strategies

Long term
I want to be able to become May 2025 A Master’s Degree. Move up within the
a Professor at University of Compassion for company to obtain a
Evansville students. teaching position.
Time management. Obtain a 100 level
Teaching skills. teaching position.
To become the main advisor August Advisory experience. Highlight to experiences
for the Chi Epsilon Chapter 2026 Communication skills. with Chi Omega from
of Chi Omega at University Patience to mentor 50 serving as an advisor to
of Evansville. sorority sisters. working from Executive
Intermediate term
To obtain a job at July 2022 Patience Apply for the position
University of Evansville as Knowledge of the and excel in the
an Admissions Recruiter. University interview. Obtain the
Information for positon through
incoming and transfer highlighting my
students. strengths.
To obtain my Master’s May 2024 Time management To take a couple of
Degree in Public Service since I will also be classes at a time while
Administration from working a full time working fulltime for the
University of Evansville job. University of Evansville
until I obtain my
Master’s Degree.
Short term
I want to graduate college May 2019 Gain better study To create a plan in order
with the honors of Cum habits to help map out my
Laude with a Bachelor’s Increase time weeks so I can focus on
degree in Human Resource management these skills
Development. Strength writing skills
After graduation, to obtain July 2019 Being an alumna of Contact the Advisory
an advisory position within the Chi Omega Board for Chi Omega.
my sorority, Chi Omega. sorority.

To obtain a position as a July 2019 Being an alumna of Obtain a letter of

National Consultant the Chi Omega recommendation from
working for the Executive sorority and continue our chapter advisor.
Headquarters of Chi Omega excelling at my Apply for the position.
Executive Board Excel in the interview.
Pass my GRE in order to get December Study different tactics To obtain a 150 on my
accepted into Grad School 2022 through different Verbal and Quantitative.
books in order to pass To obtain a 4 on the
the GRE. writing portion.