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Volleyball Written Test

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For the following questions, please circle the correct answer.

1. How many players are on a court at a time in a regular volleyball game?

a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8

2. What type of scoring is used in volleyball?

a. Normal Scoring
b. Rally scoring
c. Match scoring
d. Point scoring

3. How many times can a team hit the volleyball when it is on their side?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 3
d. 5

4. A game of volleyball is played to what score?

a. 25
b. 15
c. 20
d. 30

5. What is the name of the hit that begins each rally?

a. Set
b. Spike
c. Bump
d. Serve

For the following questions, please circle the correct answer (either true or false).

6. (True/false) A player can hit the ball twice in a row

7. (True/false) The volleyball can touch the net on a serve if it reaches the other side and
stays in bounds?
8. (True/false) Each team rotates counter-clockwise to the serving position
9. (True/false) A player may run out of bounds to play the ball.
10. (True/false) A pass made off by contacting the ball above the head with the finger pads is
called a set.
11. (True/false) A game can be won 25-24.
12. (True/false) Bump, spike, set is the order of hits in a 3 hit offensive attack.
13. (True/false) Ready position for passing involves feet being shoulder width apart and
knees bent to approximately 90 degrees.
14. (True/false) Back row players may not enter the front court area to block or attack the
ball over the net.
15. (True/false) Standing on the line below the net is illegal.

For the following questions, please match the correct answer to the corresponding definition.
Write the letter of the correct answer on the blank line in front of the definition.

16. _____Type of pass that uses the forearms as a bridge. A. Dig

17. _____ Type of offensive hit that goes parallel to the floor. B. Set
18. _____ Type of offensive hit that involves striking the ball at downward angle. C. Overhand
19. _____ Type of pass that uses the hands to make a window. D. Lob
20. _____ Intercepting the ball before or as it crosses the net. E. Bump
21. _____ Type of defensive hit from a hard-driven attack. F. Drive
22. _____ Type of serve that generates more power and consistency. G. Spike
23. _____ Type of offensive hit that is soft and creates an upward trajectory. H. Dink
24. _____ Type of offensive hit off the fingertips over the blocker. I. Underhand
25. _____ Type of serve that creates a high arch. J. Block

For the following questions, please fill in the blank with the appropriate answer.

26. A ____________ is a defensive player that specializes in backcourt skills.

27. The purpose of the ________________ is to render the ball non-returnable while in the
opponent’s court.
28. The second hit in a three-hit attack is the _______________.
29./30. The _______________ serve is more difficult to return than the _______________
Answer key

Question #: Answer: Table Specification:

1. B Rules and terms
2. B Rules and terms
3. C Rules and terms
4. A Rules and terms
5. D Rules and terms
6. False Rules and terms
7. True Rules and terms
8. False Rules and terms
9. True Rules and terms
10. True Skills and techniques
11. False Rules and terms
12. False Tactics
13. True Skills and techniques
14. True Rules and terms
15. False Rules and terms
16. E Skills and techniques
17. F Skills and techniques
18. G Skills and techniques
19. B Skills and techniques
20. J Skills and techniques
21. A Skills and techniques
22. C Skills and techniques
23. D Skills and techniques
24. H Skills and techniques
25. I Skills and techniques
26. Libero Tactics
27. Block Tactics
28. Set Tactics
29. Overhand Tactics
30. Underhand Tactics