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Singer-Songwriter Jamie Skylar Makes Cosmic Connection with Marmalade

The new album drops Friday, April 27th.

Los Angeles, CA, April 26, 2018 --( The new album “Marmalade” by international performer,
recording artist and Producer Jamie “Sky” Skylar will be released on Friday, April 27th, announced a
spokesperson for Prophet Records earlier today.

Following the release of the four singles that have dropped every few weeks since January 25th, the
long-awaited new album by the veteran singer-songwriter will be available in select stores and on iTunes,
Amazon, Pandora, YouTube and other music sites worldwide. Pre Sales for the album began April 16th
and offer a special discount and immediate gratification tracks until midnight, April 27th. The official
release date for the album and the special iBook created specifically for iTunes, which can be
downloaded in connection with the purchase of the album, is April 27th. The iBook will offer fans a rare
behind the scenes look at the mystical places where some of the songs came from and the famous players
behind the magic of Marmalade.

“I am in complete awe,” Skylar said, “the 'Powers that Be' have smiled down on this project from the very
beginning. First, with a lot of inspiration and help from the other side, second, with good friends who are
also some of the greatest musicians, engineers and producers in the world, and finally, with a
once-in-a-lifetime magical musical experience that has somehow transcended all of us and technology to
touch everyone who hears the album in a very profound way.”

“It's true,” Skylar's long-time friend and co-producer, San Francisco native George Michalski said. “I've
seen grown men cry like babies when they hear 'My Wish For You' (a song Skylar wrote for her sons),
and the former president of the San Francisco Press Club, and you know how jaded those guys are, made
me give him Sky's number so he could call her up personally and tell her how great he thinks the album is
- the best he's heard in over twenty years! Then, he and his young houseguest from Russia (Russian
Royalty) went on to say how they couldn't stop listening to it for over three weeks straight, and couldn't
play anything else! Oh, they tried, he said, several times, but after a few seconds, they had to stop
whatever it was, and go back to listening to the album again - as if it had some kind of omnipotent and
magical power over them. So basically, it blew their minds! Anyway, his royal houseguest then invited
Sky and me to perform at the festival of lights in St. Petersburg, Russia, and how cool is that!”

Countless others have since reported to the artists, the label and others, of having similar experiences of
wanting to play the album over and over again, because it touched them so deeply somehow and was
uniquely comforting on some higher level. In a recent live interview with college radio DJ Lisa Guitar of
KVCM Radio, Los Angeles, Skylar confirmed, that she too had experienced this magical, transcendental,
even mystical feeling both while writing the songs and during the sessions while she and the band were in
the studio recording the album. “What I remember is, that the vibe in the studio was beyond awesome,”
Skylar said, “I think it was magical because it was all about love, and we all felt it.”

Doing more than just singing or talking about love, Skylar walks the walk, and has also taken on some

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serious issues on this album, like hunger, and has pledged a significant portion of the proceeds from the
sale of the single It Makes Me Crazy to The Hunger Project. In response to this, the Jamie “Sky” Skylar
Fan Club is encouraging everyone to buy the single and encourage everyone they know to buy it, too,
because we all truly can make a difference.

Also contributing to the magic at the Hyde Street Studios (San Francisco) and LAFX (Los Angeles) were
multi Grammy® Award-winning Engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac,
Chris Isaak); Drums and Percussion, Ernest “Boom” Carter (Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run); Bass,
Bobby Vega (Etta James, Zero); Lead and Rhythm Guitar, William (Bill) “Sputnik” Spooner (The Tubes,
From Mall to Mars); Guitar and Steel Guitar, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger); Keyboards and Strings,
Co-Producer George Michalski (San Francisco, Yosemite, Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2); and
Keyboards and five time Grammy® Award-winning Producer John Jones (Celion Dion, Duran Duran).

A limited tour, television and other appearances are planned to support the album, subject to Skylar's
prior filming and other commitments. Skylar and Jones will team up again later this year for the
soundtrack of the upcoming feature film “The Caul of Moijan” written, produced and directed by Skylar
for Skylar Film Studios, LLC. Family ties of note, also in the business, include Skylar's son, Producer
Dylan Johnson (Waterfront Property), and actors, brother Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges) and
niece Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey).

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