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Keep Smiling English Reading Part 1 - Preliminary

• Look at the text in each question.
• What does it say?
• Mark the letter next to the correct explanation - A, B or C.
1 NOTICE A. Everyone between 18 and 21 has to prove
that they are over 18.
If you look under 21, you will have to
B. Some people have to show an ID card if
prove that you are over 18. This has to be
they look younger than they are.
done with an ID card which has your
C. You must have an ID card if you aren’t
picture on it. over 18 years old.

Are you a bookworm? Do you have time to A. You need to decide which book to read
read? Join our bookclub. We meet every before you join the club.
Saturday morning at 11.00 a.m. in the local B. You don’t need to register to attend the
library to discuss a book and decide which to book club regularly.
read next. If you want to join us, just come C. You will know which book to read next
along. It’s free and registration will only take a every Saturday, if you join the club.
few minutes.

3 A. Permission is needed if you don’t want to
CAR PARK take your car with you for the night.
No cars are allowed over night without B. You can collect your car after 7 in the
requesting permission in advance. If you morning, even if you don’t have a written
leave your car without a written note, it note.
will be removed before 7 in the morning. C. If you don’t take your car before 7 a.m., it
will be removed.

LIBRARY A. If you like studying without music, you can
do it at the library.
You cannot listen to music inside the library
building unless you are using earphones. B. If you like listening to music at the library,
you can’t do it without specific equipment.
Anyone listening to music without earphones
C. You will have to leave the library unless you
will be asked to leave the building.
like listening to music.

5 Dear Phil,
Did you speak to Lucy about the A. Carl agrees with Phil about the ideas for
the assignment.
assignment? I already told her what I think
B. Phil may have spoken to Lucy, but Carl isn’t
we should do and she agrees. Let me know
what you think, if she told you. If not, give C. Lucy and Phil have to call Carl to decide
me a call. something about the assignment.


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