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Genetics Study Guide

Factors are also Instinct is also known as… For Mendel’s pea plants to be short Give an example of When both factors are present a
known as …. what 2 factors had to be present? an instinct. person has a
Dog barking
Genes Inherited Trait Recessive factors Sleeping
Building a nest Recessive trait

A way of acting What types of behaviors Name some environmental _gene_________ is A characteristic that appears
that is passed from are instinct for cats or influences you might face. the part of the when there is at least one factor
parent to offspring dogs? chromosome that present for it is called…
is called… Hairstyles contains DNA code
Sleeping Clothing styles for an inherited trait Dominant trait
Instinct Cleaning themselves Hair color
Hunting for food Climate
barking Pollution Gene

_______________ Megan’s parents both have Suppose a dog barks when a stranger
is a behavior that blue eyes. What can we comes near his home, but the dog also
barks when his owner speaks to him.
an animal acquires infer about Megan? Which behavior is probably learned
through and which is an inherited instinct?
experience. We can infer that Megan
will have blue eyes.
Learned Behavior When the stranger comes near his
home it is an inherited trait. When
the owner speaks it is an learned