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Sri Harsha Vakkalanka

Address: Kolonivagen 1D, Karlskrona, Sweden-37154
Phone: +46-767677145

 Post Graduate with some Professional and over 1year academic experience in Algorithm
development within Signal and Image Processing, Project management.
 Experience in Web Development, IT, Agile Scrum Methodology.
 Proven Research experience on Audio and Image Processing. Knowledge in Computer
Vision concepts. Interest in Consulting firm
 Strong Management skills with experience in Student leadership, Social Welfare
 Pro-active with tendency to update knowledge. Ability to work in groups or individually.

2015-2016: Electrical Engineering, M.Sc., Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Major: Signal and Image Processing
2011-2014: Electronics and Communication Engineering, B.Tech., Jawaharlal Nehru
Technological University, Kakinada, India

08/16-09/16: Software Craftsmanship, Soft House, Karlskrona, Sweden
 The project assigned is “Monitoring the Health of Servers”. In this project, we developed a web
application to visualize the different metric values of Linux server. The project is developed
following the Agile Scrum methodology.
Technical Competencies:
 SCALA programming to create REST API.
 CASSANDRA database to store the metric values.
 PYTHON scripting to collect metrics of server.
 HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, Angular Am Charts for web GUI development to visualize
the metrics as graphs and Pie chart.

06/16-08/16: Algorithm Developer, Blekinge Business Incubator Startup, Karlskrona
 The startup aims at designing fitness schedules for endurance sports training.
 My role is to design and develop a new algorithm by analyzing the fitness data of the
user and help him/her reach his fitness goals. The developed algorithm provides a
personalized schedule.
 we trained a Neural Network to reschedule training sessions based on pre-session
results. The Algorithm is implemented in MATLAB.

02/16-03/16: Marketing Internship, Pricelizer, Sweden
 The company aims at developing an ultimate Price Monitoring App.
 My role is to promote the company’s product in various sources. Talking to the
customers and explaining them about the company’s product and benefits. I am assisted
with special promotions.

Layer 1. JNTU. IntelliJ. Signal Processing. BTH Cricket tournament.  Initial coding part for analysis is performed using MATLAB. Skills: Computer Skills: Experience: MATLAB. Awards: 2015 Best Project. . Hindi. Karlskrona. MS Visual Studio. we implemented a Sub band Weiner Beamforming algorithm for suppression of noise interfering with speech signal on ADSP-21262 processor. India  Trained on TCP/IP models. Linux. India  Elected as Leader to represent approximately 500 students. India  Awarded Prize with certificate for bringing desirable level of transparency in Election management by active participation in Live Webcast for Panchayat Elections held in 2013.  The algorithm is implemented using MATLAB and it is tested on all FVC Databases. Telugu. then implementation of algorithm on DSP is done using Visual DSP++ in C language. Fingerprint Image segmentation plays an important role in Automatic fingerprint recognition (AFIS) systems for reliable individual identification. AngularJS. Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Technology used in Network Interface Backup (NIB) network in real-time projects. Leadership: 2014 Student Union Leader. Master Thesis: 02/16 – 09/16: Spectral Clustering algorithm to segment the Fingerprint Images  Main goal of thesis is to contribute something new to Research. BSNL.05/14-06/14: Internship. Hyderabad. 3 protocols. Project Experience: 10/15 – 12/15: Real-time DSP Implementation of Sub Band Beam former for speech enhancement  This project is performed to get hands on experience with Digital Signal Processors (DSP). C. Eclipse Databases: Cassandra. Government of Andhra Pradesh. Swedish (Basic). MySQL Expert: MS office. 2. CSS. manually segmented databases.  Lead many students in all Social Welfare Programs conducted by Union clubs. Sweden  Awarded for an outstanding performance in overall cricket tournament. Windows. JavaScript(JS). BTH. Telecommunication Networking. GitHub. Agile Scrum Web Technologies: HTML5.  We used an unsupervised learning technique named Spectral Clustering which is new approach for Fingerprint segmentation. Rotary Club & Leo Club. Sweden  Achieved award for completing the Real-time DSP implementation project in a new way. 2015 Man of the Tournament.  A dual microphone input and Weighted Overlap Add (WOLA) filter bank is used for the analysis and synthesis of the input noisy speech signal. 2013 Active Student. In this project. Language Skills: English. Karlskrona. C++.

. Medical camp by National Social Welfare Service. India.2014 Group Leader. India  Elected as Leader to represent our University for this service.  Lead group of students in Medical Camp of Eye Check-up and Polio Drops conducted for one week at Hyderabad by NSS.