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Elastomeric Concrete
Wabo Crete II is two-component polyurethane with a The concrete substrate must be clean (free of dirt, dust,
specialty aggregate, 100% solids material for use in coatings, rust, grease, curing compounds, laitance, and
exterior construction environments. Wabo Crete II is a other contaminants), sound and durable. Wabo
unique mixture, which monolithically bonds the recommends a minimum of 14 days open cure time on
expansion joint to the deck, creating a waterproof normal Portland cement concrete prior to application of
® ®
system. Wabo Crete II absorbs traffic impact loads and Wabo Crete II. Horizontal and vertical surface
evenly disperses them into the deck, while allowing the preparation methods include grinding, chipping, and
system to flex with deck loads. It is resistant to ozone, scarification, but are highly dependent on proper field
deicing chemicals, and abrasives. The addition of heat techniques. Sandblasting is the most reliable, preferred,
is not required to increase flow or cure the material, and and recommended method. Acid etching is NOT
it will self-level in the block out. recommended.
RECOMMENDED FOR ! Durable Concrete - Sound and durable concrete
® should have a minimum cap pull-off strength of 200
! Wabo Crete II Membrane Systems
psi per ACI 503R, Appendix A.
! Wabo®SiliconeSeal
! Unsound Concrete – Loose, weak, spall, deteriorated,
! Wabo®InverSeal and/or delaminated concrete should be removed to
® sound concrete and repaired prior to placement of
! Aladin Structural Sealing System this product.
! Wabo®StripSeal System ! Cracks – prior to placement of Wabo®Crete II, repair
! Concrete Spall Repairs cracks with a structural epoxy injection adhesive.
! Void filler Material Proper substrate preparation is essential to achieving a
successful Wabo Crete II installation.
! Rapid Installation and Fast Curing INSTALLATION
Easily mixes and cures in less than 2 hours. Traffic can
be received depending on temperature, normally within ! Apply Wabo Bonding Agent (primer) to the surface of
two hours of completion. properly prepared concrete prior to installation of
Wabo Crete II. There must be no visible moisture
ASTM TEST prior to the application of the primer. Primer can be
PHYSICAL PROPERTY REQUIREMENT brush applied. Do not allow primer to dry prior to
5-hr.Compressive Strength., min, C579-01
placement of Wabo Crete II.
MPa (modified)
! Premix Part B separately for 30 seconds before
24-hr.Compressive Strength., min, C579-01
pouring entire content of Part A and Part B into a
MPa (modified) clean 25 litre container. Mix both components slowly
7-day Tensile Strength., min, MPa D638 1 with a power mixer equipped with a butterfly paddle
for approximately 30 seconds, or until well blended.
7-day Tear Strength., min, kN/m D624 7
! Roll Part C drum 2-3 turns on floor prior to opening.
Slowly add the aggregate component to the liquid
Resilience @ 5% deflection, min C579-01 70%
material and mix with a heavy-duty power mixer for 3
Slant Shear Bond Strength to D882 minutes or until all the aggregate is coated thoroughly.
Concrete, min, MPa (modified) This mix can be poured into the properly prepared
block out, in which the primer is still stiff / tacky. The
Impact Resistance (Ball Drop),14days
@ 0°C
No cracks material will flow and self-level. Use a margin trowel
D5628 No cracks to work material and finish surface.
@ -29°C
No cracks
@ 70°C
! Refer to detailed “Installation Guidelines” prior to
Gardco Gel 10 minutes @
Pot Life
Timer 24°C

04 liters) Part B: 1.8 liters) Part B: 4.5 liters) Part C: 32.6 KG (18.2 KG (1.85 liters) ® Wabo Crete II: Part A: 2.2 KG (1.2 KG (0.3 liters) Coverage of One Kit of WaboCreteII = 19 Liters . ® Page 2 of 3 WABO CRETE II TYPICAL APPLICATION ® Wabo Crete II with Aladin: ® Wabo Crete II with Membrane Seal: ® Wabo Crete II with Wabo SMD StripSeal: ® Wabo Crete II for Crack repair: PACKAGING Bonding Agent: Part A: 1.3 KG (4.

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