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House Council Guidelines

May 2018

Thank you for your interest in the McAlpine House Council. The May 7th House Council meeting is open to Fourth graders
who are interested in joining House Council in Fifth Grade. Below is a list of duties of the House Council would be
expected to perform:

1. Commit to two after-school meetings a month, to last an hour. These meetings will be on Mondays from
3:00-4:00. A list of dates will be handed out at the first House Council meeting (first meeting date will be
2. Commit to attending as many evening school spirit functions as possible (Family Night Out, Fall Family Fun Night,
3. Commit to providing their own transportation to and from meetings and school activities.
4. Commit to upholding a positive school spirit at all times, House Council members are representatives of McAlpine
5. Commit to helping in organizing school-wide service projects and assisting with planning monthly school-wide
house meetings.

If you are interested in attending the May 7th meeting of the House Council to participate in the planning of the
School Wide Picnic return the bottom half of this form to Mrs. Pisano by Wednesday May 2.

Remember- these are serious positions. You will be not only representing yourselves and your houses, but McAlpine
Elementary as a whole. The students wishing to run for these positions need to be able to demonstrate good character at
all times, and be a positive voice for the students of McAlpine.

If you have questions, please see Mrs.Pisano..

Thank You,
McAlpine House Council Sponsors
McAlpine Elementary House Council Permission Slip

________________________________ ___________________________ __________________________________
Student Name Homeroom Teacher House

❏ I want to be considered for a sub-house leader and be a member of the after school House Council
❏ I only want to be a member of the after school House Council

I _______________________, give my child permission to participate in McAlpine’s House Council meeting on May 7t. I agree to
Parent Name

fulfill the responsibilities as listed above.

___________________________ _________________________________________________________
Contact Number Parent Signature