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Room B6 Chronicle

Mrs. Light’s and Mrs. White’s 3rd Grade Class April 30, 2018
Dates to Remember:
 Art Docent Project: HELP, Parents! Please send photos
 CAASPP testing begins tomorrow and continues through 5/17.
Please help your child get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy
(printed paper copies are fine) or pictures/ from magazines for
breakfast each day. And remember, if you’d like your child to have your child to use for an “All about Me” poster. Please send
more opportunity to practice you can go to the link on the PVSD them in a labeled baggie by next Friday, 5/11.
website. It’s at:
 Friday, May 18 is a minimum day—noon dismissal.
 Congratulations to all our B6 students who participated in last
 Animal Art Projects due Fri., 5/18. Please do not submit before— week’s PVEF Speech Tournament! You all did a wonderful job!
our storage space is very limited. Thanks! An extra shout-out to Sam, Maddie, Caitlin, Jayden and Jordan
 Spring Open House on Monday, May 21, 6:30-8 pm.
who were named finalists and moved on to our own TL Speech
 Spring book fair is May 21-25.
 Thurs., 5/24, is Family Fun Night at Panda Express & Sweet Frog. Team and performed at our school assembly last Friday.
 Memorial Day holiday is Monday, 5/28.  Spirit Day this Friday. Wear Star Wars costumes or clothing.
 The last day of school is Friday, 6/15. Students will be dismissed
at noon. Just seven weeks of school left!

Curriculum News

 LANGUAGE ARTS: The students continue to work on various in-class language arts and visual arts
projects that you will enjoy viewing at our upcoming OPEN HOUSE on Mon., MAY 21. Language
arts-related projects we are still working on include pirate writing, final drafts of animal reports, Monet
poetry (students have been taught six different poetry structures and chose one to base their Monet
portrait on), descriptive animal riddles to match their art docent-created ceramics, and Haiku poetry
(the syllable/pattern based poetry created by Matsuo Basho, the most famous Japanese poet from
the Edo Period) based on images from Mrs. Light’s 2017 adventure along the Nakasendo Way (the
“central mountain” road between Kyoto and Tokyo) that she hiked for ten days last spring.
 MATH: Please review and return the corrected math Module 5 test by Wednesday. For the next two
weeks we will take a break from our math workbook. We will review a variety of math skills in class
for CAASPP Testing. There will math practice worksheets sent for homework. Students who have
not passed the multiplication facts tests with 95% should continue to practice at home.
 SCIENCE: Animal art projects, depicting your child's animal in its habitat, are due Friday, May
18. For ideas on how to best present these special art projects, Google “animal habitat dioramas”--
lots of visual images and examples will appear (or reference previous newsletter with the Pinterest
link). Students should be prepared to make brief (3 to 5 min.) oral reports about their animals and
how they completed their art projects sometime later that week. They are welcome to bring in
notecards to help guide them with their presentations.


We’re working hard on lots of rich, wonderful projects and looking forward to seeing you at our May 21 Open House.
Here are a few hints about what you’ll see:
 Monet’s garden
 A sky full of creative constellations
 Dangerous pirates at sea
 Scientists presenting their research on biomes and their inhabitants
 Your child’s first (although partially completed) portfolio
 U.S. presidential gallery
 Your child’s dream house
 Rotating polygons

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